Monday, January 08, 2007

A day of fun

I'm going to go from latest to farthest away in time, so it should make sense, or atleast to me it makes sense.
I went shopping with my mother, which I hate doing. No not being with my mother but the shopping part. Anyway, we went to this store that was selling matresses but they also sold little cute things. One of these cute items was a Puppy ontop of a block that said "Beware of Killer Dog" or something to that effect. But the cute thing was that the puppy was a cute one and not a scary looking one. I instantly thought of Kate and her new puppy Maddie. Maddie being so small and everything. So I bought it and was going to give it to her ealier tonight but then I realized she didn't get home from work until around 7:00 and then she most likely would have FHE.
So I forgot about it until I was IMing her tonight. Here is some of our conversation:
Me: Yes...
Me: Oh speaking of that
Me:I have something for you
Me:But I'm to lazy to drive over there right now. (Kate lives a mile away from me)
Kate:you can't just do that!!!
Me: And I'm sure your mom doesnt' want another visit from me at this time of night (9:30)
Me: I can and I did!!
Kate: She isn't here...
Blah blah her trying to get me to come over....
Kate: Is it a paper?
Me: No
Kate: Oh... M&Ms?
Kate:WHAT THE?!?!?
Kate: YOu have to bring it over now!!!
Me: But it's like 9:30!
Kate: Hurry fast?
blahh blah more banter and I finally decided to go.
I run out the door because I want to be home by ten, the only thing is I forgot my jacket. My car heater doesn't work to well and it's below 10 degrees tonight. Smart I know.
Anyway I get to her house and she opens the door and puts her finger up to her lips, telling me to be quiet.
So I sign to her, " You're going to think I'm dumb but I thought it was cute."
She gives me a look like, "What the crap did you get?" She opens it and she really likes it. Or atleast I think she does. Her sister comes up the stairs and gives me a strange look( Kenz goes to my school so I see her sometimes and I think she thinks its weird that I'm friends with her sister who graduated last year) but talks to be about Arabic club quickly before I leave. As I run to my car as to get home faster to defrost Kate's garage door closes. Just missed the parents coming home.

Today at lunch my stomache had a great work out. Nat, Lena, Kandy, and Carrie were sitting at the usual table with Ben. Now all the girls know sign language so I thought I'd be funny. Ben's back was to me so I come up behind him and start signing using his head, but not really so he won't know what I was doing. I sign, "I'm a stupid boy, I don't know anything. I'm stupid because I'm a boy."
The girls crack up laughing and poor Ben had no idea what was going on. I do it a couple of more times and he finally catches on and moves to the other side of the table, still not knowing what I said. Later someone says something about boys not knowing anything so I pipe up and say, "Boys are stupid and don't know anything." the girls cracked up again and Ben gave a bewildered look. I so enjoy making fun of boys.

Later I walked up to Kay and was about to talk to her when I hear her say that she almost had a panic attack when she thought that Kandy was graduating this year, Kandy isn't she has one more year to go. I said Kandy might not be graduating but I am. Kay didn't buy it at first but then I turned to Kandy and asked her if I was graduating, trying to give her a clue to say yes. She picked up on it and said yes. Poor Kay thought it was true and gave me a long hug, after she pulled back she said something to the effect of "Life will be so boring without you!" I then told her that I too had another year. She hit my arm and told me never to pull something like that again.

All in all it was a good day sorry it was so long again. Gotta Blaze!

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