Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So yesterday was good. I mostly tried to stay in the background with the roommates because of the meeting when I got back. But school was good and my basketball now has air in it so I was able to go shoot some hoops. I am really out of practice.
Oh and I got all my homework done before 5 too. I was really excited. It's nice to having to worry about tomorrow's homework.
Anyway I have the coolest FHE group.
The girls across the way are in our group and they came over and picked me up. At first it was to pick everyone up but I was the only one ready to go. It's cool because one of them is from my home town. Though she is from my rival school.
Anyway we went to the gardens where we were supposed to meet. A hint, when meeting in the gardens give a specific place to meet. It's just to big to say The Gardens. Well after wandering for around for a bit we found our Dad and our adopted brothers, though apparently they are no longer adopted. Then it took a while for my roommates to show up. The whole time dad was saying he was going to divorce mom. It was funny.
Then we found out we had to go to the clerks house, we only had two cars. Luckily the two cars we had were a jeep and a van, plus we only had 13 people there.
We got directions from the clerks son, who was wandering around the gardens. I think we scared him a bit cause Kia yelled at him "We're supposed to be at your house right now!" he kept walking faster. She was contemplating tackling him when dad ran over to him and got directions.
Then we drove around for a bit trying to find the right address. We thought we had the right house when we pulled up to it so everyone got out of the cars but as we looked at the address it was the wrong house. So we all started walking down the street until we saw our clerk and apologized for being late.
We then went inside and played get to know you games and then pass the sign. I love that game so much. It brings up good memories of ASL 3.
Then we had wonderful crepes made by sister clerk. I managed to avoid spilling on the carpet my spilling on my pants instead. Luckily they are my work pants and aren't new.
Then we drove home and I went to bed after chilling in the living room for a bit, then going into my room and reading a bit of the Hobbit and the book of Jacob.
Today was awesome because in my humanities class we talked about the Hobbit for a full hour! It was awesome. Though you could really tell who didn't read because when the teacher called on them they had no idea. And I think that I talked a little to much, but what do you expect? I grew up on those books!
Then I went home for a snack and then went to devotional, which was amazing. It was John H. Groberg. It was really good.
Then I went to english. We played a few games to show the benefits of working together instead of working against each other. Then we listened to rules of comma splices and other rules. It's kinda boring but if it helps, it helps.
Oh and the class now knows I know a lot of random facts, like about Vlaid the Impaler. Oh well.
Well gotta blaze!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


"People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories."
-Chinua Achebe

So Friday night my mother called and asked if I wanted to come home for the weekend. Of course I said yes. So that was partly the reason why I stayed up all night... Oh and I'm not allowed to post when I'm really, really out of it cause it will have many problems like the previous one. Anyway so I walked across campus at 4:45 in the morning to catch the morning shuttle. Let me tell you it is not a good idea to walk in the dark after watching a scary movie. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!
Anyway so I got on the bus at 5 and fell asleep at 6 then arrived home at 10 something. Mom picked me up took me home. My cousin was staying over so I was looking forward to waking her up.
Well I got home and I headed towards the bathroom and the garage door opened and there was Kara. Well she was surprised that I was home so the plan worked. Just not the way I wanted to.
Well the rest of Saturday was amazing because it was spent with Kara and my wonderful sisters. Then today I came back home to a wonderful meeting of roommates. Wahoo.
Well gotta blaze

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Under The Stars

Tonight I was going to go to bed right after a piano concert. Ha it's college so of course that didn't happen. Anyway so while I was chillin in the living room Allyx walked by with a blanket and set out in the courtyard area of the dorms. She then called for me to join her stargazing. After I collected some blankets of my own, it's so cold here already, I went and joined her.
Though we could only see more than three stars after staring at the sky for a bit. Then some of the boys we've gotten to know showed up to visit the girls next door, but they came and chilled with us too. And that was pretty fun. One of the boys had brought his guitar so he started playing for us. Then he left with some of the other boys and Wes came out. He's my FHE dad, and he's really nice too. Anyway he stole Tayler's guitar and played for us some more, then the girls from the other apartment came and hung out with us. Then some Allie came and sat on our blanket of music.
Then Kevin, a boy from my english class and ward, walked by and I waved at him, just to say hi. He took it as an invitation and came and chilled with us. Then I kinda kicked the boys out cause it was 1 in the morning. We had listened to the boys for more than 2 hours! It was wonderful. My roommates were proud because I had been social *insert rolling of eyes here*
Anyway then our apartment and the girls next door were supposed to watch a scary movie together. Well since Danielle and Kristen didn't come back for half an hour Allyx and I started to watch what but 1 Missed Call. That is a freakin scary movie, predictable but scary and it has a sucky ending. Which you all know I hate. I have to have some closure! But of course this movie didn't have any. SO to chase all the bad images away we started to watch Raise Your Voice. A cheesy Hillary Duff movie, but it is doing it's purpose.
Oh and it's hilarious because the a wall roomies and the girls next door are watching Prom Night, another predictable scary movie, and we can hear them screaming. So it's nice to be able to laugh at them too.
Well it's early so I gotta blaze ha ha.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

