Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Makes you think huh?

"Publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo."
- Don Marquis

There has been something on my mind ever since I heard it mentioned up at school, and even more so when I hear someone else say something about it. This is not intended to offend in anyway and I'm sorry that I am not that skilled of a writer, this is just meant for you to start thinking about it.
The thought is that all things are spiritual matters, there is no "worldly" and "spiritual" things. It's all spiritual. When I first heard this I was taken back, especially since my science teacher said it, but as he continued to explain it started to make sense. We usually say that things of knowledge, like science, are secular knowledge, and things speaking of Christ and God as spiritual. But didn't God create it all? Couldn't, and why not, He use physics, laws of nature, and so forth to hold the universe together. Why not use math to create perfect proportions that humans find pleasing to the eye( this being the Golden Rule). And so on and so forth. Plus, this being a total Latter Day Saint view and can be ignored by others if wished, we are instructed to learn all that we can because it has been hinted that we will need it in the future.
As my teacher put a spin on the normal view it started to make sense. Sure we humans can pollute stuff so it's not really of the right spirit but if all was created by God through Christ why can't it all be spiritual?

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