Sunday, November 23, 2008


"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything."
Saturday of last week was uneventful. I stayed up late friday and watched Bones online. I think it was a very bad day when our apartment found out that you could watch full episodes online. And Saturday I slept in and really didn't do much.
Sunday was ward conference and I sat next to Han the whole time.
Monday was FHE and we combined with some other groups, one was Dustin's cause it was his 19th birthday. Did I mention he leaves on his mission 5 days after fall semester ends? Anyway we played a, as in 1 , game of capture the flag in the Gardens before everyone boring left. And in saying everyone boring I mean everyone but Marie, Dustin, Han, and I. So we played a game called Commando. Now it's not what you think. It is a game like hide and go seek, only you have bases you have to touch in order and the person counting has to stay in place. It is a very fun game. Then Dustin tripped on some steps and went to bandage himself up, it was kinda gross let me tell you. Then Marie left because a contact had popped out and she was half blind. So that left me and Han, alone, in the Gardens. It was not as awkward as one might think. Oh and to all those who haven't heard the Gardens are the place where most proposals happen. Then Marie came back and we went into the Taylor building for a drink. That is where we found a brochure for the British Literary Tour. A tour that takes a month and you get to go to Britain, Ireland, Wales, and Paris! All in all about a month of traveling for about 3500 dollars plus tuition so about 4100 dollars, plus you get credit for school. Welcome to my new dream trip.
Anyway Dustin came back and we played for a few more rounds then we all went home.
Tuesday was devotional and my stake president from my home ward came and talked, that was cool. Oh and I saw one of my friends from elementary school that I haven't seen since middle school. Cool huh?
Wednesday was enrichment, not that exciting but I did meet some more people, just in time for the end of the semester.
Thursday was this amazing forum entitled When Souls Had Wings: A Look At The Pre-Existence. It was amazing!!! I can't wait for that book to come out. It's all about how the Pre-Existence, though that's not correct it should be the pre-mortal existence but that's a side note, has been looked at all through history to explain things and it's just amazing how the guy presented it. Some of the people I talked to afterwards said it was over their heads and some even fell asleep but I was was so interested I didn't even realize what time it was when it ended.
Oh and Dustin was there. He walked me to class afterward even though he was staying for the QandA session. And I asked him to go to a play with me.
English got out early so when I was sitting at home doing nothing Tiffany came over and asked if I would go visiting teaching with her. How could I deny my favorite (FHE) sister? So I said yes. Side note it's kinda our thing to say FAVORITE SISTER! When ever we see each other. And then Charice or Maria will get "jealous" so we have to amend it to one of my favorite sisters! I love my FHE group.
Anyway that was fun. Then later Dustin came over to play Risk. I kinda won, but only because he went easy and he was being the computer player. Then we went and played Commando with Marie and Han. After that we went and wandered buildings that we hadn't been in before. I finally got to see the Spori! It's the art building and I'm going back when the art gallery is open too. Then we got kicked out of the Smith because it was 1130. We had stopped there and were doing the newspaper sodoku.
Dustin walked Marie home, and Han walked me home. When I walked in the door Danielle ask how did that happen, because I left with Dustin but came back with Han. Funny what life will do huh lol.
Friday we failed our clean check so now we have to do white glove. I love when people don't clean.
Then I came home!! And when I say home I mean home, the place that I have lived since I was almost 9 in the city I have lived my whole life! It's good to be back in a house that's big. After a very productive woods class mind you. I'm now ahead of the class!
Oh and I met Han's parents too. See I was sitting on my couch watching a tv show and I heard a buzzing. I thought it was the Main character's phone and wondered why she wasn't answering, then I realized it was my phone on the arm rest. Oops. Well I answered it and it was Sea Bass. He said "We're doing something fun at Biddolph, you should come." I said okay and hung up. I then made Allyx go with me. Why? I knew the real reason Sea Bass had called. Han's parents were there. See everyone seems to think it's fun to try to push Han and I together. I don't like it because if it's meant to be it will take it's own time and plus I don't like being force to do anything, just ask family or friends.
Anyway they turned out to be really nice people. They did ask for some details about things but that's only because they were curious about what Han hadn't told them. We talked for the better part of an hour, then I had to go to woods. While I liked them I just hope they liked me.
Saturday I went to PHS's school play and met up with Jan and Kandy. They weren't as excited to see me as I was them. Oh well. After the play I called Hols to see if she wanted to hang out. Now there was the reaction I was looking for. I got there and soon Levi, Sharla and some boys I don't know showed up. We watched Wall-E, which is the cutest movie btw, I highly recommend it. And then I left to come home.
Sadly my cousin is not here at the moment, she is back east until tuesday, or maybe that is a good thing because I can get some sleep lol.
I love being home for several reasons too. I don't have to make my own food from a poor college student's budget, I can talk to my mother anytime with out worrying about my phone dying and I can see my da anytime I want to, when he's not at work. LIfe back home is great!
Well Gotta Blaze!!
Oh did I mention I'M HOME!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


