Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Party and Christmas

The Saturday before Christmas I had a party. A very hastily thrown together party. Guests where told about a week before, some three days before, oops. Any way I cleaned my room, or floor as to clarify that I have a whole level to myself, cleaned the living room and waited for the guests to arrive. It started at noon and I was ready at eleven. Why wasn't anyone coming early? I had said noonish to everyone.... grrrrr.
So noon rolled around and Nat arrived. I eagerly opened the door and invited her in. When she saw my piano she instantly started to play, I had no idea she could play.
Thirty minutes went by and I got a phone call from Mitch asking me what my address was. I told her and was kinda confused, she'd been to my house before, why did she need the address, then Nat yelled to look for Mitch to look for her, Nat's, car. I relaid the message and hung up. A few minutes later Mitch had arrived.
Mitch came in gave Nat and me presents and we talked for a while. She then walked over to my piano and started to play, why did I not know that either of them could play? grrrrr.
My mom came out with food and drinks and I learned something about Mitch, never give her carbination unless you are ready for her to be really really hyper. Which she was for the next two hours. Em showed up sometime later and we played Settlers, which I've learned can be really hard to explain when two people are really hyper. But now we have something to say to eachother when we see eachother at school, "Baaa!" Don't ask unless you want to be really confused. We also made gram cracker houses which was tons of fun, though I think we did that before we played settlers because by then all of us were semi to really hyper of the sugar.
Mitch left because she had to go to work and I got a call from Kay asking me if the party was still going, I said yes and she replied that she'd be right over.
Nat also left because she had to go to her sister's birthday party thingy.
That left me and Em for a while, but then Kay showed up and that was good. We played four king stud, a fun game for girls, with some interesting results. We also lisnted to music from my Ipod and Spectacular came on from Moulin Rouge. They said they had never seen it so we trecked up stairs to my room and watched the scene of Spectacular. We also watched several other scenes and I'm sure they wanted to watch all of it but we didn't have the time, or so I thought.
We went back downstairs to have cake and sat around the table to talk. We talked about a lot of things and I have never seen Kay that riled up before.
We then returned to the living room and talked. Everyone had to leave at eight so that's when the party ended.
I was so drained afterwards, eight hours of being a hostess and being hyper, it was like girls camp all over again.
The only person who didn't come who was invited was Kate. Everytime the door bell rang I expected it to be her. But she had family obligations so it was okay. But she did come over the next day to give me my presant and we talked for a little bit. So it kinda made up for her not coming.
Two days later it was Christmas, sister's and brother came. Opened presants and played games. I had a really bad reaction to my hoodie being covered in cat hair and was out with a headache for most of the day. Around seven I went upstairs to take a shower and after that I ended up in bed asleep. didnt even get to say goodbye to k lah who went to Mexico to build houses for a couple of weeks. I'm sure my brother made some comments about me not partisipating in the games but he always does, so I guess it shouldn't bother me.
Anyway sorry this post was so long
Gotta blaze.

Monday, December 18, 2006


We three kings of Orient are,
Bearing gifts we travel afar,
Field and fountain,
Moor and mountain,
Following yonder Angela.

We Three Kings Of Orient Are
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

I have to idea why they followed me when I have no idea where I'm going!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I actually helped someone

Today I was on my way to math class, about two feet from the door actually, and I saw one of my friends down the hall so I yelled her name and waved. She waved back and I went into my class, sat ontop of my desk and started to read another friends paper. Next thing I knew the friend from the hall, I shall call her Kay for now, was standing in front of me. We exchange greetings and then she tells me something that I found really touching.
See Kay has a eating disorder, she doesn't like to eat, and she wants it kept on the DL so that's why I'm not using her name. Her family knows and she's getting professional help. But this is not the part that touched me. She started to talk about how she wanted to go back to her old way, throwing up food*, but then she thought "What would Kanani want me to do? What would she do?" And needless to say she stuck to her new plan of not throwing up. I gave her a huge hug and told her how proud I was of her.
We then talked a little bit about how the choir teacher is driving the kids in choir to exhaustion and I shooed her off to her class so she wouldn't be late.
I was very happy for most of the day because of that.

*This is what I gather is happening, I don't really know though because she hasn't come out right and told me. So I might be wrong.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sick again?!!

