Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So this past saturday was a stake dance. It was pretty fun cause I got to see a friend that I haven't seen for a while.
It wasn't so great because of two reasons, 1) The guy I like wasn't there, 2) My other friend has resantly become obsessed with Firefly, which normally isn't bad but when she becomes obsessed nothing else matters, no exists in her world, exept for that one thing. So the whole time she was at the dance she was asking me the same questions over and over again.
"Can we go watch Firefly now?" "No."
"Can I borrow Firefly when we go back to your house?" "No."
"I'm bored, can we go watch Firefly now?" "No! It's a dance and I intend to dance!"
"Can I atleast borrow the disks I've already seen?" "No!!!"
My mother has barred me from letting this friend anything that can get damaged, because she tends to loose things for several weeks, give it back, and then I learn that it is no longer usable because she has scratched the heck out of it somehow.
"If your mom wasn't a facter would you let me borrow the box set, and then I give it back to you on Monday?" "No."
"If I gave it back to you tomorrow would you let me borrow it?" "Not if it's going to end up like Aida."
Backround: I got the Aida cd and let her borrow it, she said she would give it back to me the next day unscratched. Ha fat chance. She lost it for over a month and then when I got it back most of the songs were so scratched I can't listen to it anymore.
Anyway her dad showed up a few seconds later and she left. Thankfully and now I know she's mad at me cause it's been over three days that she hasn't texted me, e-mailed or called. Woot! No more pesting about Firefly!!!


K la said...

you've created a monster. giggle giggle.

Kanani said...

I know and it's horrible

SopranoVaseOfFlowers said...

I'm not mad at you...

I'm so sorry I'm such a butt....I do not know what's wrong with me....I just had a total breakdown over practically nothing at all. I've been very irritating all week, and I really am sorry. And I'm really sorry I tend to lose and/or break/scratch them... I'm really trying to make a better effort to get things more organized....

Again, i really am sorry...I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been a real butt to you recently, and i'm sorry.

Ghebast said...

Maybe you could politely(not saying your rude or anything) tell her that she can either start buying her own cds, or let her borrow them anyways, and charge her for unusable cds.