Friday, July 24, 2009

Why, Hello.

"A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life." ~ Mahummad Ali.

So last Wednesday I got a text from Han, Sam is his real name and since I doubt he will ever find this I'm calling him that. It was the usual how are you text. Then as we talked he said he was on his way down to Provo for his family reunion. "Oh hey that's cool. Maybe we could meet up sometime during the week and a half your here." "Sweet."
And that was kinda the end of our texting for the day.
Jump of subjects: Friday I went hiking with Tory, a girl i've known since she moved here halfway through senior year. It was great both of us are semi out of shape so we didn't have speed through and kill ourselves. But I think I really hurt myself when I hiked Timp cause now when ever I do something strenuous i.e. go hiking, the muscles at the front of my pelvis hurt, and hurt for a while. Doctor said I just needed to stretch them, but I hope they get better by the time I start basketball next month. Anyway Rock Canyon is beautiful and isn't that hard of a hike and I highly recommend it.
Back to the main subject. Monday I was awakened by a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, "maybe it's Sonic giving me a job!" my still asleep brain thought.
"Hello this is Angela"
"...Hey this is Sam."
Oh Sam...not as good as Sonic calling to give me money but hey.
Basically he was calling to say 1. his phone died and he was using his brothers, and 2. He would be in Provo around 1130 dropping off his sister at EFY if I wanted to do something.
I said yes and he said he would call when they finally got there. And alas he knows me to well, he caught that I had just woken up.
I dropped off my dad around 1145 at work and wandered around the BYU bookstore for a bit. Then got a text from Sam that said they, his family, would be there in about 15 minutes, want to meet at the Eatery?
Eatery? I thought to myself, That better just be a funny way of saying Cougar Eat.
So I went and found myself a spot at the cougar eat and watched all the college students and EFY kids, was i ever that small?
Anyway I finally spotted Sam and went over to him, and we hugged... I'm sorry what? Hugged? Something we only did when saying goodbye to eachother at the end of winter semester cause Kim, and Jo hugged him first? But the thing was it wasn't awkward.
Anyway long story short his family came back from wherever they were and we had lunch together. I had already met his immediate family when they had come through the Burg on their way to Arizona one time and I really like his parents,but I also got to meet his Aunt and multiple cousins who where there for EFY.
Anyway then we went to play bowling, it was probably one of my worst games, but I did get a strike! Sam's brother Matt totally wasted us though. I had a blast, but I needed to leave to pick up Da from work, so Sam walked me to the car and i asked him to come to FHE.
Well come he did and FHE was a blast. I was already in a super good mood cause I had found out that a band I like is coming out with a new cd next month and FHE made it so much better.
We played food games that were amazing. I think my favorite was Russian Roulette with eggs. Basically you had three chances to either get a hard boiled egg or a raw one cracked over your head. Pretty much amazing stuff.
Afterwards we went to Hols house for a party. THough it was only Me, Pj, Hols, and Sam for most of the time he was there. That's okay though, meeting all my friends might have been a blow out experience for him.
His parents came to pick him up and we hugged again... I'm still not sure how I feel about that whole business. Anyway, all in all it was fun. I still can't believe he and Sea Bass are going into the MTC soon.
Oh and I kinda have a stalker now, not cool!
Well gotta Blaze!
Oh check the time of this post. Yeah that's right I've been up since 5:40 am! And all because I had a dream with the cast of Bones and some creepy bugs. It's a creepy feeling when you think cockroach like things with GIANT pincers are climbing all over you and your bed.

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