Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Job

“If you've heard this story before, don't stop me, because I'd like to hear it again.” ~ Groucho Marx

So Monday was my first day at my new job. "What is that job?" you might ask, "a model for the art department" I would reply.

So I leave my 12:45 class five minutes early so I can get to the Spori Building by 1:55, sign in, find the class room and get instructions from the teacher on what to do.

I arrive at the Spori at 1:50ish I go to the art office and clock in. I then start looking for classroom 360. I start to doubt that I have the right classroom so I pull out my computer and realize I'm looking for classroom 340. So logically I follow the numbers on the wall, only one problem 339 is down a hall and in a corner. No other doors around it, I start to panic since it's around 1:55 by now. I frantically go down another hall and can't find it so I go back to the art office and ask the student there, they give me a funny look and point to a door that is diagonal to the office. Oh hey 340. Hello looking stupid.
Anyway I go in and I am still the first model there, yeah! But right then the other three models ( all male mind you) walk in. The teacher, who coincidentally gave the talk at my first devotional evah at BYU-I, gives us direction to sit in any of the four chairs in the room. Thankfully the chairs are cushy.

The first thing the students do is draw me for five minutes, I move a little they draw that position, I move again blah blah for thirty minutes. Then said teacher gives an hour lecture on drawing eyes. I was getting paid to listen to art lessons, saweet!

Then I got back into cushy chair and had to sit still for about 50 minutes. I did it but I think I blinked to much but I couldn't help it sometimes. My neck hurt during and after but I'm proud I did it.
Oh and a few things I learned: My forehead is apparently a little to small to be a perfect measurement and I am fun to draw. Oi! You art person who reads my blog, yeah you with the pants! What makes a model or thing fun to draw? The students would not explain this to me, and I am highly curious.

Oh and I stayed still for an extra 15 minutes, so 65 minutes total, cause my group just kept drawing. I didn't really mind cause I don't have anything going on after 2 on monday/ wednesdays besides homework. They thought it was great and I thought it was great cause I got that much more money.

Tomorrow is 2 1 hour and a half drawings. I hope I can do it. I am so glad one of my roommates is trained in the art of massaging. Speaking of roommates I will talk and post video of them later when I compile the movie the way I want it to look.

Well gotta blaze!!

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Margaret said...

Would this make you a model student? <3