Thursday, July 20, 2006

*Sniff, sniff*

Okay, so I've been cleaning my room hoping to get rid of a lot of stuff, yeah right.
Anyway I found my yearbook from this past year, not only had I been looking for it so I could verify something, but I got an added bonus when I opened it. The addresses and contact information from EFY that I've been looking for. I really wanted to write my counslors, but couldn't cause I didn't have their addresses. Now I do yea!!!!!
Looking at the addresses made me think of EFY though, I really want to go back. My family and friends are tired of my saying this cause I do almost every day, or atleast I do in my head.
Looking at my yearbook made me think of the seniors who left this year and how I probly won't see them again. Exept for Jeff who randomly drove by one day and gave me a ride, but that was once sooo.
I miss the seniors. I really want to go back in time but I can't so. Whatever. Don't ya just hate that.
Have the best day ever!!!


Ghebast said...

As far as missing EFY, you are not alone... I feel almost exactly the same way. Ever since I came back, I felt as if my life was missing something...

SopranoVaseOfFlowers said...

Aww....its okay can go again next year!