So here I was going through life, everything was great. Then I got sick. Four tissue boxs and a toliet paper roll later I'm still sick. And I've found out one thing, the only thing worst than not being able to breath is how raw my nose is from all the rubbing, even with the tissues with the lotion in them. Not fun at all.
Good news is that I got to stay home from school friday, and from church today. Bad news is that I have a paper to write still for english, and a test I have to make up in chemestry. Oh joy.
For give the randomness but I'm going to jump around topics right now.
So Thursday I was have really bad pains in my abdomen area, not cramps but pains. During asl is when it hurt the most. I was trying to cover up the pain but once again Michelle read me too well. She asked I expained and she kept looking at me funny, well not funny but intesly because she was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. See she's studying to be a nurse. Anyway she was about to tell me what she thought was wrong but Natalie interupted her so she signed to Natalie for a bit got my attention, said I was going to die and continued her conversation with Nat.
I sat there shocked for a moment trying to figure out if she was kidding or not. Then she turned back to me and told me to push on the right side of my stomache area. I did and she asked if that hurt, I said no and she said that it wasn't my apendix.
I was releaved. But I thought it was funny.
A couple of days ago I asked this one guy to the Christmas dance and he replied last night saying he couldn't go. This is my first rejection for a date.... sad huh?
Well later dayz!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gone With The Wind

THAT MOVIE HAS THE MOST STUPIDIST ENDING EVER!!! I watched it for the first time today because of a History assignment and that's all I have to say.
You're husband just left you because you've just realized after upteen years of being in "love" with a married guy you don't really love him and all you can say is Tomorrow is another day??!!! What kinda of messed up writer would even end with that line anyway? End at that point in the story? I need closure! Something that tells me that Scarlett and Rhett get back together. There's a baby involved man!!! Well maybe, I couldn't tell if the baby lived through the fall or not.
But Rhett has to be the stupidest guy on the planet! One for marriing Scarlett and two for leaving her!! I mean you could totally tell by the look on her face several times that she was really in love with the man. Plus she goes running after him to tell him that she really loves him and not Ashley. And she does it after running through the fog, which she dreamed and she found Rhett!( which sounds like it, which is what she was looking for in her dream. Rhett and it sound sorta the same! Rhett, it.... got it?)
And he still leaves her because he's egotistical and is like You still love Ashley and I'm finished in trying to win you're affection. Kay point one: She JUST told you she loves you and not Ashley!! Hello that's what that whole scene we just watched was about!! Second point: You have her affection!! Come on man!! You had a daughter with her and were going to have a second child!!! You have her affection!!! Plus she just told you she loved you!!
Can you tell I'm a little involved with the story?
Conversation between me and my friend.
Me talking about going in during lunch next friday to watch last of the movie in history: We should go in just for the ending and then say something about how STUPID that ending was.
Friend: Yeah that was the stupidest thing ever!
Me: No wait there was that one movie... No, no. Gone with the wind was worse!
Friend: How bout that one movie.. No you're right Gone With The Wind was way worse!
Me: I know one movie that had a worse ending! Gone With The Wind! Oh wait, that's what we're talking about!!!

So now a few hours later, I can't get Gone With The Wind out of my head. Closure is very much needed in my brain. Just to make my brain get to better things like, when the crap will Luke and Mara Jade get past their stupid, I hate her, I hate him thing and get freakin *married?!!!
Okay so maybe that isn't better but whatever. Closure is needed on both subjects! And on the Josh thing but I'm not telling about that one!

*Note: Yes, I know they get married and even have a son together but I haven't gotten that far in the books

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guess that sport!!

