Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ain't it funny how you can watch a movie when you're younger and hate it, but when you're older you like it?
It hasn't been but two years since I first saw the commercials for a movie series, I'm not going to say which one cause you'll think I'm dorky, and I thought it looked like the stupidest, mushiest thing alive. Then tonight I got pulled into watching all three movies in the series so far and found them absolutly cute, though it did bug me that between the second and the third they switched the actress that plays Misty... but oh well.
So I've decided that the world's against me again. Yesterday I went to softball open field cause my friend wants me to try out again this year, and things went great until that is I got hit in the leg with a softball, that's really hard, going about 60+ mph. It didn't hurt to much at first but after a while the pain set in. Then I caught the ball goin about the same speed with my ungloved hand, and jammed my finger on a bounce ball. I had to go to work and that didn't help the swellin to much, now I've go this nasty bruise where I got hit. Oh and did I mention I'm having major cramps due to me being a girl?
Life is wonderfull. cough++ (I don't expect anyone to get that cough except thoughs in my ASL class)

Friday, October 13, 2006

more pain

the blister popped, poured vinager over it to disinfect it... more pain.
And now when ever I accedently touch it, you guessed it more pain.
Good news? My thumb stopped throbbing, and now just has an ugly bruse....
Bad news? I am never ever going to find love... or atleast I won't try and find it. Go watch Moulin Rouge you'll understand, things just turn out badly.
But that is a great movie to get you laughing, the first part anyway. I swear the writer/director was on drugs.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This stinks

Pain, so much pain!
First I burn myself with liquid sugar that is over 250 degrees hot, then I go and play vollyball and do something to the first joint in my thumb. which has started to throb.... Did I mention that the sugar was really really hot and caused a really big second degree burn on my left index finger? Which also throbs every once in a while...
I don't need to turn to cutting* the world does it for me already!!
The ice doesn't help matter much either..

*I wold never cut myself intentionaly.. Never have thought of doing it either. It just seemed like a funny comment.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's kinda funny when...

It's kinda funny when you freak people out, well not really freak em out but make em wonder if you've snapped and gone all depressed.
I just had an emotional break-down in ASL 3 the other day.
Let me give you the reasons: 1) My art teacher is being an idiot and causing me to overstress on my concentration projects, 2) my mother is putting stress on me to quit work, 3) work, 4) I had to go to a friends suprise birthday party right after work, I mean right after work, 5) I had a headache from the moment I woke up that morning, and 6) did I mention art?
So this is what happened, I went to school, had math and chemestry then went to ASL had a test, which also stressed me out because I think I should have gotten a zero on the signing part but my teacher gave me a perfect score, after the test I sat on the desk behind me and put my head on my knees, thinking it would help with my headache. Then a little voice in my head started to think about art, and telling me that I suck at it and that I should reconsider my choice of being an artist because no one would buy my work, and I started to cry. NOT racking sobs so everyone would know but those tears that come of their own accord. My wonderful friend Michelle noticed and got my attention and asked me what was wrong, I of course hating to cry in front of people said I was fine and put my head back down. She didn't bug me again but started to rub my back, which helped me a lot. Then miss B. said we had to watch a video or work on our story we have to sign for the end of the year, I watched the video because I could hide my tears if I started crying again.
Michelle started talking to miss B. and I didn't want my pickles, long story I'll tell later if peoplez remind me, so I tossed them on to her desk, the one infront of mine. When she got done talking to miss B. she noticed the pickles on her desk and turned to me and said, signed, said oh whatever, "Now I know there's something wrong, you don't want pickles!" I replied that I was fine and she just rolled her eyes.
How gald I am for friends and Ipods, I walked around the school for most of lunch listening to music and would periodically go back to the commons to get more of my lunch, I would pass Michelle and she would sign something like Love ya, or are you ok? My other friends would also ask if I was ok. I told em I was fine, though I wasn't, but it's nice to know you're love, ya know?
Oh then I passed this guy that I think I might have a crush on, I kinda scowled past him and walked past while he looked suprised and I think worriedly at me. I don't know I didn't stay around long enough to really tell. That was school.
After I went home and slept, skipped work, now I think they think I'm going to quit but oh well. I did go to my friends party and I'm glad I did. I got to see some long time friends that have moved. How I miss them....
Sorry this post is so long again.
Thanks once again Michelle, you really helped.
Gotta blaze.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


