Friday, June 23, 2006


So last week was girls camp. Which was fun exept it was cold so I caught a cold.
Now I spend my days laying in bed, or in front of the tv. Which isn't that bad, mind you. UNLESS YOU NEED TEN MORE HOURS TO GET YOUR FREAKIN DRIVERS LICENCE!!!!
I passed the test on Monday, basically finished my personal progress(I hate being the good child) and now all I have to do is finish those ten hours, get well and then go to the dmv to fill out the paper work.
Camp was fun. I got to be in charge of the fires this year, which was a big suprise becuase our usually piro, Mindy Jo, was up there but she let me do most of it. I did, until this annoying third year wanted to do it. I tried to explain that this was my year to be the piro, and she knew that but she wanted to and I was really mad cause she couldn't light a thing! But whatever. Then another girl who isn't even supposed to be a YCL this year totally messed up secret sister in more than one way.
First off, she totally took over from a girl who knew exactly what she was doing,
Second, she asigned more than one person to a girl, and who was one of the girls that got jipt.... I wonder, leaving leaders without girls
Third, she totally screwed up the handing out process. Usually we have bags hanging up in the camp site and the secret sister person puts them in those but nooo she convinetly forgot the bags so her two friends could hand out the secret sister stuff!!!!
I was soooo freakin mad! It was another thing gone wrong that week that just kept me aching to punch someone really, really hard. But I didn't, and no trees were harmed either.
Oh and another bad thing about this cold? I cough all the time and most of it is accompanied by coughing up mucus. Nasty huh?

Saturday, June 03, 2006


So I just got back from EFY! Or for you non Mormons Especially For Youth. It was so cool and I want to go back so much. But I guess I'll have to wait for next year. I loved my roommate Katie. I was afraid that i would get a stick in the mud or something like that but she was totaly awsome.
Lindsay and Alisha are pretty cool too. They were roommates. Lyndsay was just a little to hyper sometimes but I guess I was too. Alisha is the coolest person from Kansas!!! Of course I've only met one person from Kansas but that's beside the point. Jordyn had a room all to herself, she was way super cool. She's from Hawaii! And I shall be eternally grateful to Ethyl, her shoe. Long story, don't ask.
Whitney our counselor was really sweet too. Every night she would come and tuck us in. Which i'm going to miss a lot. It's funny because at the question and answer section of Thursday she said that her girls, me and those listed above, had only been together for four days but we had already started to act like eachother, I haven't seen me acting like the others yet but I have caught myself talking like Whitney. It's kinda wierd but cool.
The girls in Lindsay's, the counselor not the girl, were pretty cool too as was Lindsay. I don't think I have every had a conversation while in line for breakfast talking about Kadavers and nasty injuries with girls and then eat breakfast with them. Lindsay you rule so much. You too Whitney!!
Victoria and Tessa were roommates and at first I didn't really like Tessa cause she's from a rivalry school, but soon we got over it. Victoria I didn't get to know that well but she seemed cool. Kelli and Lianne were roommates and they were awsome! Kelli was super fun, and Lianne was shy at first but came out of her shell by the end, specially with the Patrick insident. I think Annie and Karlie were roommates but I'm not sure... Annie was the coolest person ever!!!! She is a firefly and Star Wars fan too!! We nearly died when we found that out! Karlie was the sweetest person I've every met and she is one of the people that I have truely thought of as a little sister. That leaves Courtney and Rosalia to be roommates. Courtney was the fun loving girl who kept calling herself a bad mormon because she drank caffine, but I think that she has one of the sweetest spirits. Rosalia was like Victoria and I didn't get to know her very well but she seemed fun.
Well that's about every one.. well the girls atleast, I didn't really hang out with the guys so I don't know much about them besides Jeremy is the cutest little return missionary ever!
I miss EFY so much and I want to go back sooo bad with everyone....