Alright I'm going to list off injuries that were recieved tonight and see if you can guess what team sport it is!
A split eyebrow
Choking(happened to me)
hair pulling(also happened to me)
Bashed heads
Hurt... um... womenhood.
Kicked shins
Jaws were popped
Arms almost snapped
Chins elbowed
And a whole lot of other BS out there.
Now guess what sport this was.....
Can't? To tough?
Let me tell ya then. Flag football. Now let me put stress on one word, FLAG. Meaning no tackling, no contact.
Tell that to the pissed off seniors. So every year the junior girls play against the senior girls. Seniors always win, they think it's their right ya know? Well not this year! We had the best team. We scored three times in the first half( we had two halfs, 20 minutes each) and boy did the seniors get mad. They started to throw elbows, knees, punches, anything to stop us. Well they didn't. They did score, once. But that didn't phase us we just did our best, played clean and beat the crap out o em!!!!
As the Juniors did a victory lap we looked at the score board and were shocked!( not really but whatever) The seniors rigged it so it said Juniors 26 Seniors 49! Iike they could have gotten that high if they wanted to! The real score? 26-6.
They're just poor sports.
Oh and the girl that choked me? The first time she caught me off guard, the second I put my head down so she couldn't get my neck. So what does she next? Pull my hair!!! So I go after her.
She yelled "What are you doing?"
I yelled "What ever happened to playing clean?'
"I'm a senior! I can do what ever I want!!"
Yeah and lose!! I didn't say that but I sure wanted to.
Anyway so she comes at me the third time and pulles my hair again, I go after her and tackle her... mwhahahahaha!!!
That is my story for tonight.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Today I went to the store to get more rassberries because I found out in foods I really like them. Anyway, as I was walking to my car the car next to mine pulled out and then pulled back in. I found it a little strange so I glanced that way, and a was shocked!! Micah's little brother had guided the car in and his mom was in the driver's seat. I quickly scanned the car but didn't see him. Now the only reason I got excited is because I want to run an experiment. I haven't seen Micah for a while and after what I think happened I don't think I will again. I really want to know if I'm over him, I thought that I was and then EFY happened. So I really just want it over with.
The second reason I went to the store is so I see my friend that worked there. That failed, I didn't see her. I really wanted to thank her in person for the advice she gave me last night over IM. And to asure her I don't dwell on all the negative in my life... most of the time.
Oh guess who's against me again. Come on guess, I'm sure you can get it. Come on it's really easy to answer.
Yep that's right the world. Very early this morning, around 6:45, I went down my stairs, in a really painful way. I guess that I slipped on some swimming shorts and then procceded to land on my bum and bounce down that way. Did I also mention somehow I hurt the sole of my right foot? Oh that's another thing, everyone likes hurting the right side of my body. Guess what butt check I landed on. Yep that's right, the right.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ain't it funny how you can watch a movie when you're younger and hate it, but when you're older you like it?
It hasn't been but two years since I first saw the commercials for a movie series, I'm not going to say which one cause you'll think I'm dorky, and I thought it looked like the stupidest, mushiest thing alive. Then tonight I got pulled into watching all three movies in the series so far and found them absolutly cute, though it did bug me that between the second and the third they switched the actress that plays Misty... but oh well.
So I've decided that the world's against me again. Yesterday I went to softball open field cause my friend wants me to try out again this year, and things went great until that is I got hit in the leg with a softball, that's really hard, going about 60+ mph. It didn't hurt to much at first but after a while the pain set in. Then I caught the ball goin about the same speed with my ungloved hand, and jammed my finger on a bounce ball. I had to go to work and that didn't help the swellin to much, now I've go this nasty bruise where I got hit. Oh and did I mention I'm having major cramps due to me being a girl?
Life is wonderfull. cough++ (I don't expect anyone to get that cough except thoughs in my ASL class)

Friday, October 13, 2006

more pain

the blister popped, poured vinager over it to disinfect it... more pain.
And now when ever I accedently touch it, you guessed it more pain.
Good news? My thumb stopped throbbing, and now just has an ugly bruse....
Bad news? I am never ever going to find love... or atleast I won't try and find it. Go watch Moulin Rouge you'll understand, things just turn out badly.
But that is a great movie to get you laughing, the first part anyway. I swear the writer/director was on drugs.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This stinks

Pain, so much pain!
First I burn myself with liquid sugar that is over 250 degrees hot, then I go and play vollyball and do something to the first joint in my thumb. which has started to throb.... Did I mention that the sugar was really really hot and caused a really big second degree burn on my left index finger? Which also throbs every once in a while...
I don't need to turn to cutting* the world does it for me already!!
The ice doesn't help matter much either..

*I wold never cut myself intentionaly.. Never have thought of doing it either. It just seemed like a funny comment.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's kinda funny when...

