Thursday, December 14, 2006

I actually helped someone

Today I was on my way to math class, about two feet from the door actually, and I saw one of my friends down the hall so I yelled her name and waved. She waved back and I went into my class, sat ontop of my desk and started to read another friends paper. Next thing I knew the friend from the hall, I shall call her Kay for now, was standing in front of me. We exchange greetings and then she tells me something that I found really touching.
See Kay has a eating disorder, she doesn't like to eat, and she wants it kept on the DL so that's why I'm not using her name. Her family knows and she's getting professional help. But this is not the part that touched me. She started to talk about how she wanted to go back to her old way, throwing up food*, but then she thought "What would Kanani want me to do? What would she do?" And needless to say she stuck to her new plan of not throwing up. I gave her a huge hug and told her how proud I was of her.
We then talked a little bit about how the choir teacher is driving the kids in choir to exhaustion and I shooed her off to her class so she wouldn't be late.
I was very happy for most of the day because of that.

*This is what I gather is happening, I don't really know though because she hasn't come out right and told me. So I might be wrong.

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