Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ain't it funny how you can watch a movie when you're younger and hate it, but when you're older you like it?
It hasn't been but two years since I first saw the commercials for a movie series, I'm not going to say which one cause you'll think I'm dorky, and I thought it looked like the stupidest, mushiest thing alive. Then tonight I got pulled into watching all three movies in the series so far and found them absolutly cute, though it did bug me that between the second and the third they switched the actress that plays Misty... but oh well.
So I've decided that the world's against me again. Yesterday I went to softball open field cause my friend wants me to try out again this year, and things went great until that is I got hit in the leg with a softball, that's really hard, going about 60+ mph. It didn't hurt to much at first but after a while the pain set in. Then I caught the ball goin about the same speed with my ungloved hand, and jammed my finger on a bounce ball. I had to go to work and that didn't help the swellin to much, now I've go this nasty bruise where I got hit. Oh and did I mention I'm having major cramps due to me being a girl?
Life is wonderfull. cough++ (I don't expect anyone to get that cough except thoughs in my ASL class)

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