It's kinda funny when you freak people out, well not really freak em out but make em wonder if you've snapped and gone all depressed.
I just had an emotional break-down in ASL 3 the other day.
Let me give you the reasons: 1) My art teacher is being an idiot and causing me to overstress on my concentration projects, 2) my mother is putting stress on me to quit work, 3) work, 4) I had to go to a friends suprise birthday party right after work, I mean right after work, 5) I had a headache from the moment I woke up that morning, and 6) did I mention art?
So this is what happened, I went to school, had math and chemestry then went to ASL had a test, which also stressed me out because I think I should have gotten a zero on the signing part but my teacher gave me a perfect score, after the test I sat on the desk behind me and put my head on my knees, thinking it would help with my headache. Then a little voice in my head started to think about art, and telling me that I suck at it and that I should reconsider my choice of being an artist because no one would buy my work, and I started to cry. NOT racking sobs so everyone would know but those tears that come of their own accord. My wonderful friend Michelle noticed and got my attention and asked me what was wrong, I of course hating to cry in front of people said I was fine and put my head back down. She didn't bug me again but started to rub my back, which helped me a lot. Then miss B. said we had to watch a video or work on our story we have to sign for the end of the year, I watched the video because I could hide my tears if I started crying again.
Michelle started talking to miss B. and I didn't want my pickles, long story I'll tell later if peoplez remind me, so I tossed them on to her desk, the one infront of mine. When she got done talking to miss B. she noticed the pickles on her desk and turned to me and said, signed, said oh whatever, "Now I know there's something wrong, you don't want pickles!" I replied that I was fine and she just rolled her eyes.
How gald I am for friends and Ipods, I walked around the school for most of lunch listening to music and would periodically go back to the commons to get more of my lunch, I would pass Michelle and she would sign something like Love ya, or are you ok? My other friends would also ask if I was ok. I told em I was fine, though I wasn't, but it's nice to know you're love, ya know?
Oh then I passed this guy that I think I might have a crush on, I kinda scowled past him and walked past while he looked suprised and I think worriedly at me. I don't know I didn't stay around long enough to really tell. That was school.
After I went home and slept, skipped work, now I think they think I'm going to quit but oh well. I did go to my friends party and I'm glad I did. I got to see some long time friends that have moved. How I miss them....
Sorry this post is so long again.
Thanks once again Michelle, you really helped.
Gotta blaze.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


So last week was Homecoming. I was super stoked for it, my co-worker can testify to that. I started counting down the weeks two months before the dance. Anyway I was getting really depressed because it was a week before the dance and still no guy had asked me! I had even started planing a pitty party for that night.
Then a week before the dance my Mom gets a phone call. This is pretty much all I could hear.
Boy:Gurgle gurgle
Mom: Yes this is she
Boy: Gurgle gurgle Kanani
Mom: Yes... How do you know this person?
By this point my sister and I are looking at each other trying to find out if my Mom has a stalker or if it's really about me.
Then my mom gets out of the car and walks around the house so we can't listen in any more.
K lah then starts freaking out because she's figured out that it's probably a guy asking if it's okay to take me to Homecoming. There is much celebration on my part. For the next day I watch my house like a hawk to see if he drops anything asking me to Homecoming.... nothing.
Monday comes and I go to earlymorning semenary. I barely sit down in my seat when my friend comes in with some balloons and a piece of paper, she smiles then leaves. I look at the paper and it says this: "I would explode with joy if you went to Homecoming with me."
I am super stoked for the rest of the day.
After school I go to the bakery where I work and get doughnuts to reply to my date. My co-workers see me and ask what am I doing. I tell and one wants to do my hair and makeup. I agree and then I leave.
The next day I go into his semenary class and drop off the doughnuts with a note saying: "When going to Homecoming with you is such a treat, my only answer can be yes."
I think this gave him the wrong impression. He calls me that night to get to know me before our date. He has to go so he hangs up. Two minutes later he calls back, I don't answer. That's mean I know but I didn't know what to do. The next day he repeats this. And the next day too. Pretty much up till Saturday he called me.
Anyway, Friday my co-worker comes over to play with my hair so she'll know what to expect the next day. She plucked my eyebrows too. Do you know how much that hurts?!
Anyway next day, I get earings from my neighbor, go shoe shopping and go to the bakery to get my co-worker who is utterly confuesed as how to get to my house... Mwhahahaha.
She does my hair beautifuly in thirty minutes and then leaves my house. My sister does my makeup. I call the friend that I got the earings from because I forgot to get the matching necklace. She doesn't answer so I go upstairs to play BattleGrounds, I have plenty of time right?
I finish kicking some Empire butt so I decided to call her again, on the way to the phone I see her and my other friend coming so I open the door for them. Both of their jaws dropped upoun seeing me. They rave at how cute I look and then we start to freak out, well I did, a the realization that I only have thirty minutes to get into my dress paint my nails so they match my dress and have time to breath before my date gets there.
So we finish with plenty of time, around ten minutes, so I go downstairs to show my dad the finished product and all of a sudden I hear "KANANI! HE'S HERE!" I freak out and run upstairs, meeting my two friends in the hall so I won't be in the room when he comes in. My mom calls for me when he's in the main living room so I walk out. "Wow" no kidding that's the first thing he said to me, Wow. I can totally hear my friends in the hall and look over my shoulder and see them poking their heads around the corner, I roll my eyes and pin the botanier(sp?) thingy on him and leave. We get into his sister's convertable and drive off, with my friends waving frantikly at me from the window.
Very little small talk in the car and we arrive at the resteraunt. Waiting for us was our group, full of people I have prior issues with. We make it through dinner and go to the dance. Which was fun except for the fact that my date didn't talk to me very much but apparently he had a magical time, according to what he told his semenary class the next day.
I got the account three times seeing as I have three friends in his class.
It was fun but not magical.
Sorry this post is so long.
Laterz, gotta blaze.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Who needs sleep?

