Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sick again?!!

So here I was going through life, everything was great. Then I got sick. Four tissue boxs and a toliet paper roll later I'm still sick. And I've found out one thing, the only thing worst than not being able to breath is how raw my nose is from all the rubbing, even with the tissues with the lotion in them. Not fun at all.
Good news is that I got to stay home from school friday, and from church today. Bad news is that I have a paper to write still for english, and a test I have to make up in chemestry. Oh joy.
For give the randomness but I'm going to jump around topics right now.
So Thursday I was have really bad pains in my abdomen area, not cramps but pains. During asl is when it hurt the most. I was trying to cover up the pain but once again Michelle read me too well. She asked I expained and she kept looking at me funny, well not funny but intesly because she was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. See she's studying to be a nurse. Anyway she was about to tell me what she thought was wrong but Natalie interupted her so she signed to Natalie for a bit got my attention, said I was going to die and continued her conversation with Nat.
I sat there shocked for a moment trying to figure out if she was kidding or not. Then she turned back to me and told me to push on the right side of my stomache area. I did and she asked if that hurt, I said no and she said that it wasn't my apendix.
I was releaved. But I thought it was funny.
A couple of days ago I asked this one guy to the Christmas dance and he replied last night saying he couldn't go. This is my first rejection for a date.... sad huh?
Well later dayz!

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