Monday, August 03, 2009

Secondhand Serenade and things

"If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life."

So last Saturday I went to the Secondhand Serenade concert out at Thanksgiving Point. It was so awesome! I met up with some friends that I hadn't seen in forever, oh and Mallory ha ha.
We got a pretty good spot so for the first two and a half bands we sat and looked over the crowed that had gathered around the stage. The first band, Single File, was okay. The next two, We Shot The Moon and Parachute, were amazing but the best of all was Secondhand Serenade.
Half way through Parachute's performance Mallory, her cousin, and I went to try out the crowd. It was hot and sweaty but worth it. The half hour wait between Parachute's and Secondhand's performance would have been better if we were sitting down, but slowly getting closer to the stage was worth it in the end.
I learned some interesting facts too, and you know me and my facts! Apparently SLC and Utah were the first to get behind Secondhand and make them big. Also Secondhand was only touring Utah this time. Also there is a new album by them coming out next year! I'm so excited because if the cd is anything like the song Secondhand played for us from it it'll be awesome! Oh and we were the first ones to hear it as well!
Another sweet thing was there was a thunderstorm behind the stage the whole time Secondhand was on. Oh and one more thing. After several songs, several meaning a lot, John said that we were about halfway through the show, played like two more and then finished up... Um excuse me? You said you would play a new song and two songs is not half a show. Apparently everyone else agreed with me and started to chant for an encore, then just one more song. Well John came back out and played one more. Then said, "I said two more if you guys were amazing. But since you're above amazing how bout three more songs?!" So he did. Wahoo! Did I mention my right ear was ringing for the next three days? It was so worth it.
Hey look pictures!

This was the banner that dropped down when they started to get the stage prepped for Seceondhand

This is the lead singer, John Vesely, of Secondhand and the driving force too. Notice how close I got. about five people and a little gap away from the stage!

Two of the guitarists. The one on the right could be Daughtry's twin. And the piano player is in the backround. I think the only member of the band I didn't get a picture of was the Drummer...oh well.

This was taken almost right after Secondhand finished performing. We fought our way through the crowed so we could get out fast. Look how faraway the stage is!

On Tuesday Brit and Jake, two people from my ward, had a fondue party with Brit's friend Andy, we also watched a lot of Avatar. I think 12 episodes. It was awesome. And now we have some pretty good inside jokes.

Friday Sharla had a pool party and that was way fun. I got to see a lot of friends from high school. Though as in sports, I like Sharla's pool but it does not like me. It attack my hand, foot and arm. Drawing blood on all accounts. But hey years of basketball prepared me for it ha ha.

Saturday Hols and I and a couple of other people went Laser tagging. It was tons of fun. My team won, as almost always. Next time I go I really need to find someone to run around with BEFORE I go instead of trying to in the middle of the game. Oh well it was still amazingly fun.
Afterward Hols and I went to half a movie and then went to a bonfire... well tried to Pj texted and said don't come cause the cops had. So instead Hols and I walked around BYU. That was tons of fun because it gave us a chance to talk and also to explore where she is going to live this fall.

Sunday was great because I finally feel like I'm not just sitting next to Chels and Mal and not talking to anyone, but I'm starting to talk to most people. Oh hey look I'm almost gone. This seems strangely like Winter semester ha ha.

This next part is not so anyone can feel sorry for me, or treat me differently. In fact I rather not talk about it. Thus keeping it to myself, mostly, for the past 8 months. This is only to tell why I might be moody on some days, or not being able to come to somethings.
My Da has cancer and is going to restart chemo soon.
Well that's it for now.
Gotta blaze!

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