"No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader." ~ Robert Frost

So Saturday I woke up around noon and went onto FB. I had one new friend request and guess who it was? Justin! Only I learned his name is Dustin. At least I was only one letter off right? Anyway to make a long story short we went and played basketball together. Well tried to anyway, all the courts were taken up so we played racquetball instead. It was way fun, though I do feel bad because I beat him 3 games to one.
Saturday night I don't really remember what I did so obviously it's not important.
Sunday I went to church alone. Kristen was out of town while Allyx and Danielle slept in. So as I'm looking for a seat in sacrament I hear a "Kanani!" from behind me so I turn and there is Dustin. So I sat with him because he was also alone. And wouldn't you know it bishop was giving me a look all of the meeting. I really just wanted to stand up and be like "I'm not dating anyone seriously bishop! I promise." but I couldn't so I avoided looking at him.
The end of Sacrament I stood up and who should be sitting a row behind and a few seats over but Han. I waved and he waved back. Then Dustin and I went to sunday school. Yes we sat next to each other again. Then sunday school was over so I stood up to go to RS and he so he stood up too. I asked him where he was going and he said he guessed priesthood was in that room but he'd walk me to RS. So he did, and he picked me up too and walked me home. Meanwhile we passed Han and Parkeve, I had to hit his arm to get him to look. Oh well.
Monday was FHE. That was fun. We got lost going to our 1st counselor's house so we drove around for and hour trying to find it. Which was pretty fun. There were like three cars in our parade and I think we may have made some people mad, oh well. Watcha gonna do right?
When we finally arrived we played Baby If You Love Me Give Me A Smile. it was a blast. Not only did we learn a lot about how to get each other to laugh we learned who could do impersonations really, really well.
After driving back, this only took about ten minutes, I realized I still had laundry in the laundry room and had to take it out. So I ran inside and after grabbing all the necessary things looked at my phone and saw that I had one missed call. I looked and it was an Idaho number. I realized it must have been Han and went outside to see if he was still there. He was and he asked me out on a date. It was really cute.
Then I went to bed... I think.
Tuesday was good. Classes were normal I guess cause I can't really remember anything important.
Tuesday night was really good. Han picked me up at 7 to go to the stake dance, that was our date. It was kinda dumb cause the first thirty minutes there was no music, and then when they started to play some it was period music that was hard to dance too. Though after the first couple songs it got way better. I think this is the first stake dance that I have danced to all the slow songs, all three that they played, I guess that's the advantage of having a date. The second to last dance was an Anastasia song, go figure. Basically it was a really fun dance.
Wednesday was okay. It was our last water polo game cause we lost it. I played for the first quarter and that was it. But thats okay because the person who didn't want to play played for the other quarters. But I'm not bitter.
Thursday was okay.
Today was good. We finally cleaned the apartment. It was so disgusting. I hope we never skip a clean check again.
Then I was kidnapped by Han, Sea Bass, Parkeve, and Andrew to go see the new 007 movie. To bad it was sold out when we got there. But we had fun walking there, a thirty minute walk, and back again at night. Sarcasm aside it was really fun. Specially when I stole Andrew's hat and he didn't notice till we had left a food place and started to run back for it. That was funny.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you. And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke." ~ Arthur Polotnik

Sorry for posing twice in one day but I figure it's better to start small blogs than one big one so there ya go.