When a Stranger Calls

So Tuesday night I sat out in my living room doing homework for several hours. Then I went into my room to check on something and I had a missed call and a voice mail. Now I haven't seen One Missed Call but if I had I would have freaking out I'm sure, ha ha. Anyway I checked the voice mail and it was the ward clerk saying that the bishop wanted to see me right away and to call him back. So I did and right after I said "You called be about an interview...." The call cut off. Well I waited a bit and I received a phone call again. It was the bishop this time telling me that the clerks phone had died and would I be willing to come see him. I of course said yes and we said goodbye. I quickly changed out of my pajamas, the whole time muttering under my breathe. I did not want to be in the Relief Society.
Well I walked over to the building, talking to mother so I wouldn't get attacked as I walked through the gardens. Anyway I arrived and the bishop called me into his office. You are now reading about a Temple Committee member. Wahoo.
Oh and I'm fighting with my roommate. Only because she has issues with kicking out her friend with benefits*, and keeping him from crossing the chastity line. Oh well. It's only two more months there.
I did go and get pictures of Christ to put up all around the apartment to see if that would help with the spirit of the apartment. I was not the only one who wanted them to change the atmosphere of our apartment. Only time will tell I guess.

*apparently I can't call them that because they only cuddle and my roommate really does have feelings for him.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


"Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can."
-Douglas Pagels

So this morning I woke up to the most wonderful sound, rain. It took me a few moments to realize what it was I jumped out of bed and threw open all the windows. Luckily my roommates love the rain as well.
I had pre-decided that today would be a day of baking because I am a student living coordinator, it's kinda like a mix of Relief society president and an RA, and I hadn't met my girls yet. I thought cookies would be the best way to do that. So I started with no bake cookies. Which I found out are some of Allyx's favorite kind. Then I moved onto Double chocolate cookies. Thank you so much Lani for my wonderful book! Thankfully our oven decided to cooperate so the chocolate cookies came out perfectly. I dropped off over 6 dozen cookies! Of course two dozen went to each apartment so it wasn't that bad. It was funny because Allie and Jossolin were sitting in their doorway watching the rain so they got to hear me talk to the other two apartments and they just laughed when I came to theirs. I'm glad I have friends here. :}
So a review of the week:
Monday was classes and FHE. FHE was really fun because the whole ward went out to this huge field and played different games, they provided dinner too which is nice for us poor college students. ha ha. Oh mom and da also came up this week cause da was doing something with the something or other.
Tuesday I hung out with the parents in the morning and then went to class, oh and we went grocery shopping. It's really nice to be able to put a meal together.
Okay so day by day is really boring basically I hung out with some boys in the ward at our apartment. Well kinda. I sat and watched a movie with them and then went and did homework.
But I did find out how huge and beautiful the gardens here are. And I have several places that I have narrowed down to where Richard could have asked Lani to marry him.
Then yesterday I went to a concert with Jossolin. It was amazing! I think it was called Buckets and Tap shoes. It was really awesome. Then it's today and it rained but sadly it stopped. Hopefully it will start up again.
Well laterz!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why, Oh why?

"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
So Saturday I slept in, meaning around 10:30, and when I woke up my roommates excitedly told me there was a dance that night. Now I'm all up for dances cause I think they are fun so I agreed to go. Then Allyx wanted to pluck my eyebrows, then wanted to do my makeup, then Danielle wanted to do my hair. Well one thing led to another so I got my eyebrows plucked, major pain btw, and some of my bangs cut. Here are some pictures:

The first two are right after my hair was done, the middle was a few hours later and the last was after the dance.
It took almost all day but it got done. Thankfully. Oh and we made banana bread too. Only the outside cooked faster than the inside. Our oven is retarded!! Thanks Lani for the recipe!! The dance was fun but not as fun as usual with my friends back home oh well. Though I did get compliments from the people I knew who were there, which was like 5. ha ha

