Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break

So I've known that spring break has been around the corner for a long time now... Well at least since the beginning of March. So I thought to myself, "Self, you really need to get that space of yours clean so you can have a huge sleep over."
Now you have to understand when I say space I don't mean a little tiny room that can barely hold a twin size bed, I mean a huge room, scratch even that, I have a whole freaking floor to clean! My bedroom, bathroom, a huge area that could be classified as a living room/ family room, the area around the stairs and then another bedroom. Most of the stuff I have to clean is my stuff but some of it is from the previous occupant, my now engaged sister, Klah. And I have most of it done..... kinda.
I still have to clean the stairs area and the other bedroom, all before Wednesday of next week, when at least four people are coming over to have a sleep over...... Maybe five if Adri decides to come.
And I have no idea how long this sleep over is going to last, because Jan wants to have it as long as possible and so does Em because both don't want to be home during spring break. But I do know that Hol has other things to do with her family so that cuts down on one person and I don't know about Kay or Adri.... This should be so interesting when it actually happens.

Oh and I get to go Prom dress shopping on Friday, though I'm not going to Prom. Figure that one out if you can.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mentaly, physicaly, and emotionaly tired

So this week was softball try outs. I only tried out this year because one of my friends is on the team and she thought it would be fun, and good for the team, for me to try out. I say good for the team because hardly any one tried out. So In January I started going to open gym so I could get to know the coaches and to get into some kind of shape. Anyway try outs came and I am so exhausted from them, not to metion sore. Anyway, thrusday we found out if we made it or not, needless to say I didn't make it. I was fine with it until I texted my mom and told her about it. She started to send texts that I think she thought would help me feel better, they didn't, it only made it worse.
I went through out the day trying not to cry about it because 1) I hate crying infront of people, 2) I hate crying infront of people and 3) I didn't want anyone to think it was a big deal that I didn't make it. Though I think Kay knew that it was but oh well.
That's pretty much why I'm tired physicaly and emotionaly. The reason for the mentaly is because I took the ACT on saturday. Four freakin hours of thinking!!!! But I did get a 23 and that's when I guessed on over half the science questions. So I figure it should go up two points when I actually care about the science part.
But afterward me and Jan where so out of it. And then we went to Kay's and that just made us even more laugh happy. I like having friends that I can do that with.
anyway got to blaze