Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day of Mischievousness

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." --Robin Williams
So I wanted a fun way to tell my friends I was back from Jerusalem, apparently none of them listened to when I was coming back. I was going to go to each of their houses on Sunday and give them their presents but I was way to waisted and I had to wait for an aunt and an uncle that never showed. So on Monday I had a stroke of brilliance. While I dropped off my mother at work I called one of my best friends, Jans, and after some grumbling from her, it was a minute before 11 when I called, got her to go on a mission with me.
I drove home picked up some window markers and then proceeded to pick her up from her house. After waiting for a few minutes and scribbling things on the inside of her bedroom window we went on foot to Holl's house. Her car was not the same when we left :} On the back window in big letters I wrote "Guess who's back!" and then wrote all over her other windows, though I did leave the front one clear so she could see out of that one. Then as we started to walk to Kat's house she drove around the corner and down another street. Luckily she didn't see us, but unluckily we now had nothing to decorate. We decided we would stalk her house until my mother called to be picked up from work, a good hour later. So we walked around for a bit and then chilled in the church parking lot right across from Kat's house. She drove up and had her boyfriend and his best friend in the car so an ambush was out of the question. Once they had gone inside we figured we could take all the time in the world to decorate the car... well we were wrong. I had finished the back window "Guess who's back!" and had started on one of the widows that faced her house when I heard the front door open, I yelled "Crap!" and dove behind the car. Jans however was a little slower, but she did make it behind the car. So we sat there quietly laughing at the predicament that we now were in. We kept looking through the window as they walked over, Kat, her boyfriend and his best friend, and finally one of them yelled, "We can see you." Apparently they hadn't seen Kat's half decorated windows. Jans burst out laughing at this while Kat yelled "Jans!" because she had heard her. Well Jans popped up and Kat said something and then I jumped up. There was a high pitched squeal and suddenly there was a Kat wrapped around me. She was across the street too and I was behind the car so don't ask me how she did it. Anyway she must have hugged me for three minutes straight while her boyfriend must have been givin me strange looks. Oh this is the one that she started going out with a week before I left for Jerusalem.
Then there was yelling at me for not telling her I was home for two days. Then she left but in Nick's car so we finished up with her's went back to Holl's and did some more to her car. Then dropped off Jans at her house and went and picked up mother.
All in all a good day, oh and I went and took pictures with some friends later that day it was good.
One more thing, for all her enthusiasm of me not getting shot while I was over there I haven't seen Kat since. Funny how someone says they care but is to wrapped up in their boyfriend to show it huh?
Gotta blaze!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home again.

"Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."
- E.L. Doctorow
Remember how Yasmine's boarding pass was having issues? Well she was able to get it to work at two am. She stayed up late and wouldn't let poor Nadia sleep. Anyway so I went to print it in the morning. It was my first thought after I woke up, and the printer would not work! So I sat there with Host dad and tried over and over again until Yasmine called and said everyone else was at the hotel ready to leave. Thirty minutes early too, I don't think that had happened the whole trip. So I rushed getting ready, someone else took forever in the bathroom like always. And at 8 Yasmine called and said they were outside waiting for us. Oops. So we walked out there and said goodbye to our wonderful host family and Nadia. She almost made me cry because she was almost crying. Plus now who am I gonna say Bumzah with? The original 6 then climbed into the van and drove away. I waved goodbye as long as I could. Oh and we still didn't have a boarding pass for Yasmine.
The drive to the airport was filled with a briefing of what to do in the airport and also joking around. More joking than briefing. And looking out the window as I don't remember a lot of the sights. Only how fruity the cab was and being sick. And yes Kathlene I am mentioning that again, ha ha.
At the airport we went through a line to get to the x-ray machine and Audrey got grilled for the whole group. Then our bags went through the x-ray machine, if it was okay you could proceed to the check in counter if not you had to get your bag searched. I had to get my bag searched. I took it over to the counter and they asked if I had any liquids in it. For a moment my mind went blank, not good.
"Um, I have shampoo?"
Guy looks at data pad thingy and shakes his head, second guy opens my bag and digs into side of my stuff, luckily right past the poster for Al-Nazak, and pulls out sand from the trip to Haifa.
"You pick this up yourself?"
Guy puts it back and tells me to close my suitcase. I fumble with it for a moment and he puts the good to go sticker and I proceed to the check in counter. I get my bag checked in and so does everyone else... well mostly Yasmine was still getting her bags combed over by security. Then finally they seem happy and let her go. She checks in and first phase of security is over. Then we go through a metal detector and carry on x-ray machine. You think we would be done right? Oh yeah we kinda have to get our passports stamped to leave the country. Everyone passes through with no problem. Third phase of security passed through. Wahoo.
We proceed to our terminal and everyone else is hungry, I'm not so I stay with the bags, Josh mostly stayed too. He wandered off once or twice but mostly stayed with me. Then he went to find everyone because they were taking forever. Then Yasmine and Kathlene showed back up. Apparently I was forgotten, thanks guys I felt loved. Ha ha. Then I was hungry so I went off to get food and change money. Well I got food but right as I got it they called our flight to boarding so I ran back, not wanting to get left behind. Then left food with Yasmine so Adam would not eat it and made a quick pit stop and got back in time to load the plane.
It was a nice ride because on a row it was Audrey, Kathlene and I then Yasmine was in front of me. I got to watch two movies I've wanted to see, Kung Fu Panda and Made of Honor. It was great. I only slept and hour on the plane, if even that. Then we landed in New Wark. We went to the passport stamping place and everyone went before me and Josh and waited on the other side, but when I went through they were gone! So I waited for Josh and we had some choice words for them when we found them. Bumzah. We just thought it was funny. Then we picked up our check in bags, went through a security point, re checked our bags, went through another metal detector/carry on luggage x-ray and headed to our terminal. Once settled I went and got my money changed, advice always change money in that country. The rate was way better in Israel/Palestine. And then I totally booked it to the nearest burger stand, sadly it was McDonalds, and got a cheeseburger. It was so amazing!
Then back to the terminal to say goodbye to Yasmine. But we were so tired I don't think it sunk in until I was on the plane that she was gone.
The plane ride to Utah was awful, I didn't have a watch so the whole time I had no idea how close we were. Plus I was in and out of conciseness and had weird half awake half asleep illusions. Like the side of the plane being the Old City wall for example. It was crazy. Then we finally touched down in Utah and as we got off the plane I totally almost asked where Yasmine was. It was just so natural to have her there but she by that time was on a plane to Cali. After everyone was off the plane we went to meet our families. As we walked through the tunnel thing that is only one way before you get to the open part of the airport I turned and bet Kathlene and Audrey ten shekels, my mind is still in shekels, that my mother would cry. Sadly my mother cost me 20 shekels. But oh well, she was close. The group said some goodbyes and we left. It's weird not to be with them today. And I miss Nadia, and my host family. Though I am happy to be back home. I just wish we had had more time in Jerusalem, or that the world wasn't so big so we could see all our friends more. Just something so we won't lose contact.
Oh and some differences I noticed, the sky is so blue here, I don't know if it's because we're closer to it or that we have a lake right there, but it's so blue. And clouds look funny now, and pennys. That might sound funny but when you get used to silver colored money and randomly have a copper one again it just looks out of place. I miss Jerusalem... Maybe I will go back with BYU in the spring. Hey it's only 9600 bucks. I can earn that much in two semesters right? If I don't eat or anything frivolous like that right?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Extra Long

