Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems."
Rainer Maria Rilke
2/4 post

First off, what do you think of the new header? I'm still trying to decide on it.
Anywayz, my b-day is coming up so I thought I'd better put up a list for all to see and make my wants and wishes known.

1. Shade undershirts and 3/4 sleeved shirts. Any colors in the 3/4 sleeved shirts, white would be appreciated in the undershirt but once again any will do. Mediums work great. (I would have put a visit from BM up here but since I'm pretty sure that's already going to happen, it didn't seem necessary)
2.Money. I am a college student after all, even though I do have a job (details in post 3/4 coming soon) money is always welcomed
3. The latest Within Temptation cd that I mentioned at Christmas time.
4. Printer paper. Lame I know but I have to get some needs too!
5. World peace
6. Oh and Alice in Wonderland if it has come out to DVD by this time.

The Moose is on the Loose!

"A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men."
-Roald Dahl

This is only one of 4 posts that I need to do, so expect some more coming in the next few days.

Sunday was stake conference. Not any stake conference mind you, stake conference for all of Eastern Idaho. Meaning that President Monson spoke! Along with C. Scott Grow, his name always makes me laugh, Elder Hales, and Barbara Thompson spoke. But this is all beside the point I would like to make.
While driving to stake conference, yes the Hart is just across campus but Gryf hurt her ankle and we were headed to pick her up from a RM meeting, my roommates spotted something a little passed the stop sign.
"Is that a horse?" "No, it's a donkey." "No, it's a MOOSE!"
Yes there was a moose on the loose. We watched a cop car chase it. So we followed kinda. As we turned around to actually pick up Gryf, there was some confusion to her location at this point, we found the cop circling blocks slowly. Apparently moose are not so easy to track in the city. So we drove along a side street only to meet another cop and a guy on a fourwheeler looking for the moose. Apparently we have better eyes because as we passed an apartment complex Meg, one of my new roommates, found the moose hiding behind a tree. See? Even moose hid from the police.
Well we then had to go to stake conference, I wanted to continue moose watching, but it turns out that they finally found the moose and tranquilized it and took it back to the wild.

Oh 'Burg, what will you come up with next?