Saturday, November 12, 2011

They popped out of the snow. Like daisies!!

Seriously people, daisies! I don't think Mushu realized how true those words would ring out. I was happily, okay let us be real here people I was devastated to be, single. Then these boys just started popping up out of nowhere.
Let me start the list with the boy that I know for certain is interested.
He shall be nicknamed......Godfrey. Long story, don't ask. Okay, this Godfrey kid I met through Georgia Boy last summer. He was one of the friends that went up to Georgia Boy after we had hung out and basically said "If you screw it over with her can I be next?" Yay for self-confidence boost! Or atleast that's what I thought last summer when Georgia Boy told me that about the guys, now not so much.
Back in September, around school starting, Godfrey posted on my fb wall and asked how I was doing. I had, as previously stated, split from Georgia Boy and Godfrey had just had his very pushy fiance call off the wedding. We messaged back and forth for a little bit and he, in a very cute way, asked for my phone number. I skirted the subject and the conversation kinda died off. Then it came out that I'm graduating with my associates this semester, YAY!!!, and I got a very interesting e-mail from dear, poor Godfrey.
Basically it was a confession of his feelings towards me. We've been e-mailing back and forth since. However I have been straight forward with him that I do not plan on being back up in the Burg in January when he is here. He however has already several dates planned. Hope springs eternal right? Oh, did I mention I have no idea how I feel about this whole thing, let alone him?
Now to the boys I'm not so sure about....
Han's back from his mission! Quick recap, Han was my FHE brother freshman year, I had a crush on him, he had a crush on me. I decided it could never work.
Anyway, he's back on campus and we've hung out a lot since October 27th. I have no idea how I feel about it either. He compliments me all the time, I don't know what it means! I mean like today for example. He came in to the HR office to talk about employment, it's what I do right? So, I had made treats for the office cause of... well that's another topic. So Patricio walk past and was complimenting my hide-a-rolls. And Han whips out this crazy compliment! Something along the lines of "Anything Kanani cooks is good. Doesn't matter if it's box Mac and Cheese or rice from a box. It's good." He says stuff like that all the time and I don't know what to do!!!! Plus I'm pretty sure we're going on a date tonight. I mean, he's taking me to dinner to repay me for the one that I made for him a few nights ago because I really didn't feel like going out to dinner with him that night. But he asked in such a way that I think it's a date. Or maybe he's just being a guy that just got off his mission so he's still acting like a missionary I.JUST.DON'T.KNOW!
And then there's this kid in my CIT class that got my phone number a few weeks ago so we could work on homework together. Who does that? And we have worked on homework together. Thursday when we couldn't figure out the frackin homework we went and watched a movie at his FHE sisters' house. I don't know if he felt bad that he was leaving so he asked me to join him, or if he really wanted me to go.
Oh and don't even get me started with Georgia Boy's best friend/roommate, or with this one kid that I see all the time on campus now that used to be my FHE brother the winter semester I started dating B.M.
Total freakin confusion. Total daisy popping freakin confusion. Not to mention I still know I love Georgia Boy, and I'm pretty sure he still has feelings too. Does anyone have a crystal ball I could borrow? Anyone?


Lia said...

That has happened to me too! Just in the last 3 weeks suddenly there are 3 guys where there were none! Must be something in the air. . .

rsandmcford said...

Yup. I am fairly confident in saying that God has something even better than a crystal ball. He has a clear view of the whole big picture. The difficulty in that is that it takes a lot of time, work, and patience to see what He sees.