Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A club constitution.

"If I only touch one heart in this life, then I have achieved my life's goal "
~ Heavenly Angel ( All Poetry Member )

I had to write a club constitution, I decided that I should not write when I'm tired.....

We the people of American Sign Language club, to form better conversational skills in sign language, will meet once a month, on Wednesdays, in the room of B2-23 to practice with others who wish to improve as well.
The members will fund some of the activities with the help of the school.
We the people also promise to obey all laws and bylaws presented and given to us by the school and administration.
We will also give service that is not beneficial to one person only, but to a group that is truly in need.


Anonymous said...

That's great, bug. I really like it.

Linda said...

Good for people to know.