Friday, February 04, 2011


I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings.
Gustave Flaubert

So I promise the post about Thanksgiving is coming. I really am working on it, but for now you get to hear the fun adventures of roommates.

So far the semester has been good with roommates, or that's what Gryff and I had thought.
We have had Lock for a semester and really liked her, she even started calling us family. Though she spent a lot of time in her room or out of the apartment. A real study a holic. Our new roommate Graph, is an interesting personality. She also spent lots of time in her room. Whatever I don't care, she seemed shy and that's just how some people roll.

Then last Monday, all of the girls in the apartment got an e-mail from the manager saying a problem had been brought to their attention and we were going to have a meeting about it.
I showed Gryff because I thought it was about me, either about how Graph didn't like me or about Georgia and I. She thought the whole thing was ridiculous and went and knocked on Graph's door to try to figure it out. Graph came out very defensive and Lock came out of her door and the offensive. Both started to use loud voices and that made Gryff even more frustrated, first being so at the fact that noone talked to us, so she started to be loud too. Turns out the problem was with Gryff and not me. I went out to try to calm everyone down and said, "Why don't we all calm down." while stepping in between everyone and making a circle. Then Lock said, "Why don't you tell that to Gryff." Almost yelling at me. At that point Gryff threw her hands up in the air and went for a drive. I tried to listen to the other two to see what was wrong but they talked themselves in circles. So I went after Gryff. I didn't take keys or coat with me because I figured I'd be right back.
I got Gryff to come back and pick me up. We went on a drive and in the mean time got a call from the managers. Gryff was told she couldn't go back to the apartment without talking to the managers first. So we were trying to decide where she should stay. I in the mean time was kinda cold because Gryff's car doesnt have that great of heating. So we stopped by the complex so I could grab a jacket and my wallet, just in case we decided to stay in a hotel. We thought of this because she didn't want to involve any of our neighbors and we, well I, didn't want to wake up Llama in IF. It was 11 at night by this point.
But lo and behold when I got back to the apartment I was locked out. I'm not mad at that point I'm mad that when I knocked no one answered.
I knocked hard enough that the neighbors opened their door thinking it was for them. When no one answered I knocked again and backed away from the door so I could see the second floor.
Lock looked out her window and I waved. She then proceeded to withdraw from the window and closed her blinds. Meanwhile I am standing in Burg wind and cold without a jacket, freezing because it could very well have been below 0. I finally broke in threw the window, grabbed my jacket, wallet and spare key and left again. I rejoined Gryff in the car and told her to drive to the Super 8, because obviously the roommates didn't want me there.
We checked in and went to move Gryff's car out of the main car port, and guess what? It had died. Like it would not turn over at all. Great, we talked to the hotel and they said we might get a ticket from the fire marshal. I didn't really give a crap so we just went to our room. Which happened to be the same room my mom had been in the day before.
The next morning I had to go back to the apartment to get ready for work. Luckily the car started up. I felt like an intruder sneaking around so I wouldn't have to face my roommates. It was my own apartment and I felt like a thief! What the heck! I left everything out of my room as I found and left for work. Mom called at work and wanted me to go see the Housing department to see what I should do. I was opposed. Then my co-workers found out, lets just say I wasn't in the best state emotionally. Pat took me over to the honor office and had me talk to someone there. Mom called again and said that she rented the room for another night just in case. I did end up talking to the housing office, and found out Graph wasn't even supposed to be living there. She has graduated and once you are graduated you are supposed to leave.
I also was told that I had at least three houses to go to if I needed them, I love my co-workers.
That day I was supposed to go to Avalanche class and go on a field trip, but I wasn't feeling to well and it was below 0. I chilled with Nannette most of the day and talked about what we were going to do that night. We decided that the way of silence would be better than anything so that is what we did.
That night was so interesting.
Our managers came over and had all four of us try to talk. Lock and Graph once again just talked in circles and wouldn't answer the questions that the managers were asking. The managers asked if I had anything to say, and I broke the way of silence. I just asked Lock why she didn't open the door.

(this part is really kind of biased, just so you know)

She looked straight at me and gave me a smirk and said "The rule was that Gryff wasn't allowed back."
"I was alone, Gryff was in the car."
The smirk instantly disappeared and the story changed, "Oh, I didn't see you. I guess even though you waved at me."
REally?! That's your excuse? I was standing in the light!!!
Gryff did a lot better at being silent than I did. When the managers asked if she had anything to add she said not at this time. Lock went off on how Gryff not contributing that the problem would just come back and worse later. Gryff's response was the best ever.
"Silence never solves anything does it?"
It took all I had not to laugh
Oh and you want to know the problem that caused all of this? Both felt uncomfortable because Gryff asked questions. Apparently you are only supposed to stick to questions like "What's your major, where are you from?" Not asking why someone has a lock on their door, or what kind of guys they like. Seriously people?! Oh and apparently Graph was upset that Gryff threw away an empty box of pudding and left the two cups in the freezer. Even though Graph rearranges our stuff all of the time.
Oh and when I suggested apartment prayer this was Lock's response "I love to pray, I mean I love prayer, but we tried it last semester and it didn't work."
"That's because we didn't do it consistently."
"Yeah, we did, and it didn't work."
The truth is, at the beginning we did do it every night but that lasted about three weeks. There are 14 in the semester. Yeah, we did it real consistently. Excuse the sarcasm.
The only way the girls wanted to work it out, and after much prompting from the managers for a solution ( and yes Lock and Graph didn't give any), was for Gryff to move out. Yes, she has been living here for over a year and a half, was here first, and I asked to room with her, but that didn't matter. She's gone. She moved next door. Though the girls next door are a lot better than this apartment.
I was an emotional wreck during all of this. Luckily Georgia is the best boyfriend ever and let me cry on his shoulder... almost every day during that week, and some the week before for other reasons. That poor boy.

Now I feel like I can't do anything in my apartment. I feel to afraid to offend them. Though I am kinda getting over that. They will just have to realize that Gryff kept some of my more annoying habits under control, like blasting music all of the time. Oops, that's a personal flaw. All I have to say is they can't kick two of us out without the managers realizing it's their problem.

Oh and there was a total line of authority that was skipped. First it should have gone to roommates, then Relief Society president (oh hey that's me!), then the Bishop, then and only on the Bishop's recommendation, should it have gone to the managers.

This whole thing really made me want to get married just so I don't have to deal with girls for a really long time. Isn't that sad?