Wednesday, October 31, 2007


"Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly"

So I'm happy to report that the dance was amazing!!!
For the day date we took our dates to a pumpkin patch and told them to find a pumpkin. We didn't tell them why till after they were bought and we were at a church parking lot.
Then we told em that we were to go bowling.. with the pumpkins. Some were kinda lumpy so they rolled funny but we had a blast doing it!
That is till one group's split open and we all started to smash ours on the tarp. Though that was pretty fun too.

We then dropped off the boys and got ready for the actual dance and dinner. I picked up my people( my date and another couple) and went to the house we were to have dinner at. Only we were the first ones there. We thought it would be awkward to go in without our friend being there so we drove around the block multiple times. For ten minutes or so. But everyone finally showed up so we had dinner, managed to have a small food fight too.
Then it was off to the dance and after that we played fugitive.
I would like to report that for it being the first time I was one of the fugitives my date and I won in under 20 minutes. Running a mile is no easy cake walk believe you me.

Anyway last night I helped one of my friends get ready for Halloween. How you ask, by tatooing her of course!! We did some pretty wicked tatoos but sadly when she came to school today some were kinda wiped off. I had worked so hard on that barcode too.
I only did three, the barcode, a chain on her arm, and the flames on her arm. My other friend did her neck, the one on her lower arm, the japanese symbol, the I heart you on one ear, and stars on the other.
All in all it was a fun night.

Monday, October 15, 2007


" Be your own fan first, before you are anyone elses. "
~ Sly fox ( StoryWrite Member )

OKay so remember how my sister got married back in the begging of July? I finally got the pictures off of my camera. The reason it took so long was because I lost the cable to connect my compy and camera but I got this cool gadget that lets me get my pictures. Wahoo!
so here are some of those pictures!

I still have no idea who did that to their car. *cough cough*

Anyway Halloween dance is a go. I asked... twice. THe first guy was already going and the second guy probably won't answer till the day before, oh joy.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A club constitution.

"If I only touch one heart in this life, then I have achieved my life's goal "
~ Heavenly Angel ( All Poetry Member )

I had to write a club constitution, I decided that I should not write when I'm tired.....

We the people of American Sign Language club, to form better conversational skills in sign language, will meet once a month, on Wednesdays, in the room of B2-23 to practice with others who wish to improve as well.
The members will fund some of the activities with the help of the school.
We the people also promise to obey all laws and bylaws presented and given to us by the school and administration.
We will also give service that is not beneficial to one person only, but to a group that is truly in need.

Monday, October 01, 2007


"Chaos is the score upon which reality is written."
Henry Miller
Life is good? I say this because life is good but also really bad. If that makes any sense whatsoever.
It's good because I'm close to getting my 4.0 i've been dreaming of since freshmen year, friends no longer want to kill eachother and I went to two rocking, very different birthday parties over the weekend. Life is good no?
Then saturday morning I got a phone call,
"Hey, did I wake you up?" (the time being 9:30ish)
"No, what's up?"
Silence..... at first I thought it was my phone being it's stupid self and losing the connection, then I heard the sniffs.
"Kay? Kay what's wrong?" I started to freak, Kay is not the person that falls apart easily.
"My grandpa, he's dead." At first I was relieved that she wasn't hurt or someone wasn't robbing her house.
For the next little bit I talked to her while she choked on tears. She was confused why she was crying because, believe me, we both knew it was better he died. That sounds harsh but he was abusive to his wife and he was a drunk, so much so that he had boils all over his body from drinking or something like that. So we talked it over a little bit and she wanted to get ready for the day so we hung up.
A few hours later I went to the local Wal-Mart, my mother had a gift card and I had no cash, so I could buy her something to cheer her up. I found a cute lovable pig that was soft and easy to squeeze, perfect. So I took it over to her and spent some time talking about other things to take her mind off of the death. (oh we named the pig Sir Plushie).
Anyway that's basically it for now