Today I woke up and looked at my clock and jumped out of bed because it was 11, I have a class at 11:30. I raced to get dressed and everything then I looked at Allyx's clock, it said 10:05. That's when I remembered I haven't set my clock back an hour. And I won't for another two weeks either. So then i sat down and had breakfast because I was just going to skip it when I "didn't" have time.
Math class was great, it got out 30 minutes early. So I came home and relaxed for three hours. Then I went to woods. There I did the second pass on my top piece with the router and worked on starting the piece of the pediment that will be seen. The first attempt left me with a board that was too thin. It was sad really because it was a nice looking piece of cedar. The second piece was perfect. Now I just have to cut the piece for the trim and I just need to do the door and the carved bottom and I'll be done! I also helped two of the guys put their back pieces on so I felt smart.
When I came home Danielle, two of the girls next door went to the Galley to get something to eat, well Danielle did, I was still full from my two potato lunch. Then we sat down to watch a movie I despise. Well I didn't watch it I was on my computer. Then 8:45 rolled around and I went to the boys dorm to game night. They had card and board games but the only kind of game that was played was computer/video games. It was sweet, projectors, tvs, tons of computers. I was in heaven, and so were the boys. I also made a new friend.
I was getting some chips, though I shouldn't have since I'm sick, and I looked over and he looked away quickly, so I did a slow second look and smiled at him. About ten minutes later he came over to where Sea Bass, Han, Andrew, and I were playing Call of Duty 4 on the xbox 360 and played with us. He was really nice and funny. I think his name is Justin, I'm about 95% sure that's his name anyway. It was tons of fun, I'm not gonna lie.
Then I came home at 12:45. We had played games for 3 and 1/2 hours. Oh Han and I also played a game of pool, he won but barely, and we played jenga too. I won that.
Well that was my day. It was pretty fun.
Well gotta go to bed now.

Friday, November 07, 2008


"Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it." - Jesse Stuart
So Tuesday I wake up at 10:30 so I still managed to get atleast 6 hours of sleep. I went to my humanities class and my teacher not only found a new way to quiz us but to embarrass those who are far behind in the Odyssey into catching up. What did he do? He asked what book we are on. I was right on schedule, book 12, but I was surprised that some people were on book 1 or hadn't even gotten the book yet. Then we had a good discussion on books 6-8.
Then it was back home and then to devotional. I sat next to Charice my FHE sister. We had a grand old time talking. See before devotional they play shots from around campus and sometimes the temple in IF, but they play the same thing every week. So we talked about how it felt like de javu. It was funnier than it sounds. After that it was off to english, which was a blast, as always.
Then it was off to home to watch the election on my computer. First I must give history. I applied for an absentee ballot so I could vote for the very first time. Well Monday had rolled around and I hadn't gotten it yet and the ballot needed to be postmarked by Monday so I called home and my wonderful mother got the county to send me an e-mail vote. So I voted, and wouldn't you guess the actual ballot came on Tuesday? But I wasn't the only one there is a girl in my math class that the same happened. So it was the state's fault.
Anyway I sat there watching the election on BBC, the british are fun to listen too. Then at 930 I went to water polo practice. I was told kayaking had the pool til ten. So I waited, thinking the others would show up. Ben did but he left once he found out that Allyx wasn't there. So at ten I got in the pool and swam around for 20 minutes, all alone. Well there were other people there but you get the idea.
So I walked home in the snow And took a shower. I got ready for bed and was sitting in the living room when I heard shouts from the courtyard. I looked out and it was Maria, charice and a boy playing in the snow. The snow had been awful snow but now it was perfect packing snow so I jumped up and put on snow playing gear and went and played with them. Around 12:30, the boy left at 11:28 don't worry, we went inside to hear first kiss stories from two people. I'm not allowed to say who cause it's still on the dl. But that was fun and lasted til 2.
Then I came home and dinked around on the computer til 4....30 oops.
Wednesday I woke up early enough to make myself a sandwich for the day. I went to math and laughed at Kevin because he is seriously anti obama. Now this isn't kevin from my FHE group because he's very pro obama.
But my view is that now Obama is the president we should support him, like it used to be way back in the beginning of the US. You think that people would realize we were governed way better back then. And don't pull it was way smaller then thing cause when we are of one heart and one mind we are better as a people so ha.
Provident living was good, we learned about driving safely on icy roads. We had snow plow people come and talk to us. And they brought their truck so we got to sit in it. Those things are huge!!
Woods was good because I got a lot done. I finished sanding the top and bottom so it won't rock anymore, I finished sanding the back so the back piece wasn't sticking out and I made the top and bottom pieces for my trim top and carved bottom. I'm so excited!!
The PL meeting was okay. I think its not really helping but whatever.
I got home, dropped off my stuff and went to the water polo game.... We will not speak of it. I will only say we lost 30-0 to the best team on campus. And if our regular goalie had shown up we might have not lost by so much.
Thursday I woke up with the feeling that someone had poured acid down my throat. So I suck on recolas and drank lots of Orange juice. The counseling center was putting on an eating disorder thing so Bekka said that if everyone in your apartment went you wouldn't have to do clean checks. And I'm happy to say that everyone in mine went. The one I went to was really interesting.
Then I went to class. It was really good, though I did find out that this guy I thought was 18 is actually a return missionary. That was a shocker.
English was good. As always.
I went to hang out with Natalie too. It was fun we made cookies and somehow I super glued my fingers together. Bad idea don't ever do it!!!!
Then I came home and went to bed. All in all a good week. Oh and I got this from my friend. I'm really glad I'm loved and she's on my side even though I know she was kidding... mostly.
Dear Angel's roommates,
I know where Angel lives. Thus, I know where YOU live.
Guess what? My car is full of cheap, sweet gas. All my homework for the next week is done.
I'm-a comin'.

