Monday, November 06, 2006

Today I went to the store to get more rassberries because I found out in foods I really like them. Anyway, as I was walking to my car the car next to mine pulled out and then pulled back in. I found it a little strange so I glanced that way, and a was shocked!! Micah's little brother had guided the car in and his mom was in the driver's seat. I quickly scanned the car but didn't see him. Now the only reason I got excited is because I want to run an experiment. I haven't seen Micah for a while and after what I think happened I don't think I will again. I really want to know if I'm over him, I thought that I was and then EFY happened. So I really just want it over with.
The second reason I went to the store is so I see my friend that worked there. That failed, I didn't see her. I really wanted to thank her in person for the advice she gave me last night over IM. And to asure her I don't dwell on all the negative in my life... most of the time.
Oh guess who's against me again. Come on guess, I'm sure you can get it. Come on it's really easy to answer.
Yep that's right the world. Very early this morning, around 6:45, I went down my stairs, in a really painful way. I guess that I slipped on some swimming shorts and then procceded to land on my bum and bounce down that way. Did I also mention somehow I hurt the sole of my right foot? Oh that's another thing, everyone likes hurting the right side of my body. Guess what butt check I landed on. Yep that's right, the right.

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