Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Concert

"Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume." ~ Jean de Boufflers

A birthday gift from my parents was tickets to the Kelly Clarkson concert today. My sister's gift was to go with me.
I looked forward to this with great anticipation because 1) It would be my second concert, 2) time with my sister, and 3) it was Kelly Clarkson. That may sound dorky but hey, I like her music.
I was worried because this past week has been very rainy and the concert was in the baseball field at UVU. This morning it looked clear but as the day went on the cloud came and so did the rain. By the time I went to pick my sister up it was pouring rain and I think I hydroplaned once going through a deep puddle. It didn't let up as we headed back to UVU either.
My sister was a genius and brought ponchos and camping chairs while I brought umbrellas. We set up the chairs in line and were pretty comfortable in our protection while everyone had to stand in the rain. There was a group in front of us that was completely soaked cause they didn't have umbrellas. It did stop raining around 5:15 is though.
Once we were allowed into the park, a hour and a half of waiting in line, we found a good spot on the right of the stage, not to far back but not to close, if there is such a thing ha ha.
Then we waited for the pre shows to start. It was the final show of Utah's got talent. Basically it was something no one cared about but there was one good band that played. Then it was a lot of talking from the UVU people because the concert was celebrating UVUphoria, but everyone kinda just went for Kelly Clarkson.
After the UVU people finished talking it took another 30 minutes for Kelly Clarkson's people to set up the stage but when it started it was well worth it. When she first came out it started to drizzle again but the Sun was coming out in the west so a rainbow appeared over the stage and then another one showed up too, so she had a double rainbow over most of the show. How cool is that?! Not that she knew about it but it was cool for me and probably most of the audience. It did stop drizzling at some point in the show but I didn't really notice when it did. The important part is that the worst of the rain happened while we were in line =}
Kelly Clarkson is really good at connecting with the audience and being funny. When she was introducing "Never Again" she asked "Has someone you've been in a relationship with ever pissed you off? I have a microphone so I wrote about it =}" she just had some funny moments like that. Like at one point she couldn't hear anything in her ear pieces and said something to the effect of "Hold on I don't have ears... Well I have ears I just can't hear myself, and if I can't I'll suck" Just fun stuff. And she has an amazing voice! She played all her hit songs and a few others.
I think my favorite part of going to a live performance is that the artist can change the songs if they want to. It's not set in stone. Kelly Clarkson did that a lot but it made the songs new and exciting, and made me like some that I hadn't particularly liked before.
I'm really glad I got to go and spend time with my sister too. We had a blast and I hope we can do something like this again sometime soon.
Oh and I saw two of my FHE family there, and I saw some people I knew in High school. Random tid bit but thought you might like to know.

Songs Sung:
Walk Away
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Beautiful Disaster
Whyyawannabringmedown? (Yes that is how the title is spelled)
Because of You
How I feel
Never Again
If I can't Have You
Save You ( I'm Pretty Sure)
MIss Independent
Up To the Mountain
I do Not Hook Up
Since U Been Gone
My Life Would Suck Without You

I don't think I missed any but if I did sorry!

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