Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Party and Christmas

The Saturday before Christmas I had a party. A very hastily thrown together party. Guests where told about a week before, some three days before, oops. Any way I cleaned my room, or floor as to clarify that I have a whole level to myself, cleaned the living room and waited for the guests to arrive. It started at noon and I was ready at eleven. Why wasn't anyone coming early? I had said noonish to everyone.... grrrrr.
So noon rolled around and Nat arrived. I eagerly opened the door and invited her in. When she saw my piano she instantly started to play, I had no idea she could play.
Thirty minutes went by and I got a phone call from Mitch asking me what my address was. I told her and was kinda confused, she'd been to my house before, why did she need the address, then Nat yelled to look for Mitch to look for her, Nat's, car. I relaid the message and hung up. A few minutes later Mitch had arrived.
Mitch came in gave Nat and me presents and we talked for a while. She then walked over to my piano and started to play, why did I not know that either of them could play? grrrrr.
My mom came out with food and drinks and I learned something about Mitch, never give her carbination unless you are ready for her to be really really hyper. Which she was for the next two hours. Em showed up sometime later and we played Settlers, which I've learned can be really hard to explain when two people are really hyper. But now we have something to say to eachother when we see eachother at school, "Baaa!" Don't ask unless you want to be really confused. We also made gram cracker houses which was tons of fun, though I think we did that before we played settlers because by then all of us were semi to really hyper of the sugar.
Mitch left because she had to go to work and I got a call from Kay asking me if the party was still going, I said yes and she replied that she'd be right over.
Nat also left because she had to go to her sister's birthday party thingy.
That left me and Em for a while, but then Kay showed up and that was good. We played four king stud, a fun game for girls, with some interesting results. We also lisnted to music from my Ipod and Spectacular came on from Moulin Rouge. They said they had never seen it so we trecked up stairs to my room and watched the scene of Spectacular. We also watched several other scenes and I'm sure they wanted to watch all of it but we didn't have the time, or so I thought.
We went back downstairs to have cake and sat around the table to talk. We talked about a lot of things and I have never seen Kay that riled up before.
We then returned to the living room and talked. Everyone had to leave at eight so that's when the party ended.
I was so drained afterwards, eight hours of being a hostess and being hyper, it was like girls camp all over again.
The only person who didn't come who was invited was Kate. Everytime the door bell rang I expected it to be her. But she had family obligations so it was okay. But she did come over the next day to give me my presant and we talked for a little bit. So it kinda made up for her not coming.
Two days later it was Christmas, sister's and brother came. Opened presants and played games. I had a really bad reaction to my hoodie being covered in cat hair and was out with a headache for most of the day. Around seven I went upstairs to take a shower and after that I ended up in bed asleep. didnt even get to say goodbye to k lah who went to Mexico to build houses for a couple of weeks. I'm sure my brother made some comments about me not partisipating in the games but he always does, so I guess it shouldn't bother me.
Anyway sorry this post was so long
Gotta blaze.

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