Monday, June 30, 2008


The Israel trip is back on, the snag? We have to sign forms that say if we die it's our fault because we knew the risk. Wahoo.
I'm really nervous to go over, not because of the risk, but because it's been what, two months since school got out. Guess where my arabic went. Some place I have no idea how to get it back. Fun fun.
I get to go to cali with my mom and dad for the fourth. My uncle has a condo/beach house thingy so it should be fun. Plus the beach is just across the street so lots of time will be spent there.
Oh and go look at the pictures my teacher posted on the provo high blogs(see links on right hand side of blog), they're pretty cool. Notice how in every picture I'm in of the arabic ones I'm doing something with my hand. It's because I take asl I tell you! Oh and the mock trial pictures of the asl ones, I took those as a dutiful ta should. Oh the first three pictures and some after that was my class. It was small, only 9 people by the end of they year. But we had tons of fun.
So this is random but, I figured I took 6 years of my asl teacher though she's only been at phs for three. 3 years of ASl, two of being a TA and one of arabic. Nuts huh?

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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Summer

"Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work he is supposed to be doing at the moment."
--Robert Benchley
So school got out and I thought it would be great. Well I was wrong, as usual. The Trip to New York, instead of Israel, was fun but it was only a week. So far this summer has been pretty boring. Hols is gone again this week, Jan is gone too, and Kay? Well let's just say we aren't talking because I think she's being stupid with boys.... oh yeah my earlier prediction was right. But she's right back at it, again.
Saturday was fun though. Hols got back from her cruise and we, me and her, went for ice cream and shopped for a present for her roommate this week for BYU scholars. That was fun because we talked in an Australian accent for most of the night. Don't ask me how it got started.
On a total saparate note boys are funny. I won't eleberate right now but they just are.

Oh and I guess my summer isn't a total waste, I've been hanging out with my sister and favorite niece. It's been way fun.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Friday, June 06, 2008


"Filling a bookcase is like gathering a social circle."
- May Lamberton Becker
Lets start with the good news shall we? I graduated, wahoo, and am now getting ready to go to college in July. I got my new laptop another wahoo!! I also got with it a free nano ipod. Sweet no? I also get to go east for the first time in my life. The bad news with that is my trip to Israel is cancelled. We are not sure if it is just postponed or forever cancelled we just know I'm not leaving on Sunday. But I am leaving Monday for the east, a fun trip with my mom and dad before I leave. I just wish I could go to Israel, I went to a two day culture and language class to prepare to go and it was so much fun. Our teacher was from Morocco and she was hilarious. Professor Belnap, the professor in charge of the arabic program, was there the first day and he told my parents he was impressed with me. That made me really confident that I could survive for three weeks in Israel.
My birthday was a blast, I had a family dinner that I feel kinda bad about because I spent most of it with my three friends but I had tons of fun and I still got to see family so...
So I have dubbed one of my friends with the nickname of Mena. Why? Because my older sister had a friend of that name who flirted with all the guys and all the guys had a crush on her. And that equals my friend perfectly. She is all over this one guy when he's around even though she tells me repeatedly she doesn't like him and then when he's gone she's flirting with all the other boys. Yuck.
Oh well, I'm just glad I'm not like that.
Gotta blaze