There was more about not being jerks and using compromise but this is the part I found most hilarious. Thank you so much Rissy!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"As to the adjective, when in doubt, strike it out." - Mark Twain
So Friday was Halloween. I was very excited about this because it is my favorite holiday. My new friends and I were to be the rainbow. I go over there on Thursday night to see if they know how to dye flour and was told the plan was off. All of them had dates and were not dressing up. I was very put out because I had not planned any other costume. So when Friday came I did what my mother suggested. I dressed in a gray shirt with my gray vest, cut out raindrops and taped them to my shirt and vest. I was then a rain cloud. I also put on my wing earrings because wings are a symbol of movement. I put way to much thinking into these kind of things. Math that day was boring as usual, with the usual funny stories. Woods was also excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed finishing my backpiece for my clock. I also learned that using a wood lathe is tons better and more fun than a metal one. I now wish I had done a broken pediment top. Though sadly I think it's to late to change from the rounded top.
Friday night I didn't do anything. Well I watched a bunch of movies. Once again I watched The Village and was reminded of the cute love story it is.
Saturday I slept in and read some of the Odyssey. Then I got ready to go to the Saturday night session of stake conference. I went with Allie and Jocelyn because of course no one from my apartment goes to that kind of thing. Afterwards we walked home with Annie and Aileen. I was glad because most of the time I made Jocelyn laugh, something she and I both need to do more.
When I got home I sat in front of my computer and dinked around until Annie and Aileen walked passed in work out clothes. I asked where they were going and they said they were going to play basketball and invited me along. It was tons of fun and I'm glad I'm getting into a wonderful group.
Sunday was really good, stake conference was amazing and it started to rain! Also Jocelyn came over to get a stamp but I sucked her into eating some of the hamburgers I was making, then han, sea bass, and andrew came over to eat too. Jocelyn was highly entertained by them until she had to leave. The boys left an hour or so later.
Today was good. My first class was cancelled so I went shopping for food, since I didn't have any. On the way there i got a ride from a friend from high school I haven't seen all semester. It was great.
Then I walked into the grocery store and to the soap aisle, find soap and put it in my bag. Then realized that people would think I was shop lifting by putting things in my ginormous bag, so I put the soap back, got a cart and went back to the soap. I felt really stupid. Then on the way home a wonderful sophomore gave me a ride home. I like how nice people are here.
Then I saw Aileen and she helped me carry my food into my apartment, then invited me to basketball later.
I then went to provident living, came home and crashed. I did do some homework though. I was on fb and Aileen invited me over for about an hour before I had to go to FHE.
FHE wasn't the best again but I've come to expect that. After fhe I started to walk over to her fhe brother's house. I got a call from her that said they were going to the Hart building and to grab my id card. So I ran home, grabbed it, and ran to the hart. Only to get another phone call that said basketball was out and to meet at MCs house. I was so mad, I was halfway there the first time! I wasn't really mad just annoyed. But we did play soccer out in the rain so that was amazing.
Then I came home to ugness. I should go to bed now but I don't know if I will. I don't want to die in my sleep.
Well gotta get back to Odysseus, laterz!