Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why, Oh why?

"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
So Saturday I slept in, meaning around 10:30, and when I woke up my roommates excitedly told me there was a dance that night. Now I'm all up for dances cause I think they are fun so I agreed to go. Then Allyx wanted to pluck my eyebrows, then wanted to do my makeup, then Danielle wanted to do my hair. Well one thing led to another so I got my eyebrows plucked, major pain btw, and some of my bangs cut. Here are some pictures:

The first two are right after my hair was done, the middle was a few hours later and the last was after the dance.
It took almost all day but it got done. Thankfully. Oh and we made banana bread too. Only the outside cooked faster than the inside. Our oven is retarded!! Thanks Lani for the recipe!! The dance was fun but not as fun as usual with my friends back home oh well. Though I did get compliments from the people I knew who were there, which was like 5. ha ha


Lalani said...

Pretty cute! I like the third picture best. You look so pretty in blue!

Try turning your oven down 25 degrees and cooking the bread for 15 minutes longer. It still might not work. The ovens can be picky....

Balgram said...

Wow! You look gorgeous!

Mummble mutter lucky...

Lalani beat me to it, that's the advice I was gonna suggest as well. It really works, but again some ovens can just be finicky.

RS&M said...

Wow! A make-over done pretty well.

Looking good!