Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gone With The Wind

THAT MOVIE HAS THE MOST STUPIDIST ENDING EVER!!! I watched it for the first time today because of a History assignment and that's all I have to say.
You're husband just left you because you've just realized after upteen years of being in "love" with a married guy you don't really love him and all you can say is Tomorrow is another day??!!! What kinda of messed up writer would even end with that line anyway? End at that point in the story? I need closure! Something that tells me that Scarlett and Rhett get back together. There's a baby involved man!!! Well maybe, I couldn't tell if the baby lived through the fall or not.
But Rhett has to be the stupidest guy on the planet! One for marriing Scarlett and two for leaving her!! I mean you could totally tell by the look on her face several times that she was really in love with the man. Plus she goes running after him to tell him that she really loves him and not Ashley. And she does it after running through the fog, which she dreamed and she found Rhett!( which sounds like it, which is what she was looking for in her dream. Rhett and it sound sorta the same! Rhett, it.... got it?)
And he still leaves her because he's egotistical and is like You still love Ashley and I'm finished in trying to win you're affection. Kay point one: She JUST told you she loves you and not Ashley!! Hello that's what that whole scene we just watched was about!! Second point: You have her affection!! Come on man!! You had a daughter with her and were going to have a second child!!! You have her affection!!! Plus she just told you she loved you!!
Can you tell I'm a little involved with the story?
Conversation between me and my friend.
Me talking about going in during lunch next friday to watch last of the movie in history: We should go in just for the ending and then say something about how STUPID that ending was.
Friend: Yeah that was the stupidest thing ever!
Me: No wait there was that one movie... No, no. Gone with the wind was worse!
Friend: How bout that one movie.. No you're right Gone With The Wind was way worse!
Me: I know one movie that had a worse ending! Gone With The Wind! Oh wait, that's what we're talking about!!!

So now a few hours later, I can't get Gone With The Wind out of my head. Closure is very much needed in my brain. Just to make my brain get to better things like, when the crap will Luke and Mara Jade get past their stupid, I hate her, I hate him thing and get freakin *married?!!!
Okay so maybe that isn't better but whatever. Closure is needed on both subjects! And on the Josh thing but I'm not telling about that one!

*Note: Yes, I know they get married and even have a son together but I haven't gotten that far in the books

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Ceska said...

The first time I saw Gone With The WInd when I was six I fell in love!!! This movie is awesome!!! Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable take my breath away every time I watch this movie!!! This flim is a abosolute MASTERPEICE!!! It will alawys be my favorite and it touches me and makes my heart menlt like chocolate everytime I see it!!! Vivien is a AWESOME Scarlett O'Hara!!! They knew what they where doing when they chose her!!!