Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Misunderstandings and.....Ice cream?

Have enough sense to know, ahead of time, when your skills will not extend to wallpapering. -Marilyn vos Savant

So pretty much a recap on things.
I need to go out with Hols for pie. Why? It is a tradition with our group of friends to go out for pie when you break up with a boy.
That's right folks, on June 17th 8 something in the morning, B.M. broke up with me. That's all I'm gonna say on a public forum.

I also said goodbye to some new roommates. Roommates I really liked, but for some reason there was always a wall there (the some reason being I cut myself off from most people after above mentioned date). I always had a blast when talking to them and they were excited when I would come in and have them go look at the sky for something I found cool.... I think they were excited anyway.
Another reason for the wall, Gryff.... She never felt accepted by them, that they were always judging her. And from what I can tell they felt the same from her. Oh the misunderstandings in life.

Did I mention I need to go for a double serving of Frosties with Hols, and owe Gryff ice cream? I would say I owe the other roommates ice cream as well but we had already moved apartments when said act took place. See apartment 24 is getting remodeled, yay, so they had already gone home and we had already moved to 11.

Why would I owe ice cream you might ask. You just need to know the codes of life my friend, I would reply. Then who incurred this owing of ice cream you would say. Why that FHE brother I mentioned a while back, I would say with a slight smile.

Timing, however, needs to be found, then taken out and shot repeatedly. Why? the dear FHE brother has left for his home state for the next 5 months. Guess what happened with B.M.? Oh yeah I told you, he left for five months. Thus Timing, when I find you we are going to have some things to... discuss.

Just a brief over view of what happened:
Saturday we went to the Blue Angels (it was amazing and I recommend everyone go and see them). I dropped him off at his brother's house in IF and we said goodbye. Meaning a hug and some words. On my way back to the Burg I got a text saying he left something in the car. I told him I was almost home already and I would drop it off the next day.... Hey being out in the blaring heat and sun for 7 hours really takes it out of a girl.
I then made it home and was moving stuff out of the living room to the bedroom, while texting FHE (his new nickname) and trying to decide if I wanted to ask to go back down, when a voice from the doorway said "You didn't think I'd leave it like that did you?" and low and behold FHE was standing in the doorway.
We then talked for the next thirty minutes in the house, then moved onto campus. And NO we did not go to the gardens. Just the hill at the back of the Hinckley parking lot. We sat there for the next hour and.... ten minutes teasing one another about the ice cream worthy action. He thought I would crack first, I was betting he would.
After that hour and ten minutes the sprinklers came on and we moved into the parking lot of my complex leaning against his brother's car. Where we proceeded to tease one another for the next twenty minutes!
Wanna bet on who broke?

Last chance to place em....

He did. I win! I mean, I hate you timing.
We talked for another thirty minutes and then curfew was upon us.
Sunday I drove down after church to IF and said goodbye once again.. He is now in Georgia.......... Curse you who haven't created transporters yet!
We shall see what happens when Winer semester rolls around.

There is the exciting news for the week..... Not much but meh.....