Monday, May 22, 2006

Driving can be... well scary

So I just got back from driving for like the 4th time on a real road. It was ok until I got to an intersection and a train blocked the way so my mom told me to go the long way. That was going great, exept for the tail gater, untill I was going on a busy road and I had to turn left to get to the road to get me to my house.
My car stalled, no big deal right? Yeah until the light turned yellow, then red and my car still didn't let me go very far until it would stall again. It took me a whole light to get from the middle of the intersection to the road to which I wished to travel. My mother then told me to pull onto the next street, and I thought she was going to take over so I got kinda angry so I angrily flipped on the turn signal and she started to yell at me to never angrily flip things. She then explained, angrily mind you, that she was just wanting to calm me down. So I angrily got out of the car and let her drive the rest of the way home, about a mile, I think.
That is my scary driving story and I hope I never have another one again.
Oh and I got the last x-men 3 ticket for the 12:00 showing. the very last one.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Thought I'd join the world of blogging so that the quarks, or however you spell that, and my sister could keep up with my life. That's basicly it.
So today was rather cool. Dyed my hair blondish, finished a culture paper for ASL and finish an abc book for childcare...well kinda I still need to do K and w but I can't think of anything for them. Oh and I'm banned from driving till I finish the abc book.. don' that just suck? Well laterz.