I had a lot of homework to do last night, a culture paper for ASL, to read a chapter in math and do problem #9, and I think to finish chemestry homework but I'm not sure about that one.
Anyway so I was all ready to my homework and I did, right?
When I went into my bedroom to get a pencil, there she was. Max's face was staring up at me from the box cover of season 1 of Dark Angel, sci-fi stuff that's pretty cool. I couldn't resist so I thought to myself, "Just one episode, come on, you've already started watching one so it'll only take thirty minutes."
And so I only watched that one episode, right?
I watched three. When I looked at the clock it was 1:00 in the morning. Yeah not so good when you have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to make your first class. Plus that homework that I had to do, yeah none of it got done. Well some chemistry did but that's beside the point.
So, now you're probably asking yourself, "How did she get out of this one?" Easy, I still got a bad cough and a stuffy nose from over the weekend and I thought I needed to take one more day of rest to get over it.
But I promise this sick day was needed, and it was not a get-out-of-homework-for-free-day.
Anyway I've got to go get more sleep, I'll post about something cool in a few days or less.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


So yesterday me and my mom went to Idaho for Liann's birthday party. It was tons of fun!
Not only did I get to see Liann but Kelli was there too! Sadly we were the only three from EFY but we still had fun with Liann's friends playing fuseball and then we got marshmellow guns and had a marshmellow war. That was fun. Of course there was icecream, cup cakes and opening presents.
I stayed the night and with some great prodding (two seconds worth) we convinced Kelli to stay too. Liann's parents had a treasure hunt planned and that was tons of fun. We followed a trail of shiny things around her neighborhood. That was fun... well until the creepy lady yelled at us. But then it was fun again. We found the treasure.... after we walked past the last clue a couple of times. It wasn't that hard to miss, a lot of reflecting stickers on a gate. But we were looking past it soooo.
Then we stayed up all night. And I mean all night, until 5:30 am!! Though Liann did fall asleep for an hour during the movie but she woke up later so it was all good.
As my sister has stated in her blog, things are really funny at night when you're really tired. We were talking about my crush and this is basically our conversation
Liann: So you knew ((I shall call him M)) before EFY?
Me: Yeah
Liann: So he lives with you?
Me: Yes, he lives in my basement.
Kelly is laughing really hard through all of this.
What Liann ment to say was, "He lives in your area?" but it became a big joke that got added onto as the night went on.
So now M lives in my basement with his dentures and gupees that eat eachother. Don't ask, long story.
It was so much fun. I can't wait until we do it again.
Have the best day ever!
Twenty points to anyone who can get what book that's from.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

