Monday, July 17, 2006

New Stuff

So the other day I get a gift certificut to this new store in town so I go and get a few things. Kingdom Hearts 2 being among them.
It's ok. The levels are to short in my opinion and there are waaaay to many cut scenes but what ever makes the guys with the money happy. I do like the game play and the worlds they have added though. It's interesting when you have "forms" you get to play with.

I also got a cd by Jenny Phillips, The Mirical. I've been wanting it for a while ever since I sang at one of her concerts and heard the album. I have to thank young women leader for letting me sing at that concert. Though I'm afraid I'll never see her again because she got released today and I think she'll start going to the ward she moved into a few months back. I really hope she stays in ours though.

I apologize(how ever in Dadga's name you spell that) to the friend mentioned in the previous post, I was mad and I overegsagerated. Please note that somethings wern't exactly true. Mostly it was though.

I miss EFY ever so much right now and I really want to go back... truely I've never felt more wanted than I did there.


Karlei said...

I love you angela!!! XD dont forget that kay? love you

SopranoVaseOfFlowers said...

:P I feel so unloved. I've been replaced by EFY. :) But yeah. I had this dream last night that we both went to EFY--but for some reason it was last years....bizzare...confuzzing...but yah. I'm really tired, and I DON;T WANT TO GO TO WORK TODAY!!
*huggles* I'll ttyl. I'll try to txt you today, k?

Kanani said...

Yes you have. You were replaced by EFY along time ago. No one ever wants to go to work.

Love you too Karlei!!!