Monday, May 23, 2011

Success at a new goal

"The choices I wish I made, I always make to late."
Sick Puppies
So I forgot to mention one goal on my list for the summer, and that is to become more social. That goal is going great! Thanks to the awesome people in my ward and friends I have around here in homecity. The first week of May I went to the first of the rooftop concert series with Kwistin and some other people from the ward. You can read more about it on her blog
the rooftops
I also have been to several other concerts at Sammy's with Mal and her brother. Some of the bands were kinda sad, like I can't believe people told you you were good sad, but I have found some new bands to follow. Oh speaking of which, I have happily found a new singer to follow! It took me a while to find her because a few years back my music taste was way different and she had a chart topping song and I tended to avoid those. Sara Bareilles is her name! She isn't the typical sound but I heard one of her latest songs on the radio, Uncharted, and thought I would check out her latest CD, Kaleidoscope Heart, and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm sure Mum and Da aren't cause it's what I listen to every night. Anyway long tangent, sorry!
I've also been on a few adventures with said friends and fellow wardies. We went and saw a show at this really awesome place, The Music Muse, and then went and had Frozen Yogurt that was supper yummy. Oh and Sunday Kwistin had the brilliant idea to do a small scripture study group, which coincides with my get-more-spiritual goal. I had fun....not right word but you know what I mean, talking about Luke 16 and watching the flow of conversation and how things lead to different things. Once again I felt like I made really stupid connects and let my mouth run but that's just me.

This section is kinda a downer so you can skip it if you want.
It's kind of strange to look back a year ago and think it was a year ago, but at the same time it seems so much longer.
I had a boy starting to walk out of my life and another starting to walk in.
Basically I was supper frustrated with B.M. and his cousin. Silly reason but I was so angry with them. I took this really long walk so I would miss FHE and avoid people. I even had Skillet blaring in my ears the whole time.
I got back to the apartment when I thought everyone would have left, so around 7:30, but forgot that we moved FHE to 7:15 so everyone was just settling down. Grr! I can't be angry around people outside my apartment! So I put on a smile and sat on the couch very grumpily. Georgia boy was sitting on the floor kinda next to the couch and and at one point looked at me and asked very sincerely "Are you okay?" I gave my usual answer but then decided to have fun flirting, and boy did we.
Anyway, this year I have a boy walking out and non walking in. May, I hate you. Just so you know. June you're on my list too, but I can't hate you because I was born during your reign.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Now I Can

"Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content."
Louis L'Amour

So as I've settled into my internship it's become better. Finding assignments to do is still a little hard but I think the experience is good. Now here is some shameless promoting for Now I Can: An intern started a blog a few months back and it has now fallen to me to keep it up, and I want people to actually read it. So as a huge favor to me, or just to learn more about Now I Can, will you read it?

Thanks a bunch!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a thought dump

"They break your heart, they steal your soul, take you apart and yet they somehow make you whole. So what's their game. I suppose a rose by any other name, the perfume and the pricks the same. So lets bring on the men and let the fun begin!" Bring on the Men from Jekyll and Hyde

I have found a paradox in myself once again. I love the east coast, the very idea of it, the architecture, the diversity, and the history. Even though I have only been able to go twice, once on a church history tour and once with Georgia Boy, I love it.
And recently I was looking through Kwisten's pictures of her adventures in NY city, and once again felt the urge to live there. Just to have the elegant buildings, crammed apartments that still have beauty, and adventure. Yes, I do love the central mountain region, I lived here all of my childhood and technically still do when I go to college. But it's lacking what I thrive on, culture diversity and history. Okay some can argue that it has tons of history, which it does thanks to the LDS church, and I understand that but I want more. Where are the buildings that have been there since the 1600s? Where are the stories of the founding fathers? Of the wars the devastated the US? The buildings packed tightly together to accommodate the steep increase in population?
And as for culture diversity, it's getting better but it's still not what I like (What? A Utah Mormon asking for diversity? She must be crazy).
But then we run into a problem when I think about moving to a large city that holds that history and diversity. I start to freak out a little.
See I always thought that homecity was big, what with the university and everything here. So I thought big cities would be no problem. I even had the notion of moving to San Fransisco for a while. Then I took a trip to SLC for some reason when I was around 12 and realized something. Homecity is not big at all, not compared to SLC and SLC isn't even that big of a city compared to where I was dreaming of living. This hit me even more when I was turning 15 and I went to a cousin's wedding in San Francisco. I got claustrophobic from driving around the city. Just because the roads were so tight and the buildings so impending. Shouldn't I love this? It's what I want. But I couldn't get over it.
I loved the Old City in Jerusalem and never got that feeling even though a lot of the roads were overly crowded and were encased by housing above. Who knows why that is.
It seems that big cities have drawn out another aspect of my personality for me. I love them but they scare me half to death. Like most things in my life.

