Monday, May 25, 2009


"Your face is a book, where men may read strange matters."
- William Shakespeare

This is a post about the new shows I've watched this past show season.

A mystery writer follows a police officer because he claims she is his new muse. I only watched the first episode because it was Nathan Fillion, but after the first few minutes I really started to like it for being Castle. It breaks away from the usual genre of detective work because it not only has comedy but it focuses more on... I don't know. Solving the crime to help the people and not just to solve it. I guess that's a pretty lame description but that's what you're gonna get. Oh and the acting is done very well. Okay so maybe some of the characters are flat but they do a good job at what they do. RENEWED!!!!

This show is about a man who believes he is Cupid and he has to make 100 true love matches before he is allowed back on Mount Olympus. I loved the idea of this show, and am very sad it was cancelled. The characters were very loveable especially Trevor (the man who believes he was cupid). Though I can see why it was cancelled. The plot for every show was very predictable. Trevor makes match, match seems perfect, match splits, Trevor saves match and makes them realize it is true love. Though the over all plot ran deeper we will never see it develop.

An anthropologist and accompanying lab help the FBI solve murders.
Though I came in at the 5th season I was not completely lost on what was going on. A plus for someone who can't find the rest of the series, though I haven't looked hard. The characters are intriguing and though the story line may becoming a little too out there with the cast it's still good. There is much humor in this and will mostly likely have you smiling at one point or another during the show. Especially with the interns they have. Oh Nigal, you give a person with random facts hope. Renewed for two seasons

Lie to Me:
People solve different cases presented to them by using the micro expressions that we all use but might not know about.
I really love this show. The characters are really likable and the acting is really good. The wit of the show is very... addicting is not the right work but something like that. I think my favorite part of watching this show was walking into the BYU-I library and seeing the micro facial expressions up on some of the walls with information from the show. Apparently I was not the only BUY-I student to watch and love Lie to Me. RENEWED!!!!

People sign over 5 years of their life and become "dolls." How? Their personalities are wiped from their neurons and placed on a back up drive. In this state they are innocent peaceful people. They are however sold for a time to people with enough money. They are given new personalities and sent off on an engagement, and then brought back and wiped once more.
I started watching this because it was Joss Whedon, but stayed because it was so intriguing. There was a twist at every corner. I did call that Millie was a doll though, after we found out that Victor was one. I also would have caught that Alpha was really Alpha if I had not been distracted when watching that particular episode, it was something he said. I am very happy that this has been renewed.

If you want to watch something that will give you the creeps after watching it, this is the show for you. It deals with science that is more on the edges of science, thus the name Fringe. This is not a show for the weak of stomach. I think the first 6 episodes there was always one scene, or more, where I had to turn away because of the gruesomeness of it. An example was one episode a guy got his had pulled into a machine, and you guessed it they didn't pull the camera away from it. It will also make you rethink the world around you. Oh and Spock was in the season finale! Not Spock from the new star trek but Spock the I guess he is in the new star trek, but whatever. The acting is amazing, especially when you consider that 2+ of the cast are covering up their non American accent. Renewed

Harper's Island:
A show about murders that happen to a wedding party on an island off of the coast of Oregon.
This show is also one that is not for the weak of stomach, there is much gore in the killings. Such as the latest one where Richard was speared with a harpoon. Though it is easy to call when someone is about to die, some of the time, it is a good intrigue to guess who is behind the murders. Will it turn out that Wakefield, a man who is supposedly dead and killed 7 people 7 years earlier, really behind the murders or will it be JD the outcast of the family and who only wants attention. Or the british dude. I only accuse him because his girlfriend is into serial killers. The best part about this show that you know it's only a 1 season show.

Legend of the Seeker:
A show about a woods guide being pulled into a world of magic and becoming the Seeker of Truth. His duty is to defeat the evil in the land, which at this point is/was Rahl. He is accompanied by Kahlan a confessor, one who can by a single touch make someone totally and irrevocably devoted to her but also loosing who they were, and Zedd a wizard.
This is supposed to be the same style of show as Hercules and Xena, and you do get that feel. It is rather cheesy most of the time though does draw you in by the charm of the characters. The acting can be rather poor at times but over all it's good. If you have read the books don't expect the same story line. Think of it as a distant cousin that has sort of the same bone structure but still different and looks almost nothing like you. Also there is a lot more making out in the show than in the book, well the first book. I haven't started #2 yet. I would like to point something out here. In the season finale Richard was confessed. Yes he was also using the boxes of ordin and having an Ageal thrust into his back at the time but he was confessed! Something the writers seemed to have overlooked after they finally killed Rahl. The whole time after that happened and they were talking about new dangers I kept saying "And Richard was confessed!" They probably over looked his confession, and probably used that the boxes of ordin cancelled it out, so there will still be that forbidden love thing between him and Kahlan. Curse you writers. *grumblegrumblebookisbettermurmermurmber" Oh I guess for those that don't watch/read the books Kahlan and Richard can't show their love for each other because Kahlan might loose control of her power accidently and Richard would forget himself and focus solely on making Kahlan happy. Thus letting evil win so basically confessed Richard=bad. Well that's my rant/ review of Seeker Renewed.

Well gotta blaze

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash."
~ Leonard Cohen

I have thought of another birthday present: star wars the force unleashed for the ps2. Unless someone wants to buy an xbox 360 or a ps3 for me.

Yesterday I applied to work at the BYU bookstore, tomorrow I think I will finally apply to the Marvell's since I'm pretty sure Cowabunga bay is not going to call back.

Tomorrow is also Provo's legacy festival. Should be fun.

Well Gotta blaze

Monday, May 18, 2009

Should I be taking notes?

