Sunday, December 09, 2007


So remember last post I said I was talking to students in Palistine? And how I was freaked out I was going to say something that would spark something? Well guess what? My teacher told us we are now going to be writing letters in Arabic to students in Iraq. Like I wasn't scared enough before.
Anyway life is okay. I think I patched up a friendship with Kay.... kinda. But now I know when she's giving me a lie. I don't know which was better, believing her and finding out later it was total bull or knowing right away it was bull. Tough cunundrum huh?
Wow that's a hard word to spell, and I didn't even do it right.
So I've decided that I hate waiting. I applied to several schools and they are taking forever to get back to me. It's awful. People tell me it's good that they haven't rejected me yet so their is still hope but I hate waiting. For people too.
Silent weekend was a bust for those who care. Something I love got in the way, snow. Atleast a hot fedex guy saved us.