Monday, November 21, 2011

Where's your Mom? She's going to kill me, then you, and then me again.

"So maybe I'll sit back and just enjoy all this for now. Watch it all play out, see if you reallly stick around" - P!nk
Okay, just as a head's up: This post is going to contain a lot of topics. I know if I do only one in a post the others will never be gotten to, so thus this massive one post. Maybe I'll break it up later...

So first the juicy stuff. My date(s)? with Han. We went to Applebee's here in town. He suggested it even. It was actually kinda sweet. Though it's funny that I know this town better than he does. We drove all around town because he took a wrong turn out of my parking lot, it made me laugh. We talked most of dinner, though the game between BYU and Idaho was distracting. BYU blew them out of the water by the way. It was interesting listening to Han talk about Idaho University or state, whatever it was, and his mission, and his plans for the future.
After dinner we came back to my apartment and watched most of Megamind. And happily enough the guy that Megamind pretends to be didn't bug me at all this time. Small bit of history here is needed: Last I watched the movie Barty or whatever his name was reminded me so much of B.M. Not personality or anything just how he looked. It made it really hard to enjoy the movie. This time it only crossed my mind because I was worried about it. But there was no correlation this time yay!
Oh it was really funny cause both of us were freezing in one way or another after dinner so when we got to the apartment I suggested snuggling into blankets. Han's face was full of surprise and I think a tich worried, that melted into relief and something else as I brought down 2 blankets and proceeded to hand him one and I snuggled into the other. Only after I had I realized what he must have thought... oh dear, I need to be more careful.
Anyway, for a while I have seen on BYU-I's website that there was going to be a "for fun" chess tournament on campus. So the day of I texted Han and asked if he wanted to go, remembering he loved it before his mission. He said yes and so after an exciting trip to the store we went. Once the tournament began he beat me in four moves. I was trying to hard to see future moves that I totally spaced the present. So much for me learning to be better at chess lol. I played a few other people for fun and even beat someone! He almost beat me too. If Han hadn't made a comment I would have missed the check mate and the guy would have check mated me.
Oh the weirdest part of the night? I met my cousin's mission trainer. So dear cousin Jace I know what kinda kid you hung out with for 6 weeks. And I'm sorry I never wrote you while you were on your mission...I'm horrible at that kinda stuff, just ask Han.
Anyway after that we went back to my apartment, finished watching Megamind and then started to watch my new favorite thing right now, Once Upon a Time!!
And then he went home. Poor kid, I still have no romantic inclinations towards him at all.

{Transition to next part of Blog}

I haven't done a "review of shows" since I was a freshman in college. I think it's time to do one again.

Let's start of with the fan favorite shall we?
"A mystery writer follows a police officer because he claims she is his new muse." Oh how this show has grown past that simple statement! I was in love with this show the first season, and that love has only grown! The chemistry of the cast is awesome and has built over time. The characters themselves have become dynamic, the only one I can think that would be slightly static would be Alexis or Martha but even then they have grown. Once again I have to say that if Nathan Fillion was ten years younger and LDS I would marry him. I love this show so much.

Charlie's Angels:
I liked this show. I was highly disappointed that it was cancelled after 4 episodes. Yes, it wasn't the best acting or plot but it kept with the original show's vibes, it was clean, and it was working on getting depth. I really liked the actors....grrr.

Some people will argue that this is just another detective show that has a "super power" associated with it. That might be true but it's good! The cast has surprising good chemistry and I love Poppy Montgomery as an actress. Plus it's interesting to see how someone could use something that could be perceived as a horrible burden to help others. Oh, the main character can't forget anything. She remembers everything except what happened the day her older sister was killed when they were kids.

2 Broke Girls:
This show had me laughing out loud really hard every episode. The main character Max, I could see me being her if I wasn't LDS. However it was not the cleanest and I decided in light of recent choices I should clean up what I watch. It made my heart hurt a little when I decided not to continue watching it.

New Girl:
Basically the same as 2 Broke Girls. Though not so much with the heart hurt. Plus it was painful to try to watch Zooey Deschanel act awkward. It was also very, very predictable.

It's a show about how fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs etc. are warnings for what's really out there. There are werewolves and other nasty creatures out there hiding among us, and then there are those that can see these bad dudes. Those people have the blood of the "Grimms" and that's what they're called too. I didn't particularly like the first two episodes so I stopped watching. It seemed like it was trying to be "edgy" and doing a horrible job of it. Plus the main actor really didn't catch my attention. And his character seemed really, really stupid. Dude, Buffy was like, 6 years younger than you and she picked up on the supernatural thing a whole lot faster than you. And was ten times smarter about it too.