"Every author in some way portrays himself in his works, even if it be against his will." ~Goethe

This week was interesting, well the weekend was.
Sadly there was no word from the interview people saying "Congratulations you now work for us!" I am giving them till Friday to call, if they don't I will call them, then continue looking for a job.
Saturday night was given to the adult session of stake conference. There were some very good talks about temples and there was a gorgeous sunset afterwards. The kind that makes me want to pick up my paint brushes again and gain the level needed to paint something like that.
Sunday morning I awoke a little before ten so I could get ready, not for stake conference, but for our stake's seminary graduation at 11. I still have a few friends here ha ha. It was a good meeting, afterwards I talked to Bounce about what she was going to do up at BYU-Idaho. She is a spring/fall child so we will be there at the same time for fall semester. Then I went and talked with Jess who will be going into the MTC on Wednesday. It's hard to believe that it's been three years since we had early morning seminary together. Then I talked to Sis. Larsen and headed home.
After a hour and a half wait I drove to the tabernacle for stake conference. Da and mom took grandma's car and sat in the parking lot to see if they could get reception with the transmitter they use to hear sacrament meeting as Da's immune system won't be strong enough for the general population until July or so, but seeing as the microphone didn't work for the first 10 minutes they left and waited for my notes to see what was said.
I sat in our customary seating and waited for the meeting to start. About ten minutes before Sis. Larsen came over and asked if I wanted to sit with her family. I said sure because sitting with people I knew was slightly better than sitting by myself. The talks were really good and I enjoyed it, though not the fact that the building was hotter than outside. But that only made it nice to walk outside after the meeting.
A quirk, I guess you could call it, I get from my parents is to wait away from the car for the traffic to die down and then go to the car and drive home. I chose to wait in the shade of a tree near the parking structure and read my Book of Mormon. As I sat there about three families in my home ward walk by and offered me a ride home if I needed it. It's good to know that I'm looked after =}
After that it was a two and a half hour wait until a couple of other friends' seminary graduation. That was a good meeting too, and it wasn't only because Hols sang a beautiful duet and Shar gave a wonderful talk.
It was a busy day for supposedly being a day of rest. ha ha
Oh I forgot to mention that Katherine from my elementary school days is getting married. I went to her bridal shower a week or so ago. It was good to have the old gang back together again. We haven't been like that for 5 years now? I think it's been that long.

OH and the whole reason this post was being written was to tell about FHE tonight. Basically it was a blast. There were card games played, a Jenga came that was a generic brand played, and a bunch of elementary style games that no matter how old you are that are just fun to play. I really like the people in my singles ward. Well the people that I've met.
Well that's enough for now, gotta blaze!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A short list

"What I like in a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers."
~ Logan Pearsall Smith

Since it is close to my birthday I thought I'd put a list up. Here it is:

Hotel Paper(the album)-Michelle Branch:
All I ever Wanted(the album)-Kelly Clarkson
Specials By Scott Westerfeld

Edit: It seems i got a present early! My Da is so wonderful he read my mind and got iwork.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jobs and a heart attack

“I write for the same reason I breathe — because if I didn’t, I would die.” -Isaac Asimov

Monday I got a call back for one of the jobs I applied too, I'm not going to say which one just incase that'll be a jinx. I was so wired from being nervous and excited, this being my first actual interview for a job, I stayed up till 5 in the morning.
I watched a few shows online that I had missed during the week, read, and had the living daylights scared out of me by my mother.
See I was sitting towards the edge of the bed I'm sleeping in till my room is finished. I had been staring at my computer screen for two hours so I could not see anything in the dark, I had my headphones in so I couldn't hear anything. I suddenly felt something push on the edge of the bed not far from me, I ignored it until I saw a shadow move against the light from the bathroom a few seconds later. Several things ran through my head: It's a murderer! Monster engineered by ZFT! A doll coming to kill me!
See when you watch shows like Harper's Island(a one season show about people getting killed on an island. There's more to the backround but that sums it up), Fringe (a show about science that's out there), and DollHouse ( a show where people become whoever the scientists want them to by implanting personalities) and the other murder mysteries I watch you can see why I thought this. Though I do believe my yelled reaction was "WHAT THE FRACK?" and I jumped about three feet in the air scaring both my poor mother who was just asking why I was up and my poor father sleeping a room over. This is a lesson: When you're daughter is on the computer at 4:30 in the morning just turn on the light and scare her that way please? Love ya mom!

Today I had the job interview. I sat in a cramped waiting area for thirty minutes with other applicants as they came and went. You could tell the high schoolers from the graduates because the high schoolers wore their everyday clothes and the graduates made an attempt to look nice.
I think my interview went well. I think that knowing ASL was a perk that caught his attention and the fact they need office people and oh hey I worked at an office for a school year! Hopefully I will get a call at the end of next week saying I'm hired. The one bad thing is the day I need off, the only day I need off the whole summer, is when this place might be opening. Talk about your bad timing right?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Texas Sunburn

"Let us hope that we are all preceded in this world by a love story."
- Don Snyder
This past week I have started to work out in the garden clearing out the weeds, mostly grass, to make way for the current and future plants. While working an hour each day I've acquired something I call the Texas sunburn.
On the first official day when I was visiting Nannie and Poopah for the summer in Texas we went to the beach, the three of us plus my two cousins. It was a Sunday so I stayed out of the water chasing sand crabs, collecting sea shells, and building things out of the sand while my cousins enjoyed the water. I apparently wasn't wearing a long enough shirt, because later that week when I slid off of the couch to sit on the floor part of my back hurt. When I went to go look in the mirror why I saw that on the small of my back I had a strip of sunburned skin where my shirt hadn't met my shorts.
So the same thing happened this week and that's why it's called a Texas Sunburn.