Saturday, September 27, 2008

Under The Stars

Tonight I was going to go to bed right after a piano concert. Ha it's college so of course that didn't happen. Anyway so while I was chillin in the living room Allyx walked by with a blanket and set out in the courtyard area of the dorms. She then called for me to join her stargazing. After I collected some blankets of my own, it's so cold here already, I went and joined her.
Though we could only see more than three stars after staring at the sky for a bit. Then some of the boys we've gotten to know showed up to visit the girls next door, but they came and chilled with us too. And that was pretty fun. One of the boys had brought his guitar so he started playing for us. Then he left with some of the other boys and Wes came out. He's my FHE dad, and he's really nice too. Anyway he stole Tayler's guitar and played for us some more, then the girls from the other apartment came and hung out with us. Then some Allie came and sat on our blanket of music.
Then Kevin, a boy from my english class and ward, walked by and I waved at him, just to say hi. He took it as an invitation and came and chilled with us. Then I kinda kicked the boys out cause it was 1 in the morning. We had listened to the boys for more than 2 hours! It was wonderful. My roommates were proud because I had been social *insert rolling of eyes here*
Anyway then our apartment and the girls next door were supposed to watch a scary movie together. Well since Danielle and Kristen didn't come back for half an hour Allyx and I started to watch what but 1 Missed Call. That is a freakin scary movie, predictable but scary and it has a sucky ending. Which you all know I hate. I have to have some closure! But of course this movie didn't have any. SO to chase all the bad images away we started to watch Raise Your Voice. A cheesy Hillary Duff movie, but it is doing it's purpose.
Oh and it's hilarious because the a wall roomies and the girls next door are watching Prom Night, another predictable scary movie, and we can hear them screaming. So it's nice to be able to laugh at them too.
Well it's early so I gotta blaze ha ha.

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Brooke said...

Angela! Hey there! How is school? It was great to hear from you when your mom came and got her hair done and you called her and were put on speaker phone. How is everything going? Sounds like you are enjoying your college days. Keep it up!