*Sniff, sniff*

Okay, so I've been cleaning my room hoping to get rid of a lot of stuff, yeah right.
Anyway I found my yearbook from this past year, not only had I been looking for it so I could verify something, but I got an added bonus when I opened it. The addresses and contact information from EFY that I've been looking for. I really wanted to write my counslors, but couldn't cause I didn't have their addresses. Now I do yea!!!!!
Looking at the addresses made me think of EFY though, I really want to go back. My family and friends are tired of my saying this cause I do almost every day, or atleast I do in my head.
Looking at my yearbook made me think of the seniors who left this year and how I probly won't see them again. Exept for Jeff who randomly drove by one day and gave me a ride, but that was once sooo.
I miss the seniors. I really want to go back in time but I can't so. Whatever. Don't ya just hate that.
Have the best day ever!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Stuff

So the other day I get a gift certificut to this new store in town so I go and get a few things. Kingdom Hearts 2 being among them.
It's ok. The levels are to short in my opinion and there are waaaay to many cut scenes but what ever makes the guys with the money happy. I do like the game play and the worlds they have added though. It's interesting when you have "forms" you get to play with.

I also got a cd by Jenny Phillips, The Mirical. I've been wanting it for a while ever since I sang at one of her concerts and heard the album. I have to thank young women leader for letting me sing at that concert. Though I'm afraid I'll never see her again because she got released today and I think she'll start going to the ward she moved into a few months back. I really hope she stays in ours though.

I apologize(how ever in Dadga's name you spell that) to the friend mentioned in the previous post, I was mad and I overegsagerated. Please note that somethings wern't exactly true. Mostly it was though.

I miss EFY ever so much right now and I really want to go back... truely I've never felt more wanted than I did there.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So this past saturday was a stake dance. It was pretty fun cause I got to see a friend that I haven't seen for a while.
It wasn't so great because of two reasons, 1) The guy I like wasn't there, 2) My other friend has resantly become obsessed with Firefly, which normally isn't bad but when she becomes obsessed nothing else matters, no exists in her world, exept for that one thing. So the whole time she was at the dance she was asking me the same questions over and over again.
"Can we go watch Firefly now?" "No."
"Can I borrow Firefly when we go back to your house?" "No."
"I'm bored, can we go watch Firefly now?" "No! It's a dance and I intend to dance!"
"Can I atleast borrow the disks I've already seen?" "No!!!"
My mother has barred me from letting this friend anything that can get damaged, because she tends to loose things for several weeks, give it back, and then I learn that it is no longer usable because she has scratched the heck out of it somehow.
"If your mom wasn't a facter would you let me borrow the box set, and then I give it back to you on Monday?" "No."
"If I gave it back to you tomorrow would you let me borrow it?" "Not if it's going to end up like Aida."
Backround: I got the Aida cd and let her borrow it, she said she would give it back to me the next day unscratched. Ha fat chance. She lost it for over a month and then when I got it back most of the songs were so scratched I can't listen to it anymore.
Anyway her dad showed up a few seconds later and she left. Thankfully and now I know she's mad at me cause it's been over three days that she hasn't texted me, e-mailed or called. Woot! No more pesting about Firefly!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


So last week was girls camp. Which was fun exept it was cold so I caught a cold.
Now I spend my days laying in bed, or in front of the tv. Which isn't that bad, mind you. UNLESS YOU NEED TEN MORE HOURS TO GET YOUR FREAKIN DRIVERS LICENCE!!!!
I passed the test on Monday, basically finished my personal progress(I hate being the good child) and now all I have to do is finish those ten hours, get well and then go to the dmv to fill out the paper work.
Camp was fun. I got to be in charge of the fires this year, which was a big suprise becuase our usually piro, Mindy Jo, was up there but she let me do most of it. I did, until this annoying third year wanted to do it. I tried to explain that this was my year to be the piro, and she knew that but she wanted to and I was really mad cause she couldn't light a thing! But whatever. Then another girl who isn't even supposed to be a YCL this year totally messed up secret sister in more than one way.
First off, she totally took over from a girl who knew exactly what she was doing,
Second, she asigned more than one person to a girl, and who was one of the girls that got jipt.... I wonder, leaving leaders without girls
Third, she totally screwed up the handing out process. Usually we have bags hanging up in the camp site and the secret sister person puts them in those but nooo she convinetly forgot the bags so her two friends could hand out the secret sister stuff!!!!
I was soooo freakin mad! It was another thing gone wrong that week that just kept me aching to punch someone really, really hard. But I didn't, and no trees were harmed either.
Oh and another bad thing about this cold? I cough all the time and most of it is accompanied by coughing up mucus. Nasty huh?

