Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Music Therapy

"For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness." -Reba McEntire

Okay, I love music. I am in no means good at it however. I make dogs howl when I sing, I can't keep a beat, I'm pretty sure the middle school band rejoiced when I stopped playing the flute/drums, and in any other form of music I'm awful. However, I can't get enough of it and I make a mean play list. It is a safe haven from the world and helps me express what I am feeling. Whether those feelings are ones of happiness, sadness, heartache, flirtiness, or whatever.
If you haven't tried music therapy to help you through your times you should. It doesn't matter if the playlist changes every few minutes or if it takes weeks, it helps. Like someone once said "Music should be your escape." It doesn't even matter what type of music you listen to. If it's classical or pop. There is a reason why those songs were created, and if you can find a personal meaning behind them, so much the better.
Here is an example or two of my playlists to help you kick start your own.
(I'm Not telling you the Name of this playlist because it was highly ....cheesy is not the right word but I can't think of another good word)
Breathe Again -Sara Bareilles
Basket Case -Sara Bareilles
Hold My Heart -Sara Bareilles Told ya she was my new favorite
Someday -Rob Thomas
Come Back to Me -David Cook
All of Me -Michel Buble
I Will Remember You -Sarah McLachlan
Glitter in the Air -P!nk
So What -P!nk
Miss You -Incubus
The Riddle -Scarlet Pimpernel
Bring on the Men -Jekyll and Hyde
That's Life -Frank Sinatra This one I laugh at the very beginning cause it was highly applicable
Rolling in the Deep -Adelle

This was pretty much my playlist, with a few interchanging songs, from May 7th to June 3rd. It was my trying to heal/don't want to heal list. It works quite well for those of you going through some of the same stuff. I also have a more angry/hard music mix if you would like that.

Then, pretty much from the wee hours of my birthday to now, and hopefully for a very long time, my playlist has been like this:
Boogala (yes that is the name, and till someone comes up with a better combo that is shall stay)
Come Fly With Me -Michael Buble
Georgia on My Mind -Michael Buble
Feelin Good - Michael Buble
Sunrise -Norah Jones
Everything -Lifehouse
Hero/Heroine -Boys Like Girls
The Light -Sarah Bareilles
Stolen -Dashboard Confessional
Your Love is My Drug -Ke$sha This one is more of a song associated with a memory and that's why I have it.
I know you Want Me
Halleluhah -Paramore

So you can see music therapy can help. It can give hope or just expresses what your heart can't at the moment. Don't worry I will post about the dramatics behind the playlists soon.

Well gotta blaze!

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