Which leads me to the better of the two shows dealing with fairy tales:

Once Upon a Time!:
Oh my goodness. I was really worried with this one. It looked epic in the commercials but we all know how deceiving those can be. Also some of the writers of Lost are working on this one. So there is still room to cringe, but so far I.LOVE.IT. Seriously. The character development is awesome! I guess I should explain the show huh?
Well, all is awesome in the world of fairy taledom, then the evil queen enacts this curse sending everyone into our world where there are no happy endings. Thus giving her her happy ending though she can't remember it. Prince Charming and Snow White had a baby and were able to protect her from the curse by sending her to our world first. Fast forward 28 years. The baby, Emma, is now 28 and is dragged to StoryBrooke, Maine by the son she gave up when she was 18. He is convinced the whole town is under a curse and that Emma is the only one who can break it.
She doesn't believe it of course, since the town seems perfectly normal and no one remembers being a fairy tale. Part of the fun of the show is trying to decide if it's all in Henry's, the kid's, head or if the curse is really real. Though you get flashbacks to the fairy kingdom all of the episodes. I just love this show. Plus the evil queen is a really good "I just want to freakin smack you in the head or lock you in a dark prison" personality. She plays her part so well. I could go on and on... Just go watch it on Hulu already okay?

(Insert awkward transition here}

I'm going to be depressed this week. I already know it and today proved that. Wanna know why? Look at where I was last year at this exact same time. Give up? I was going to Georgia with Georgia Boy. I was meeting his family, feeling like we were on a honeymoon. I was becoming part of his wonderful family. Where am I this year? In the Burg til Tuesday, then with my own wonderful family for Thanksgiving, planning to change the whole course of my life in the coming year. It's funny how life can change so freakin much in a year.
I don't even know how to act towards that boy anymore. It just gets harder and harder each time I see him. Is he a big brother or someone who only says hi when we are face to face at Gaxor's? If that's the case why does he come talk to me at work every Wednesday? I hate boys. They are to much trouble to worry about. Okay, I won't worry about them for the next three years. Deal self. Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Anyway if you stuck here till the end of this post, good for you! You just experienced another random thought hop of me. You deserve chocolate or something.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

They popped out of the snow. Like daisies!!

Seriously people, daisies! I don't think Mushu realized how true those words would ring out. I was happily, okay let us be real here people I was devastated to be, single. Then these boys just started popping up out of nowhere.
Let me start the list with the boy that I know for certain is interested.
He shall be nicknamed......Godfrey. Long story, don't ask. Okay, this Godfrey kid I met through Georgia Boy last summer. He was one of the friends that went up to Georgia Boy after we had hung out and basically said "If you screw it over with her can I be next?" Yay for self-confidence boost! Or atleast that's what I thought last summer when Georgia Boy told me that about the guys, now not so much.
Back in September, around school starting, Godfrey posted on my fb wall and asked how I was doing. I had, as previously stated, split from Georgia Boy and Godfrey had just had his very pushy fiance call off the wedding. We messaged back and forth for a little bit and he, in a very cute way, asked for my phone number. I skirted the subject and the conversation kinda died off. Then it came out that I'm graduating with my associates this semester, YAY!!!, and I got a very interesting e-mail from dear, poor Godfrey.
Basically it was a confession of his feelings towards me. We've been e-mailing back and forth since. However I have been straight forward with him that I do not plan on being back up in the Burg in January when he is here. He however has already several dates planned. Hope springs eternal right? Oh, did I mention I have no idea how I feel about this whole thing, let alone him?
Now to the boys I'm not so sure about....
Han's back from his mission! Quick recap, Han was my FHE brother freshman year, I had a crush on him, he had a crush on me. I decided it could never work.
Anyway, he's back on campus and we've hung out a lot since October 27th. I have no idea how I feel about it either. He compliments me all the time, I don't know what it means! I mean like today for example. He came in to the HR office to talk about employment, it's what I do right? So, I had made treats for the office cause of... well that's another topic. So Patricio walk past and was complimenting my hide-a-rolls. And Han whips out this crazy compliment! Something along the lines of "Anything Kanani cooks is good. Doesn't matter if it's box Mac and Cheese or rice from a box. It's good." He says stuff like that all the time and I don't know what to do!!!! Plus I'm pretty sure we're going on a date tonight. I mean, he's taking me to dinner to repay me for the one that I made for him a few nights ago because I really didn't feel like going out to dinner with him that night. But he asked in such a way that I think it's a date. Or maybe he's just being a guy that just got off his mission so he's still acting like a missionary I.JUST.DON'T.KNOW!
And then there's this kid in my CIT class that got my phone number a few weeks ago so we could work on homework together. Who does that? And we have worked on homework together. Thursday when we couldn't figure out the frackin homework we went and watched a movie at his FHE sisters' house. I don't know if he felt bad that he was leaving so he asked me to join him, or if he really wanted me to go.
Oh and don't even get me started with Georgia Boy's best friend/roommate, or with this one kid that I see all the time on campus now that used to be my FHE brother the winter semester I started dating B.M.
Total freakin confusion. Total daisy popping freakin confusion. Not to mention I still know I love Georgia Boy, and I'm pretty sure he still has feelings too. Does anyone have a crystal ball I could borrow? Anyone?