Saturday, June 03, 2006


So I just got back from EFY! Or for you non Mormons Especially For Youth. It was so cool and I want to go back so much. But I guess I'll have to wait for next year. I loved my roommate Katie. I was afraid that i would get a stick in the mud or something like that but she was totaly awsome.
Lindsay and Alisha are pretty cool too. They were roommates. Lyndsay was just a little to hyper sometimes but I guess I was too. Alisha is the coolest person from Kansas!!! Of course I've only met one person from Kansas but that's beside the point. Jordyn had a room all to herself, she was way super cool. She's from Hawaii! And I shall be eternally grateful to Ethyl, her shoe. Long story, don't ask.
Whitney our counselor was really sweet too. Every night she would come and tuck us in. Which i'm going to miss a lot. It's funny because at the question and answer section of Thursday she said that her girls, me and those listed above, had only been together for four days but we had already started to act like eachother, I haven't seen me acting like the others yet but I have caught myself talking like Whitney. It's kinda wierd but cool.
The girls in Lindsay's, the counselor not the girl, were pretty cool too as was Lindsay. I don't think I have every had a conversation while in line for breakfast talking about Kadavers and nasty injuries with girls and then eat breakfast with them. Lindsay you rule so much. You too Whitney!!
Victoria and Tessa were roommates and at first I didn't really like Tessa cause she's from a rivalry school, but soon we got over it. Victoria I didn't get to know that well but she seemed cool. Kelli and Lianne were roommates and they were awsome! Kelli was super fun, and Lianne was shy at first but came out of her shell by the end, specially with the Patrick insident. I think Annie and Karlie were roommates but I'm not sure... Annie was the coolest person ever!!!! She is a firefly and Star Wars fan too!! We nearly died when we found that out! Karlie was the sweetest person I've every met and she is one of the people that I have truely thought of as a little sister. That leaves Courtney and Rosalia to be roommates. Courtney was the fun loving girl who kept calling herself a bad mormon because she drank caffine, but I think that she has one of the sweetest spirits. Rosalia was like Victoria and I didn't get to know her very well but she seemed fun.
Well that's about every one.. well the girls atleast, I didn't really hang out with the guys so I don't know much about them besides Jeremy is the cutest little return missionary ever!
I miss EFY so much and I want to go back sooo bad with everyone....

Monday, May 22, 2006

Driving can be... well scary

So I just got back from driving for like the 4th time on a real road. It was ok until I got to an intersection and a train blocked the way so my mom told me to go the long way. That was going great, exept for the tail gater, untill I was going on a busy road and I had to turn left to get to the road to get me to my house.
My car stalled, no big deal right? Yeah until the light turned yellow, then red and my car still didn't let me go very far until it would stall again. It took me a whole light to get from the middle of the intersection to the road to which I wished to travel. My mother then told me to pull onto the next street, and I thought she was going to take over so I got kinda angry so I angrily flipped on the turn signal and she started to yell at me to never angrily flip things. She then explained, angrily mind you, that she was just wanting to calm me down. So I angrily got out of the car and let her drive the rest of the way home, about a mile, I think.
That is my scary driving story and I hope I never have another one again.
Oh and I got the last x-men 3 ticket for the 12:00 showing. the very last one.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Thought I'd join the world of blogging so that the quarks, or however you spell that, and my sister could keep up with my life. That's basicly it.
So today was rather cool. Dyed my hair blondish, finished a culture paper for ASL and finish an abc book for childcare...well kinda I still need to do K and w but I can't think of anything for them. Oh and I'm banned from driving till I finish the abc book.. don' that just suck? Well laterz.