Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guess that sport!!

Alright I'm going to list off injuries that were recieved tonight and see if you can guess what team sport it is!
A split eyebrow
Choking(happened to me)
hair pulling(also happened to me)
Bashed heads
Hurt... um... womenhood.
Kicked shins
Jaws were popped
Arms almost snapped
Chins elbowed
And a whole lot of other BS out there.
Now guess what sport this was.....
Can't? To tough?
Let me tell ya then. Flag football. Now let me put stress on one word, FLAG. Meaning no tackling, no contact.
Tell that to the pissed off seniors. So every year the junior girls play against the senior girls. Seniors always win, they think it's their right ya know? Well not this year! We had the best team. We scored three times in the first half( we had two halfs, 20 minutes each) and boy did the seniors get mad. They started to throw elbows, knees, punches, anything to stop us. Well they didn't. They did score, once. But that didn't phase us we just did our best, played clean and beat the crap out o em!!!!
As the Juniors did a victory lap we looked at the score board and were shocked!( not really but whatever) The seniors rigged it so it said Juniors 26 Seniors 49! Iike they could have gotten that high if they wanted to! The real score? 26-6.
They're just poor sports.
Oh and the girl that choked me? The first time she caught me off guard, the second I put my head down so she couldn't get my neck. So what does she next? Pull my hair!!! So I go after her.
She yelled "What are you doing?"
I yelled "What ever happened to playing clean?'
"I'm a senior! I can do what ever I want!!"
Yeah and lose!! I didn't say that but I sure wanted to.
Anyway so she comes at me the third time and pulles my hair again, I go after her and tackle her... mwhahahahaha!!!
That is my story for tonight.

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