So last week was Homecoming. I was super stoked for it, my co-worker can testify to that. I started counting down the weeks two months before the dance. Anyway I was getting really depressed because it was a week before the dance and still no guy had asked me! I had even started planing a pitty party for that night.
Then a week before the dance my Mom gets a phone call. This is pretty much all I could hear.
Boy:Gurgle gurgle
Mom: Yes this is she
Boy: Gurgle gurgle Kanani
Mom: Yes... How do you know this person?
By this point my sister and I are looking at each other trying to find out if my Mom has a stalker or if it's really about me.
Then my mom gets out of the car and walks around the house so we can't listen in any more.
K lah then starts freaking out because she's figured out that it's probably a guy asking if it's okay to take me to Homecoming. There is much celebration on my part. For the next day I watch my house like a hawk to see if he drops anything asking me to Homecoming.... nothing.
Monday comes and I go to earlymorning semenary. I barely sit down in my seat when my friend comes in with some balloons and a piece of paper, she smiles then leaves. I look at the paper and it says this: "I would explode with joy if you went to Homecoming with me."
I am super stoked for the rest of the day.
After school I go to the bakery where I work and get doughnuts to reply to my date. My co-workers see me and ask what am I doing. I tell and one wants to do my hair and makeup. I agree and then I leave.
The next day I go into his semenary class and drop off the doughnuts with a note saying: "When going to Homecoming with you is such a treat, my only answer can be yes."
I think this gave him the wrong impression. He calls me that night to get to know me before our date. He has to go so he hangs up. Two minutes later he calls back, I don't answer. That's mean I know but I didn't know what to do. The next day he repeats this. And the next day too. Pretty much up till Saturday he called me.
Anyway, Friday my co-worker comes over to play with my hair so she'll know what to expect the next day. She plucked my eyebrows too. Do you know how much that hurts?!
Anyway next day, I get earings from my neighbor, go shoe shopping and go to the bakery to get my co-worker who is utterly confuesed as how to get to my house... Mwhahahaha.
She does my hair beautifuly in thirty minutes and then leaves my house. My sister does my makeup. I call the friend that I got the earings from because I forgot to get the matching necklace. She doesn't answer so I go upstairs to play BattleGrounds, I have plenty of time right?
I finish kicking some Empire butt so I decided to call her again, on the way to the phone I see her and my other friend coming so I open the door for them. Both of their jaws dropped upoun seeing me. They rave at how cute I look and then we start to freak out, well I did, a the realization that I only have thirty minutes to get into my dress paint my nails so they match my dress and have time to breath before my date gets there.
So we finish with plenty of time, around ten minutes, so I go downstairs to show my dad the finished product and all of a sudden I hear "KANANI! HE'S HERE!" I freak out and run upstairs, meeting my two friends in the hall so I won't be in the room when he comes in. My mom calls for me when he's in the main living room so I walk out. "Wow" no kidding that's the first thing he said to me, Wow. I can totally hear my friends in the hall and look over my shoulder and see them poking their heads around the corner, I roll my eyes and pin the botanier(sp?) thingy on him and leave. We get into his sister's convertable and drive off, with my friends waving frantikly at me from the window.
Very little small talk in the car and we arrive at the resteraunt. Waiting for us was our group, full of people I have prior issues with. We make it through dinner and go to the dance. Which was fun except for the fact that my date didn't talk to me very much but apparently he had a magical time, according to what he told his semenary class the next day.
I got the account three times seeing as I have three friends in his class.
It was fun but not magical.
Sorry this post is so long.
Laterz, gotta blaze.