Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is What Weekends are For!

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. C. S. Lewis

One of my wonderful friends had a birthday this past week and was having a party on Friday to celebrate. I had wanted to go down to homecity to attend but didn't have a ride. Then the stars alined and a ride appeared!! It was amazing, this ride was leaving after 5 on Friday. That never happens! This is one of those little miracles that happen in life because I work until 5 every day. Obviously Heavenly Father knew I needed to get out of the Burg and visit my awesome friends.

After much horrible construction traffic in homestate I made it to my house. I dropped off Mum, she had picked me up where my ride dropped me off, and closely following the speed limit I made it to the last 5 minutes of Writer's party. It was actually almost perfect. She was standing at her club house's glass door saying goodbye to some people and I popped into the light. The look on her face was wonderful!! Then Mal and Kwistin saw me. Their reactions were pretty good too. It was much needed love all around.

After chatting and taking pictures for a little bit, I took Kwistin home. Don’t give me that funny look! We did go home, we just took a side trip to see her boy. As we were driving across town we got to talk and catch up. It was great. When we got to Trainer’s apartment Kwistin called him and had him come out onto his balcony. I have always wanted to do this with someone! Of course I always imagined it was me getting called by a boy but this is close enough!

Trainer then came down and we spent a good hour just talking. It was awesome. I kind of miss random adventures with friends late at night. Heck, I miss random adventures with friends. But that is what this semester has been about, rebuilding.

Driving back across town Kwistin and I filled the car with laughs and jokes. Just filling each other in on what has happened since we said goodbye in September.

The next day I went to Farmington with Writer to help her out with a book signing/charity carnival. After that was done we met up with Trainer and his little brother at the Gateway to support Kwistin. She was painting on Tom’s shoes that afternoon as an event put on by Tom’s. Did I mention she’s an amazing artist? After Kwistin was done painting we went to Chili’s and had even more of a blast, even though all of us were super tired.

When we got back home Trainer and Kwistin came over to my house to chill just a little bit longer, though I’m sure all of us were falling asleep on my porch

The next morning I went over to my wonderful sister’s house to have breakfast. I love visiting with her and my cute little nieces. Favorite and Jedi are getting so huge! Sometimes I can’t believe that so much time has past since they were born. I love hanging out with them. I was truly sad when I had to leave so I could make it to church...which I ended up being late for since I got the time wrong anyway.

After church Mum and Da drove me back to IKEA so I could meet my ride. I love talking with my parents. I just plain love them.

The ride back up was lots of fun. The girls I rode with are energetic and crazy, the kind of people I love hanging out with back home. You know who you are =}. Not only that but there was a rain/lighting storm passing over us between Malad and the Burg. We got some awesome lightning strikes in the distance.

When we got back to the Burg I dropped my stuff off at my apartment, ate something and then headed to stadium singing. I love stadium singing. I have gone every week this semester and it has been a huge blessing.

All in all this weekend was amazing. And it was one that I really, really needed. Not to get out of the Burg but to know that I really do have true friends down in homecity that care about me and miss me when I’m gone. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Well gotta blaze!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." -Frank Lloyd Wright

As stated in previous posts, I love music. I love finding bands that know the words that are in my heart that I can't say. Way back when I went to the Secondhand Serenade concert a band called Parachute opened for them. I forgot about them until this summer when I recently decided I needed to revamp my music tastes. I was leaning way to much towards My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, and the like. I have been hopping between Barlow Girl and SuperChick, which are both Christian rock bands I'm pretty sure. Then today I remembered that Parachute came out with a new single during the Summer and a DJ that I like said she really wished more bands would play the upbeat music Parachute does. "Well I'm looking for upbeat music" I thought to myself, so I checked them out again.

I am so glad I did! I've been listening to them all day today. They make my soul happy. So far I haven't found one song that leaves me with a dark feeling. It's great! Why can't more bands be this good and make you feel this good?

Anyways this might not be the last of the random posts I do. I have a lot of things rolling around in the old noggin right now. You would be surprised how much boy drama can be found when one is not looking for it.

Well, enjoy the music!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"I belong to the

Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!" I bet if you know that song you sang it in your head =} Last week was General Conference and I loved it! This was one of the best conferences that I remember. I got a lot of of answers to a question that I've had for the past few months. I am truly grateful to be part of this Church and having the knowledge that God speaks to us in this day and age.

I was slightly disappointed that I wasn't able to go to Llama's house to watch it but it turned out to be a better option that I stayed in the Burg. I got to hang out with Gaxor and Anarion almost all of the weekend. I even helped Gaxor build an Xbox. Well kinda. Georgia Boy's Xbox was literally fried on the inside. Like the motherboard was burned and a fuse or two was blown out. We tried to compile the parts from that and another Xbox but it was futile.

Anyway back to General Conference. I absolutely loved it. I was able to really get into the spirit of learning and not only that but they announced a second temple in Provo!!!! This is the first time there has been two temples in one city. But since the current Provo temple is so overwhelmed with patrons they are building a new one! Not only that they are using the shell of the burned tabernacle! I am sad that it won't continue to be the tabernacle. I have so many memories of sitting on the balcony, front row, almost perpendicular to the speakers, listing to them. More likely goofing off or just plain not paying attention, but who can blame me? I was 17 or under...Okay so I payed attention after I was like 12, but you get the idea. Cherished memories, but I'm excited to make new ones in the temple!

Lame sauce, the picture of the design of the temple won't load. I'll try again later.

Well that's pretty much it! God loves us and the church is true