Friday, September 12, 2008


"The path to healing from a loss is different for each person, one which may have many unexpected twists and turns, but a road that has been traveled by many."
-Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
I was surfing youtube the other day listening to some of my favorite songs that aren't on my ipod and what did I discover but that the cd I really really want finally came out in the US!!! Soooo if you are looking for a Christmas present for me go pick up the Within Temptation cd titled "The Silent Force." That was the best news I got almost all week!
Since Allyx and I stayed up late talking again I woke up kinda late. Meaning about 9:30. I slowly got ready and was still ready by 10:30. This is getting to be an issue. I went to humanities and we talked about Adam and Eve through the ages. We looked at different pictures from different periods and that was cool. The first one we looked at I was really proud of myself because the teacher asked what period it was from and I said Roman Empire and I was right!! Though the only reason I knew that was because it looked Greek but it had Christian carvings too. But I guess that's how anyone knows right?
Then I went to the bookstore to buy a bumper sticker for my computer, tis my goal to have it covered in such things, but kinda got distracted. When I walked in to the bookstore I heard a guy selling starving student cards and since my sister told me to buy one I thought, hey I'll go in get my bumper sticker and come out and buy one. Well I started to wander around, bad idea for a book lover! And found a book of Irish myths and legends. Well I love Greek Myths but I thought I would try something different. So I looked at the price and it was 15 bucks. I had twenty and I thought the starving card was 5 so I went to go get a starving card just to make sure. To my surprise it was 20. All the money I had. So I still got it, vowing I would be back for atleast the bumper sticker.
Then I went home, had a quick lunch and went to english. I will tell you the smith building was made for confusion! There is no rhyme nor reason to the numbering system in that building besides the first number being the floor you are on! I walked in one big square before I got to my classroom! I could have just taken the first right and be there but the numbers told me to go left. Stupid messed up number system...... grumble grumble growl.
Anyone once I got there class was good. A quiz was dropped because no one could find the online material. So we went through step by step with the teacher to find it. Also the kids in there are more like 18 19 with only two returned missionaries. So it feels more like a high school class, which I like.
After that I came back home and tried to go to bed early by watching a movie, but Allie came by to grab me cause she was baking cookies. I couldn't resist so I went. She is crazy fun. Then she went out with some other friends so I got to know her roommate Josoline. That was fun.
Then I came home and tried to go to bed but Allyx and I started talking again and the early to bed thing didn't work out.
This morning I went to math. That was fun because Kristen who is in my stake at home is in my class. She's pretty crazy herself. When she saw my backpack she said it was sweet and the color only made it cooler because it fit my personality. It's bright green. I love it.
After class I went to the testing center to take a math test to make sure I was in the right math class. I past the test with an 80!!!! It's not the best but when you figure I guessed on some of them it's still pretty good.
Then I went back to the bookstore. I walked straight to the book of myths then to the bumper sticker bought them and left. I was so happy!!!!!! I read the book until I had to go to woods.
In woods we learned how to make the board all finished and square and parallel and junk. It was really cool because our teacher was talking about how when you cut certain types of wood they'll change colors for just a few moments and then go to a natural color. Anyway in the middle of that he said "It's a special moment you share with The Father" or something to that effect. I just thought it was really cool because anywhere else he would have been in big trouble but here it's just part of normal live. I like it.
Tonight I was surfing an online button collector thingy, sounds stupid but some of them are really funny, and I looked up OTH ones. Well some of them were talking about stuff that hadn't happened yet so I did some checking and it turned out that season 6 started on the 1!!!! So I went online and watched the episodes that have aired so far.
LUCAS CHOSE PEYTON!!!!!!!!! For anyone who cares, or knows what I'm talking about.
Danielle made a cake so we invited our neighbors over so we could get to know them, that was fun. Then they left and some of Allyx's friends came over and everyone left to go over to their house. I stayed behind cause I was waiting for a couple of calls, which came btw.
And now I'm just chilling looking at everyone elses blogs. Megan is so cute..... I miss my family. Good thing mom and da are coming up on monday huh?
gotta blaze!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More college

