Saturday, February 23, 2008


" Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. "
- Muriel Strode

So I went to Arabic class the other day and got some exciting news. The program we are exchanging videos with Palestinian students with is sponsoring four students to go over there!! I could have a 1 in about 35 chance of going! And that's if the other two classes around America decide to send in applications! I'm so excited. I just need to fill out the application first. Oops.
Speaking of the video exchanges we got one recently that asked if we had heard any arabic music. Before we started filming our responses our teacher thought it would be good to be able to say that we had. So we listened to Nancy Agram(Ajram), and now I have her songs stuck in my head. Though I can't understand them, funny huh?
Wow I talk a lot about Arabic class now.

Anyway, life is boring as usual. Though with a lot more arguments now. It seems like Kay and I can't go two days without getting mad at each other. Ah drama between friends. I wonder when I'll tell her I'm leaving.
Told Hols and she's fine with it. I should probably tell Jans too. I can only hope my roommates will be cool when I get there.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So the letters to Iraq came and went. I even got a response!! It was pretty sweet. I sent one back but there was a problem with an Iraqi soldier talking the letters from the teachers so we'll see if I get a response. I also was taped for a conference in D.C. how cool is that?
Anyway life is okay. Friends have so many issues but hopefully that can be dealt with. We'll see. The school year is going by way to fast. I kinda wish it was august again just because that was a much simpler time. Oh well.

Oh and something to be excited about? Blogger can now be translated into Arabic!! I would do it but I'm kinda scared I wouldn't be able to read anything.