Thursday, November 22, 2007


So I'm in Arabic right? Right. At the begining of the year my teacher said that we would be writing to Palastiniean( that is a very hard spelling) students, in arabic. I thought it would be no problem you know. and then she threw us a curve ball. No longer will we be writing, we never did, but shall be sending video e-mails to them.... Jigga what?
Apparently Washington D.C., how cool is that, decided it would be better to send videos rather than letters. Apparently it is easier to sensor things in video format.
Now not only do i have to know what I'm saying I have to speak well and not look like a total idiot. Well that worked but I sound like an idiot. The video went up on the website the other day and I can totally hear my voice warbling! So not cool. Not to mention every oneelses videos look really cool or have interesting props while all I have is a small ink drawing I did two days before while bored in Creative writing.

I just hope I don't say anything to cause a bigger war.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

That time again!!

The time for Powderpuff once again rolled around. This year there was much enthusiasm from the seniors because we kicked trash last year. However there was much um... how to put this... restriction from the higher up people because they didn't want a repeat of last year with all the injuries.
Oh well it happened and seniors kicked trash!!!! Not as much as last year becuase the juniors were also well coached this year so it wasn't a smash em up game. Though you wouldn't know that by looking at my knee.

That's one big grass stain with several others around it. I tend to end up on the ground in any sport I play.
i did wicked awsome though. I blocked a pass, the ball bounce off of my hand and into one of our player's hands. I also did some hard rushing making their QB mess up passes and I made it so other girls could pull some flags.
Sadly we only scored once but really it should have been more but the refs were being stupid. Luckily we always stopped the juniors from scoring the 3 times they got near the goal. Wahoo!!

Oh and there were no serious injuries like last year, and it was the juniors getting ticked off too.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Just to say...

I oppose a certain relationship in the group.
I think it's going to end badly either before the end of January or when graduation roles around when one of the people stays in high school and the other goes to college.

Just wanted to say that so that I won't have to say told ya so to the person. And if the person even reads this I support you just know I don't want you to get hurt.....