Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"I belong to the

Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!" I bet if you know that song you sang it in your head =} Last week was General Conference and I loved it! This was one of the best conferences that I remember. I got a lot of of answers to a question that I've had for the past few months. I am truly grateful to be part of this Church and having the knowledge that God speaks to us in this day and age.

I was slightly disappointed that I wasn't able to go to Llama's house to watch it but it turned out to be a better option that I stayed in the Burg. I got to hang out with Gaxor and Anarion almost all of the weekend. I even helped Gaxor build an Xbox. Well kinda. Georgia Boy's Xbox was literally fried on the inside. Like the motherboard was burned and a fuse or two was blown out. We tried to compile the parts from that and another Xbox but it was futile.

Anyway back to General Conference. I absolutely loved it. I was able to really get into the spirit of learning and not only that but they announced a second temple in Provo!!!! This is the first time there has been two temples in one city. But since the current Provo temple is so overwhelmed with patrons they are building a new one! Not only that they are using the shell of the burned tabernacle! I am sad that it won't continue to be the tabernacle. I have so many memories of sitting on the balcony, front row, almost perpendicular to the speakers, listing to them. More likely goofing off or just plain not paying attention, but who can blame me? I was 17 or under...Okay so I payed attention after I was like 12, but you get the idea. Cherished memories, but I'm excited to make new ones in the temple!

Lame sauce, the picture of the design of the temple won't load. I'll try again later.

Well that's pretty much it! God loves us and the church is true

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Lynn said...

My J also has memories of a meeting in the tabernacle, from the one year we lived in Provo. I had forgotten but he remembered it.

Incorrect on one point,I believe. There are two temples in South Jordan, the Jordan River and the Oquirrh Mountain. At the time they said it was the only city with two temples. So now there will be two.

I was excited for Provo, because when I was at the Y, they announced that because the temple was so busy, the only ward members who could go for baptisms were those who had never been before.

We were so glad when they built Mt. Timp to take some of the pressure off. My boys didn't just go with their wards anyway, they went whenever and wherever they wanted, but by then we had so many more temples. The blessings of living in Utah.

Our current district is Nauvoo. The first time I went, I was like, whoa, no way, I'm really in Nauvoo? Pretty amazing.