Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Um... Oops?

So I'll get to the title in a moment but a quick recap of the week.
Wednesday, provident living was super fun because the group that was teaching did a way fun activity. The topic was time management. The activity was they gave us a sheet of paper that had different things on it like study, go to class, read scriptures, go to the temple, homework, eat, ect. With each thing there was a location around campus, and let me tell you most of them were not close together. We had thirty minutes to go to each different location and find the code to verify that we were there. It was way fun and I almost got all of the things done. I would have if I had been alone because I would have run most of the way, or however long my body would have let me. But since I was with another girl I went at her pace so it was all good.
Side note, if I ever baby my children, please, slap me.
Then, I think it was Friday night I went next door with Danielle and played twister with a strobe light going. THat is really hard cause after a while you start to get a headache. But over all it was way fun.
Oh and I made cookies for my woods class cause apparently at construction sites it's doughnuts every Friday. Everyone seemed to like them cause they were gone by the time I left. Thanks Lani for that wonderful book again!!
Saturday I woke up with a start and yelled AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH for about the first 5 minutes. See it was 11:30 and general conference started at 10. So grabbed my computer and found it on the internet as fast as possible and watched the last thirty minutes. But I did watch the rest of the sessions with diligence, except when my roommates were talking so loud I couldn't hear the computer. They weren't so into watching, and didn't seem to mind they had missed the first session too. I think I found the problem to our apartment.
Then yesterday we had FHE. We played Taboo. The boys kinda didn't do so well but that's okay cause the girls won. Then after that we went out into the courtyard and threw frisbees around. It was way fun. And I might, might ask a boy in my FHE group to go to an oregon concert with me. I'm not so sure right now.
So to the tittle..... I kinda broke the garbage disposal. Apparently you cannot put noodles down there because it will clog the sink and you will be stuck with gross water in the sinks. He he. It should be fixed by tomorrow, I hope anyway because if not my roommates will kill me. Even though that's nothing compared to the mess they have made in the living room.
Oh and I'm sad because Silent Weekend was this past weekend and Miss B. posted pictures from it. I miss high school, the activities, the classes, the social life. And there you could at least get away from drama when you went home. Here it's just waiting to burst when you walk through the door. *sigh*
Well gotta blaze!


Balgram said...

Does it help if I tell you that Freshman year is the worst---drama-wise?

I almost want to drive up there and hang out with you. I'm glad you're coming back for a bit!

"Side note, if I ever baby my children, please, slap me."

What does this refer to?

lonestarhoneybee said...

Too bad about the garbage disposal.

Some will claim that your mother was/is too sheltering and pampering.
You can slap her the next time you see her. lol

Careful on complaints. Be happy. See the roses and not the thorns.

Sounds like your FHE group is awesome.