"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."
Mark Twain
So yesterday we went back to Ramallah. There we met with the students from Genin that we had met on the Islamic tour. The group from the US made a power point about our trip with the students from Genin made a power point about RI-SOL. Then as a combined group we watched a presentation from the organization Right to Education. It was basically talking about how the universities in the West Bank are having a hard time teaching their students because of the interference from the Israeli Government. Whether it be because of blockades, or shutting down the schools, things like that. Then we had a presentation from Al-Huq, a human rights organization.
Then it was back to Jerusalem to have our final Dabka lesson. That was really fun because Lemise, sorry if I spelt that wrong, came with us. We had a lot of laughs at ourselves because we messed up. But they tell us our final performance was really good so that's all that matters right? Oh and Audrey didn't learn with us because she totally fell asleep on the couch for most of the time. That was funny.
Then we probably did some more stuff with Lemise but I totally can't remember. Sorry.
Then we went back to the hotel and work on performing our power point. Then it was back to the host families. When we went to our bedroom Kathlene and I found T-shirts that say "Someone in Jerusalem loves Me" and a ceramic plate on our beds. Our host family is absolutely wonderful! For dinner we wanted pizza so Muna, Kathlene and I went to the pizza place on the corner, well the Yummy corner is on the corner the pizza place is right next to it. While we were waiting for our pizzas to finish cooking Yasmine showed up because she was getting pizza too. So Muna invited her back to the house to eat dinner with us. That was a great meal. Then Yasmine left and Kathlene and I finished packing.
Today was we were to meet the group from Genin at the US consulate to give our power point presentations. The only problem was that the soldiers at the checkpoint decided not to let them through. So they had to go to a different one and wait there for three hours before finally getting through.
Meanwhile at the consulate our group gave our power point to about 6 people. But it went really, really well. Even if I do talk with my hands to much. Something that comes from taking American Sign Language for four years I guess.
We had lunch and then it was off to Arabic class. At this point the students from Genin were through the checkpoint and on their way to Jerusalm, so Devina, I think I got it right this time, went to meet them. Arabic was only 2 hours today, thankfully. Then after class we were walking back to the hotel when we saw Audrey's aunt, uncle, and cousin. We talked for a bit and then said our goodbyes. We then met the Genin students at the hotel and went to the old city. We went by Shaban's to see if our rings were done, they wern't, but we saw BYU students there and Audrey's aunt, uncle, and cousins again. One of the students that was there grew up in the same neighborhood as Audrey, her family, and I so we got a group picture to commemorate the largest gathering of the Oak Hills 2nd Ward that has probably ever happened in Jerusalem. Ha ha. Then we went walking around the old city. Nadia stopped in this one shop and took forever! She was getting us presents even though she knows she didn't have too. Then we went to this hotel/restaurant by our hotel and had a farewell dinner/dessert thingy. Nadia gave us our presents but in an awesome way. Each gift was wrapped in wrapping paper and it had an often used word/phrase by one of the members of the group and we had to guess who it was. For Josh it was Sah, Adam I don't Know, Yasmine It's for the baby, Audrey (I don't remember hers), Kathlene Naadddiiiiaaa, and myself Bumzah. It was great. The actual present was an amazing wooden box and then some Palestine paraphernalia. My favorite was a bracelet of the Palestinian flag. A girl at Al-Nayzak had one and I had been meaning to buy one in the markets but hadn't. It's a good thing too.
Then we had a wonderful time at the dinner. Then after Kathlene and I went to a wedding at the hotel with our host family. Nadia and Yasmine showed up late. There was dancing and giant sparklers and really loud music. It was fun.
Then back to the house and for some reason I was charged with printing the boarding passes for tomorrow. Heaven knows why. Anyway so I printed Audrey's with no problem. Yasmine's was being difficult and I was about to print the students when the power went off. It came back on and then when I was about to log back in to continental it went off again. Apparently the house does not want me to leave. Ha ha. Actually it was just because the big oven was on at night or something like that.
So I printed the students boarding passes after grief with the printer but Yamine's still won't. Hopefully it will work in the morning, if not we are leaving extra early so we will hopefully have time.
Well that's it. I can't believe this trip is almost over. Three weeks has gone bye so fast. It seems just like yesterday I was saying goodbye to everyone back home. Now I have to saw goodbye to all the wonderful people here. It's so sad. But hopefully I'll be back soon. Hopefully.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


To tired to blog tonight. Will make tomorrows post very long.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Free day

So today was good and bad. It was a free day, that was good. We went shopping for 9 hours, that was bad. I am not a shopper. Everyone knows back home that when you take me shopping you need to either take lots of sugar with us or go for two hours max. Sadly the whole time there was no sugar in sight.
It was good though because I got everyone in my family presents. Wahoo! Also lunch was wicked awsome because we ate at a resteraunt that was on top of a tall building so we had a nice view of The Dome Of The Rock and the Mount of Olives. It was cool. The food was also really good, and there was a lot of it on just once plate. I think the girls could have ordered on plate and we would have been good.
After lunch it was back to more shopping. We were supposed to head straight to the hotel, drop off the things we had already bought, then go back for more shopping. But oh no, Yasmine and Kathlene kept getting distracted by things in the shops, so it took like four times longer than normal to get back to the hotel. But once we were there we chilled for about an hour. I liked that part. Then back out to the old city to look for shirts and hats. I'm so happy I found something for my brothers. I hope they like it. We walked around so much of the old city. We even found the place where locals go to buy western clothes. There were no tourist shops anywhere. It was kinda weird to see that section only because we are so used to tourist shops.
Anyway around 6:40 we headed back to my host family. They are very protective. I like it. Anyway so I got there on time at 7 but everyone else, excluding Audrey because she went off with one of her friends at lunch, went to West Jerusalelm. I couldn't stand more walking and shopping so it was nice to just come back to the house and relax. Muna is teaching me how to make braclets so I finished my first one while we watch MI, which is a hard movie to follow when you can't really hear it and can only understand some of the Arabic subtitles. Ha ha. Oh story, story!!
So I was sitting there making my braclet and Host Dad, I forgot his name so I call him Host Dad, went to the door and told me to come so I did, not knowing what in the world was going on but Muna showed up like two seconds later so I just followed him out the door. Then through this cool gate thing they have and we walked over to the ST. George Hotel. There was a wedding going on. The part where the bride and groom go from the car to inside. It's called Zafa. It was really cool. Theres a small band playing and singing and clapping. I'm going to a wedding with the family on Friday but apparently it's more of a western wedding so that's not going to be happening, sadly. I think different cultures are fun to learn about first hand.
Then it was back to the house to keep working on the intricate design of my new braclet. When Kathlene finally got home, I make it sound so late ha ha, we had dinner. The awkwardness is definatly gone. We talk a lot more at meals now. Ha ha. Well goodnight!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My favorite day so far

