Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gone With The Wind

THAT MOVIE HAS THE MOST STUPIDIST ENDING EVER!!! I watched it for the first time today because of a History assignment and that's all I have to say.
You're husband just left you because you've just realized after upteen years of being in "love" with a married guy you don't really love him and all you can say is Tomorrow is another day??!!! What kinda of messed up writer would even end with that line anyway? End at that point in the story? I need closure! Something that tells me that Scarlett and Rhett get back together. There's a baby involved man!!! Well maybe, I couldn't tell if the baby lived through the fall or not.
But Rhett has to be the stupidest guy on the planet! One for marriing Scarlett and two for leaving her!! I mean you could totally tell by the look on her face several times that she was really in love with the man. Plus she goes running after him to tell him that she really loves him and not Ashley. And she does it after running through the fog, which she dreamed and she found Rhett!( which sounds like it, which is what she was looking for in her dream. Rhett and it sound sorta the same! Rhett, it.... got it?)
And he still leaves her because he's egotistical and is like You still love Ashley and I'm finished in trying to win you're affection. Kay point one: She JUST told you she loves you and not Ashley!! Hello that's what that whole scene we just watched was about!! Second point: You have her affection!! Come on man!! You had a daughter with her and were going to have a second child!!! You have her affection!!! Plus she just told you she loved you!!
Can you tell I'm a little involved with the story?
Conversation between me and my friend.
Me talking about going in during lunch next friday to watch last of the movie in history: We should go in just for the ending and then say something about how STUPID that ending was.
Friend: Yeah that was the stupidest thing ever!
Me: No wait there was that one movie... No, no. Gone with the wind was worse!
Friend: How bout that one movie.. No you're right Gone With The Wind was way worse!
Me: I know one movie that had a worse ending! Gone With The Wind! Oh wait, that's what we're talking about!!!

So now a few hours later, I can't get Gone With The Wind out of my head. Closure is very much needed in my brain. Just to make my brain get to better things like, when the crap will Luke and Mara Jade get past their stupid, I hate her, I hate him thing and get freakin *married?!!!
Okay so maybe that isn't better but whatever. Closure is needed on both subjects! And on the Josh thing but I'm not telling about that one!

*Note: Yes, I know they get married and even have a son together but I haven't gotten that far in the books

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guess that sport!!

Alright I'm going to list off injuries that were recieved tonight and see if you can guess what team sport it is!
A split eyebrow
Choking(happened to me)
hair pulling(also happened to me)
Bashed heads
Hurt... um... womenhood.
Kicked shins
Jaws were popped
Arms almost snapped
Chins elbowed
And a whole lot of other BS out there.
Now guess what sport this was.....
Can't? To tough?
Let me tell ya then. Flag football. Now let me put stress on one word, FLAG. Meaning no tackling, no contact.
Tell that to the pissed off seniors. So every year the junior girls play against the senior girls. Seniors always win, they think it's their right ya know? Well not this year! We had the best team. We scored three times in the first half( we had two halfs, 20 minutes each) and boy did the seniors get mad. They started to throw elbows, knees, punches, anything to stop us. Well they didn't. They did score, once. But that didn't phase us we just did our best, played clean and beat the crap out o em!!!!
As the Juniors did a victory lap we looked at the score board and were shocked!( not really but whatever) The seniors rigged it so it said Juniors 26 Seniors 49! Iike they could have gotten that high if they wanted to! The real score? 26-6.
They're just poor sports.
Oh and the girl that choked me? The first time she caught me off guard, the second I put my head down so she couldn't get my neck. So what does she next? Pull my hair!!! So I go after her.
She yelled "What are you doing?"
I yelled "What ever happened to playing clean?'
"I'm a senior! I can do what ever I want!!"
Yeah and lose!! I didn't say that but I sure wanted to.
Anyway so she comes at me the third time and pulles my hair again, I go after her and tackle her... mwhahahahaha!!!
That is my story for tonight.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Today I went to the store to get more rassberries because I found out in foods I really like them. Anyway, as I was walking to my car the car next to mine pulled out and then pulled back in. I found it a little strange so I glanced that way, and a was shocked!! Micah's little brother had guided the car in and his mom was in the driver's seat. I quickly scanned the car but didn't see him. Now the only reason I got excited is because I want to run an experiment. I haven't seen Micah for a while and after what I think happened I don't think I will again. I really want to know if I'm over him, I thought that I was and then EFY happened. So I really just want it over with.
The second reason I went to the store is so I see my friend that worked there. That failed, I didn't see her. I really wanted to thank her in person for the advice she gave me last night over IM. And to asure her I don't dwell on all the negative in my life... most of the time.
Oh guess who's against me again. Come on guess, I'm sure you can get it. Come on it's really easy to answer.
Yep that's right the world. Very early this morning, around 6:45, I went down my stairs, in a really painful way. I guess that I slipped on some swimming shorts and then procceded to land on my bum and bounce down that way. Did I also mention somehow I hurt the sole of my right foot? Oh that's another thing, everyone likes hurting the right side of my body. Guess what butt check I landed on. Yep that's right, the right.