Saturday, August 19, 2006


So yesterday me and my mom went to Idaho for Liann's birthday party. It was tons of fun!
Not only did I get to see Liann but Kelli was there too! Sadly we were the only three from EFY but we still had fun with Liann's friends playing fuseball and then we got marshmellow guns and had a marshmellow war. That was fun. Of course there was icecream, cup cakes and opening presents.
I stayed the night and with some great prodding (two seconds worth) we convinced Kelli to stay too. Liann's parents had a treasure hunt planned and that was tons of fun. We followed a trail of shiny things around her neighborhood. That was fun... well until the creepy lady yelled at us. But then it was fun again. We found the treasure.... after we walked past the last clue a couple of times. It wasn't that hard to miss, a lot of reflecting stickers on a gate. But we were looking past it soooo.
Then we stayed up all night. And I mean all night, until 5:30 am!! Though Liann did fall asleep for an hour during the movie but she woke up later so it was all good.
As my sister has stated in her blog, things are really funny at night when you're really tired. We were talking about my crush and this is basically our conversation
Liann: So you knew ((I shall call him M)) before EFY?
Me: Yeah
Liann: So he lives with you?
Me: Yes, he lives in my basement.
Kelly is laughing really hard through all of this.
What Liann ment to say was, "He lives in your area?" but it became a big joke that got added onto as the night went on.
So now M lives in my basement with his dentures and gupees that eat eachother. Don't ask, long story.
It was so much fun. I can't wait until we do it again.
Have the best day ever!
Twenty points to anyone who can get what book that's from.

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K la said...

"dear diary
Today me and my razy sister were kidnapped by hill giants.
It was the best day ever!!!!!"

Welcome home meimei