Today was an early day. We woke up at 6:30 and were at the hotel by 7:00 am. When we got there we learned that it would be a while before Nadia would arrive because she was delayed at a checkpoint. Argh! I could have slept in! Oh well. When Nadia arrived she had already picked up everyone else in the taxi van so we headed straight to Nazereth. It was a two hour ride with an amazing view. I was proven wrong once again because I though atleast some of the landscape would be sand but it was rocky. And as we went north there were lots of farms and green trees. It was a nice surprise. In Nazereth we toured around and met the Mayor. That was cool because he gave us a history of the city and about Nazereth Elite, the "Jewish" Nazereth. It was really cool. We also toured some churches that are supposedly built on the well that the angel visited Mary at. I like the second chruch that had mostly mosaics from all over the world. It was nice.
Then to my favorite part we went to the Medateranian Sea! It was a half hour drive from Nazereth to Hyfa but that was okay because we were going to the Medateranian!!!!!!!! Can you tell that was the highlight of my day? Anyway, we got there and played and played and played. I didn't have a swimsuite with me and niether did Kathlene so we looked for cool rocks. There were tons of them and it was hard to resist not picking them all up and taking them with us. Then Yasmine and Nadia came and played with us. A lot of picture taking was done, that was tons of fun. I felt like a photographer taking the pictures and directing Yasmine into positions so that her bump of a belly would show along with the Medateranian. Maybe I'll look into being a photographer again.
The boys and Audrey went swiming, well more like wading in because it was a red day and you arn't supposed to swim when it's a red day. Nadia, Yasmine, Kathlene and I had fun walking in the shallow waves, though we did get wet when a big wave came, though only our pants, or when Nadia splashed us.
It was so amazing!! It was so beautiful and I don't know how many hours we spent there but it was so amazing! And we kinda got to see the sunset as we drove back too. Though that drive was very long because 1) Adam was being himself and 2) we were all very tired, very, very tired.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Whatever today is.

This morning was even better than last night. The awkwardness of being in a host family is quickly desolving. Though there is still some. They are so nice, you can't but help to like them.
After breakfast with the host families everyone met at the hotel. Yasmine was happy to report she is no longer the only guest there. There is a family of parents and their older daughter. So now Yasmine is not afraid of the ghosts there. Though I suppose it's our fault for teasing her about it that it made it so concrete. ha ha.
We had wonderful news too! We were able to go on the Islaamic (does anyone still have any doubts that I can't spell?) tour. The boys needed nice shirts and pants so we went a looking. That is until Nadia said that the students from Genin and Nabalis were at the African society. Then we had to book it over there. We meet one boy(Gameel) and three girls(Lemees, Dema, and Zayna). Then we had another Dabkha lesson. Gameel and Zayna had taken lessons before so they were a lot better than the rest of us, but we did a lot better than yesterday. Towards the end we split off into three groups of three so we could learn a series of steps. My group was Josh, Adam, and me. I don't know where the boys and our teacher went but by the end it was only by trying to get down this one move that is really hard for me. So Yasur, a wonderful guy that had taken us around the Old City and the whole reason why we were at the African Society, showed me some steps that were Dabkha but modern. It was pretty cool, but by the end I was really, really sweaty.
Then it was off to the Islaamic tour. That was interesting to learn the culture and the history of the Masqe. I'll post pictures of what we looked like later. Okay other people will because my camera is gabrokey.
Then we went to lunch with the Palestinian students and then we had to run to arabic class, just like always. I think I'm starting to get better at picking up words and things but I'm not sure. Well that was my day!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


"Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity."
-G. K. Chesterton

So today was a good day. I was able to go to sleep early last night and I'm sure Muna and Kathlene are glad I'm a heavy sleeper because they were making bracelets in the room we share. Then apparently they did other things too. I don't know because I was out cold. But this morning I woke up in a sort of bad mood. Okay I didn't wake up in one. It was when Kathlene started to move around it turned bad. Muna doesn't get up until a while after us but Kathlene was banging things and being as loud as possible. I can kinda get how Lani felt her first semester at BYU-I when she had that 16 year old roommate. But taking my wonderful mother's advice, I'm trying to just go with it.
Then after a wonderful, but awkward, breakfast we went to the hotel and surprised Yasmine by waiting in the 4th floor lobby outside her door. She took forever to come out though. Ha ha
Then we went downstairs and met the boys and Audrey. While Yasmine had breakfast we talked a little about the host families. Adam was put on the spot because of somethings about the their host family and he went into a reclusive mood. So as we were going to Dabka, I have no idea how to spell that, class I started to talk to him about what to get his little brothers. That helped him to get into a happier mood. I think it's funny because I treat him like a little brother because I don't have one, and I don't think he minds because he doesn't have an older sister. It's kinda a reversal of roles because I'm the youngest in my family while he's the oldest. It's actually kinda nice.
So when we got to Dabka we took a tour of the building that the African Society is in. It's actually pretty amazing. Apparently it used to be an old Turkish prison but three generations ago it was given to those people who came from Chad and other countries in Africa. It's pretty cool.
Anyway Dabka lessons went really well, it was a workout though. By the end all of us were sweating bullets. But in a good way. Ha ha. The only bad part was that during the dancing my camera was stepped on a broke the inner screen. I believe the memory chip and everything else is fine but on the main screen you cant see anything but this crack. Hopefully it can be fixed when I get back to that states in 5 days. But I'm not counting or anything.
After Dabka we went to lunch and then split into two groups, Me, Audrey and Adam, then the rest. We went to Jafar sweets to get a certain type for Audrey and we had fun talking. Then we went to arabic class.
It was good but long, very, very long. Yasmine was there so we got a thirty minute break. On that break I got something for my mom. Now I just need something for my sisters, brothers and dad.
Then we went back to arabic class. After that was finished we all went back to our host families. When Kathlene and I went into our room we found cute little stuffed animals on our pillows. So we decided that it would be a good time to give them the gifts that we brought. I brought 6 mugs and a book of Utah and Kathlene brought a ladle holder and some pens. They seemed to like them so yeah. A cool thing is that I gave them BYU mugs and their niece graduated from there. So they have a connection. Also it's getting less awkward, I think it's just because both sides are nervous. But as time goes on it's getting better.
Well goodnight!

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Really quick details about yesterday. We visited this monestary in the mountain in Jericho and we rode the worlds longest cable car below sea level to do it. How cool is that?
Back to today. Ha ha
So last night we moved in with our host families. Kathlene and I moved into the same house, about a 30 second walk from our hotel. The boys are twenty minutes away and have to go through a check point everyday ha ha. While Audrey, I've decided we are friends and friends use first names, is about ten minutes away.
Our host family is really nice also they speak really good English. That's a bonus because our Arabic is really weak.They are really nice and help us a lot with it though.
It's kinda awkward though. I don't know what to say to them or what to do. Mostly I feel like I'm interrupting their lives. Though they are really really nice. I just feel so weird.
This morning we ate breakfast with them at 7:30 and it was amazing! It was basically what we had been eating in the hotel only better because everything that needed to be hot was. Then it was off to church for the two of us.
We walked the whole way and had lots of fun doing it. We got there an hour early because we left the house an hour early, it was just so awkward to sit there. So we just talked to some people who were there early too. The students we at Galilee so there were only the people form the region and some visitors. And because of that church was only two hours long. They cut off Relief Society and Priesthood. Audrey showed up a few minutes before the meeting started and the boys were half an hour late. Apparently they got to experience the checkpoint first had. It was fast and testimony meeting and that was pretty cool to listen to the different experiences and things of the people there. After church we walked the grounds of the Jerusalem Center. Then Kathlene and I went back to our host family to have lunch with them and some of their friends. It was really good and it was fun to hear them speak Arabic, even if I did only catch a few words here and there.
Arabic was long as usual but we got to talk to some of the kids there. It was intimidating at first but once we started talking it was better.
Then it was back to our host families. So yeah. there was our day