*Growl, grumble grumble, growl*

Don't know why I really wrote this. I guess just to get it out. Congrats for getting to know another side of me.

Oh and just to put in my vote of who is going to die tonight on Castle: I call either the Captain or Laini....Or the guy they keep bringing in to sub for her. Hey, don't give me that skeptical look, it could totally work, they killed of a sub character on NCIS so there.

Monday, May 09, 2011

the HR office

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull."
W. C. Fields

Huzzah! It's a post about where I have been working. I've been teasing with tidbits for almost a year but never have I told you my experiences, so here it is.

Last Spring I stayed at school and quickly realized I would need a job to fund it. I tried to get a custodial job, thank the stars I didn't actually get that job, getting up at 3:30 in the morning? No thank you.
Anyway, I saw that there was an opening at the Human Resources office for a student secretary and thought I would give it a try. I remember making my resume look good, mostly this had been done during Winter semester when it was due for a class, then taking it to the office. I was so nervous, but the people there seemed really nice. Wonder Woman took it and made an instant connection, she had been a Rec Management major too. I left with high hopes and a prayer in my heart that if it was right I would get the job. Well I got a call later that week that they wanted to interview me. Okay is this the proper time to freak out or after the interview? I think I did a little at each time.
At the time of the interview I got dressed in one of my better outfits and tried to be calm the whole time. I was fine when I got the the HR office, fine as I talked to Love and she asked that i have a seat and they would come get me, and I was fine as I sat there waiting.
I was even fine when Wonder Woman came to get me, I got really nervous when she led me into the interview room. Why? Because there were four people sitting in there. I thought it was just going to be Wonder Woman. But I swallowed and tried not to show my nerves. It was a very pleasant interview, and went well for only being my second one ever. I left trying to remember everyone's name, then halfway home I realized that was probably dumb, as I most likely would not be called back. Imagine my surprise the next day when i got a phone call from Wonder Woman telling me I got the job. Wow, can I just say wow? AWESOME!
The next day i was really, really nervous. But I think I did okay. Poor Love though, I think I asked more questions than anything else for the next month. But I finally got the hang of it. Or at least I think I did, those in the office might tell you differently haha.
I was timid and shy for about the first month. me, shy? I know right? After that I felt comfortable enough to start letting me really show. Of course it was way easy with Love and Wonder Woman throwing out movie quotes, or references, all the time. Also it was a definite plus when I found out that Wonder Woman loves Star Wars too.
I'm going to stop right now and say I love the HR office... Okay not the office itself but the people. I think they are one of the things I miss most about the Burg. There's Wonder Woman (who sadly moved to the online HR department), Love (who was supposed to leave after she graduated but got Bryan's job instead yay!), Baldwin (who towards the end I became more of her secretary when I didn't have anything to do, and who is wonderful!), Sir Patricio (He over saw the students and teases like Da does, JC (who after asking me about BM and finding out we had broken up never really asked anything personal again), Ms. Ricks, Summa, and Rhodehouse. Not to mention the other student secretaries.
I really miss those people.
I loved being able to joke with co-workers and laugh most of the day. The feeling of family is something I miss too. How when a couple of us would start to talk about something interesting the others would come out of their mini offices and join in. How when I was telling Wonder Woman what happened in my apartment almost everyone came out to give advice and offer their house to stay at. Not only that but they checked up on it and were really caring.
How I would talk to Love for most of my shift some days, just listening to her figure somethings out. I miss it a lot.

So I guess that wasn't a really good description of my job. But it was more than a job to me. It was a home and a place where I had family. And I am very happy to go back there in the Fall, possibly in August.

Well gotta blaze!