Monday, February 02, 2009

So much...

"Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others."
- Robert Louis Stevenson

So much to tell so little time....
So I pretty much have the best roomies ever! We have so much fun together. Thursday we had a sleepover out in the living room.... Two couches pushed together is not enough room for four girls. Around 1 ish Jordon moved to the floor to make more room for the rest of us, Kim however missed that memo and stayed where she was. One one couch. So for the rest of the night me and Liz were one on couch smooshed together while Kim was spread out on the other. It was not a good night sleep wise, fun wise it was awesome.
Friday morning felt like a Saturday so we finally took some TMNT pictures. I only have one on my comp right now so I'll post more later.

That night we went to Bidolph for the game night. However we only stayed for 30 minutes because we were waiting for Elysha and Sea Bass to get back from their date, then we went sledding. Which as always was amazing, painful but amazing.
This time I only went for a few runs because I took the wrong gloves and they absorbed water like nothing else and then froze so mostly I had my hands in my coat and I took pictures and videos. This one is my favorite because of Kat at the end.

Turns out that when they hit the jump Kat's shoe went with Liz instead of staying with Kat. Oh and this was Kat's first time going sledding because she's from South Carolina. She had a blast. And the chick at the beginning talking? Yeah that's Kim, my roommate.
That night we had another sleep over in the living room. Don't worry we were smart this time and brought our mattresses out to sleep on. We woke up late on Saturday, sadly missing our kickboxing class. Basically we nothing the whole day... That is until Liz got back from IF with Deb. We watch the Truman Show and then Liz got the weirdest idea to have a pillow bumping fight..... It was random but fun.
Then around 9 pm we got a call from Kat saying that we should go to a hip hop dance. So we did. It was so much fun! I called sea bass and this is basically what I said to him:
"Don't ask questions. Meet us at the MC, bring as many people as you can and bring a dollar for each of them" That was Liz's Idea.
It turned out to be only him and Han but it was way fun. Afterwards we went to Micky D's with a bunch of Liz's friends we met at the dance. That was also a ton of fun. We even made it back for curfew.
Sunday we went to a Break the Fast with our relief society. It was so fun to talk to the girls in a relaxed setting.
Then the boys, Sea Bass and Han, came over to watch a tv show called Wipeout with Me, Liz, Kim, Jordon, Megan and Elysha. It was a lot of fun.
Oh and I'm on a volleyball team with Elysha, Liz, Maria, Kristy, Elisa, me and Breena. We might have not won any games yet but we have tons of fun, even if I always hurt myself somehow. Ha ha.
Well gotta blaze!!