Monday, May 18, 2009

Should I be taking notes?

"Every author in some way portrays himself in his works, even if it be against his will." ~Goethe

This week was interesting, well the weekend was.
Sadly there was no word from the interview people saying "Congratulations you now work for us!" I am giving them till Friday to call, if they don't I will call them, then continue looking for a job.
Saturday night was given to the adult session of stake conference. There were some very good talks about temples and there was a gorgeous sunset afterwards. The kind that makes me want to pick up my paint brushes again and gain the level needed to paint something like that.
Sunday morning I awoke a little before ten so I could get ready, not for stake conference, but for our stake's seminary graduation at 11. I still have a few friends here ha ha. It was a good meeting, afterwards I talked to Bounce about what she was going to do up at BYU-Idaho. She is a spring/fall child so we will be there at the same time for fall semester. Then I went and talked with Jess who will be going into the MTC on Wednesday. It's hard to believe that it's been three years since we had early morning seminary together. Then I talked to Sis. Larsen and headed home.
After a hour and a half wait I drove to the tabernacle for stake conference. Da and mom took grandma's car and sat in the parking lot to see if they could get reception with the transmitter they use to hear sacrament meeting as Da's immune system won't be strong enough for the general population until July or so, but seeing as the microphone didn't work for the first 10 minutes they left and waited for my notes to see what was said.
I sat in our customary seating and waited for the meeting to start. About ten minutes before Sis. Larsen came over and asked if I wanted to sit with her family. I said sure because sitting with people I knew was slightly better than sitting by myself. The talks were really good and I enjoyed it, though not the fact that the building was hotter than outside. But that only made it nice to walk outside after the meeting.
A quirk, I guess you could call it, I get from my parents is to wait away from the car for the traffic to die down and then go to the car and drive home. I chose to wait in the shade of a tree near the parking structure and read my Book of Mormon. As I sat there about three families in my home ward walk by and offered me a ride home if I needed it. It's good to know that I'm looked after =}
After that it was a two and a half hour wait until a couple of other friends' seminary graduation. That was a good meeting too, and it wasn't only because Hols sang a beautiful duet and Shar gave a wonderful talk.
It was a busy day for supposedly being a day of rest. ha ha
Oh I forgot to mention that Katherine from my elementary school days is getting married. I went to her bridal shower a week or so ago. It was good to have the old gang back together again. We haven't been like that for 5 years now? I think it's been that long.

OH and the whole reason this post was being written was to tell about FHE tonight. Basically it was a blast. There were card games played, a Jenga came that was a generic brand played, and a bunch of elementary style games that no matter how old you are that are just fun to play. I really like the people in my singles ward. Well the people that I've met.
Well that's enough for now, gotta blaze!

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