"If any man wish to write in a clear style, let him be first clear in his thoughts; and if any would write in a noble style, let him first possess a noble soul."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
So Monday night Joe, one of Allyx's friends, came over and we hung out, the three of us I mean. We had a blast, I don't remember what we were laughing at but we were laughing hard!
Anyway Tuesday I went to class, obviously because that's why I'm here right? I woke up around 8:30 and by 10 I couldn't stand being in my apartment, only because I was the only one here and there was nothing to do. So I scoped out the building with my next class and sat in the sun while doing Sodoku. Nerdy I know but it helped with the hour that had to go by.
So I get to my humanities class expecting there to be at least some people there right? Since it's like 11:25. Wrong there was only one other person. We started talking then a few others showed up then our teacher. WEll apparently those that showed up are all that in my class. There's about 9 of us. I'm real excited because we'll be reading Paradise Lost and Zen's motorcycle guide or something like that. All I know is that Rutter used to rave about those books and now I'm going to be reading em!!!
My first devotional was cool too. I sat with my roomies and accidently put one of them to sleep. Oops :}.
Then I had to bolt to english. That class is okay I guess. We're going to have tons of reading of course but oh well.
That night I just did homework and laughed at somethings my roomies did.
Then yesterday I went to Math, Religion and woods. All being 15 minutes apart. That was crazy because they are all across campus from each other.
Fun weird fact about math, I sat next to Josh Barton's aunt. Can you say awkward?
Religion was fun I guess, so far it's just talking about the class.
Woods was really boring until we got into the shop and cut a 19inch board. There are some cute guys in that class but they are all 23 or older. Not that I'm looking.
I really like having Allyx as a roommate because we stay up talking. Like ti's nothing huge or anything but we just talk. I like it.
Oh something fun about my dorm. In 129 there is Allie, I think I talked about her in my last post, anyway. Everytime I go past her apartment and she's in the kitchen I hear a "Hey!" so I stop and talk to her. It's pretty funny and fun.
Oh so Kristen made cupcakes last night and I snuck one to Allie because we had been IMing. Well not really snuck because I told my roomies because they were standing right there when I did it. Ha ha. The story is funnier because it was at like 1140 at night.
Well I got to get to class now. Laterz!

Friday, September 05, 2008

College anyone?

So Wednesday I hopped in the car with my parents, with a lot of suite cases, and drove to Idaho. We arrived and checked into the hotel, well my mother did I sat in the car with da. Anyway she came out and started talking about a girl she had met that was supposed to be staying in 137 in Kerr hall. The same hall as me only a different apartment. We went to our room and then mom and I went to the bookstore to get my books, only we couldn't until Saturday. We ran into the girl again and I learned her Name was Danielle. We also tried to get my Icard but we also had to wait with that. We were heading back to the car when we saw Danielle again. Only I didn't say hi because by this time I felt like we were stalking each other. Mom and I went back to the hotel and picked up da to go to dinner with one of mom's old friends for college.
Then it was back to the hotel and watched Bones, which I sadly got addicted to three weeks before college and now I don't have a tv here. Sigh...... Anyway that night I couldn't really fall asleep because I was so nervous about meeting my roommates. I think I finally fell asleep around 2 in the morning. Long story short I stood in line for housing and my Icard then went to my apartment. I was the first one there, yea, and I was unpacking when my first roommate showed up and who should it be but Danielle. We thought that was really weird. She took the other room which was okay by me. Then I went and got groceries and stuff with my parents when I came back I met another roommate, Kristen. She is roomed with Danielle which is cool too. Then my other roommate showed up, Allyx. Is that not the coolest way you have ever seen to spell Alex? Anyway we get along really well because she's not super girlie and neither am I, unlike the other two girls, plus she's an artist, only ten times better than me ha ha.
That night was the parents dinner and that was really cool. There was Polynesian dancing and a fire dancer, that was my favorite part :} Then I spent the first night in my apartment. We stayed up till around 130 talking about different things. it was fun. the next two days were just getting to know campus and stuff with a team of freshmen. It was just like EFY and no one really felt in college. My parents left too, and that was kinda sad but I guess it's necessary. Saturday one of Allyx's friends came over and they went to go sketch in the gardens. Allyx invited me along because Danielle and Kristen had some of their boy friends over and she could tell I wasn't exactly comfortable. Her friend's name is Mie Ling, but she goes by Mei Mei, or however you spell that. That was cool because that's what K lah calls me, it's Mandarin for little sister. Anyway
I-night was fun too. Some of campus was set up like a carnival with tons of different stuff. I hung out with one of the girls a few apartments down. We've become good friends too. Then sunday we went to church and a CES Fireside. Oh Saturday night I got an e-mail from the bishop saying he wanted to see me! I seriously thought I was going to be called as the relief society president. Luckily it was a get to know you interview. Thank heavens. ha ha
Today was my first day of classes. They went pretty well. Math seems like it will be fun. Everyone in there is really nice. When I went to my Provident living class I was sitting there waiting for it to start and who should walk in but Crystal! Richard's sister. How weird is that? It was cool and all but I just didn't expect it ha ha.
It was a good first class. So that's about it.
Gotta Blaze