Friday, August 01, 2008

Three days ooo


Yesterday we went to Ramallah. We left the hotel and drove to the Consolut in West Jerusalm and met Alli. Then it was into the armored van with everyone and Slick. I think it's really fun having all the security but I don't think anyone else feels the same. Okay so maybe fun isn't the right word, maybe safer or important would be better. Whatever. The drive out there was really nice. The countryside is not what I pictured but most of what I've seen hasn't either so there was no big suprise there. When we arrived at Ramallah we went to the RI-Sol office. That was fun becuase we got to see where Nadia and a few other people we've met work. Oh and I guess it was kinda fun to play communication games with the students there. But in truth it really was fun. We got potateos for one of the games and sadly I lost mine somewhere. *sniff, sniff* I liked my potateo.
We also watched a movie about water in the villages in Palestine. That was really sad. It made me want to go home, get rich, and donate all my money to build wells, and sewage systems.
Then it was back to Jerusalm for about an hour or two of freetime. Kathlene and Yasmine went shopping, no suprise, Josh went with them for lack of something better to do while Adam, Miss B. and I went to the Tower of Kind David Museum of the History of Jerusalem. That was fun to walk around the citidale and see a lot of history.
Then it was off to AlNaysak for the last time. We learned about circits and using a sodder! I've been wanting to use one of those since I was in my welding class last year. It's been interesting to see how my interests are showing up everywhere around here. Then we had a BBQ with AlNayzak as a final goodbye and it was sooooo good!
We walked home after that and I had some really good talks. One with Miss B. about wether to call her Miss B. or Audrey since she's no longer my teacher. Then one with Adam. He's not that bad once you think of him as a little brother.
When we arrived at the hotel I came upstairs and tried my best to stay up. I took a shower, watched tv, did some soduku waiting for the computer so I could blog. But it didn't work so well. Around 10:10 I was out and out until 1:00 am when I woke up burning up. So I opened the window and went back to sleep and woke up several times after that. I don't know what's going on because this is the second night in a row I've done that. But that's probably more than you wanted to know. Well since I'm supposed to be at breakfast right now and I haven't gotten out of my PJs yet I'll write later.

Thursday and Today
Alright so yesterday, the day I couldn't sleep, started off really bad. I was really tired and my roommate did little things that really irritated me for some reason. Like leaving the door to the room open when I was changing. It's not like anyone would walk by our door since it's the last one in the hall but still. Then for some reason going back to Al Ma'amal didn't help either and art usually does. Oh yeah art. My painting kinda turned out cool, I think it still really needs work but I can't really do anything about it now. We also did another project. I don't remember what it is called but it's based off of traditional Arabic art work. That was kinda fun. Then while everyone else went off into the old city I went back to the hotel and just relaxed for an hour before arabic class. That was as fun as always. But I did get to meet me and Kathlene's host family. They are really nice. Then it was back to arabic. After that I went back to the hotel for some more alone time and just to relax. Then it was off to the dance concert. I really wish I could remember the name, it's like Dabkha or something like that. It was freakin amazing! Also I got to talk to Daveena, sorry if I spelled that wrong, and Ben. They were so much fun to talk to. But yeah the concert was amazing, I really don't think I could do somehting like that ever. Then we came back to the hotel and I had a really fun talk with Miss B. about the future. It was not only fun but it was nice to have a real deep conversation with someone for the first time in what two weeks? Yeah we talk and stuff here but it's not like in depth talk about personal experiences talk. It was really nice.
Then today we went to Jericho. We met two students from Genin, Rowan and Achmed. They were really fun to meet and get to know. We visited a palace and a church in a mountain. That was cool because we actually got to go inside and the monk that lives there, alone no contact with hardly anyone, hardly lets anyone in. So that was really cool to go inside. Then we went to the Dead Sea. That was tons of fun. Everyone tells you can float and stuff but I didn't expect to actually float no effort. It was amazing. Only it was disgusting to lick your lips after they had been in the water since it was so salty. I definatley don't recomend that. But I do say go to the dead sea.
Well Bye!